Open Borders Everywhere Except Between America and Russia: Why?

Survival is at Stake


The latest tally shows that total government spending and activity constitutes roughly 52% of the US economy. The total Federal government deficit is now around 106% of GDP, doubled in twenty years. GDP doesn’t actually represent productivity so much as money and credit turnover. What is actually being produced when we pay fines and bail bonds?  GDP includes increased spending on credit cards due to loss of wages or declining real value of wages. It’s a number only of interest to middleman-leeches. 

This unsustainable ratio ultimately is responsible for a drastic population reduction among white Americans. The reason is because the majority of white Americans are not part of the system-game that funnels tax dollars out of our pockets and into the pockets of certain privileged insiders. Add the privileged and powerful victim groups, all with foreign financed organized lobbying efforts, and the rest of us are completely at the mercy of some very merciless and indoctrinated minority groups intent on obliterating us.

A new victim group called Muslim now effectively gives privileged victim status and lobbying power to foreigners who’ve declared war on us and have broken immigration laws to say the least.  They’ve placed their own people in Congress.

The bureaucracy has strategically allowed the breakdown of every protection that government is supposed to provide.  Because of this treason, we have already missed out on about two generations of population that should have been born but instead were birth controlled by poverty stricken, stressed out mothers so that fullness of generations will simply not exist. This is genocide by government bureaucracy.

The government bureaucracy will, as it stands today, in order to survive in its full glory and domination, be forced to increase pressure on the remaining diminishing population, only making the depopulation of white Americans accelerate.

The importation of millions of government-dependent, in-bred morons from disease-ridden nations accelerates the disaster. If there were an open border with Russia right now, it would serve as a pressure release valve for people with conservative values who wish to join the Orthodox Church, and no airplane would be needed. Airplanes are an excellent mode of transportation for diseases. Neither air, boat or foot travel across into Russia is easily accessible, for now, however it’s not impossible.

It was once possible to get directly to Russia from America without making a circular route through disease-infested territory.  There once was boat service between Anchorage and Vladivostok, after all, we do share a border with Russia, and if that were in place today, it could open up some needed space for White Christian conservative culture to thrive.  But instead of thriving and expanding, we’re stuck, and increasingly surrounded, because these decisions are made by the enemy that controls Congress, which controls the Federal budget and therefore also controls much of Foreign, State and local governments.  Full spectrum domination is the result.

Even as I write, our tax dollars are used to pay for the military training of foreigners all over the world, who then show up at our borders to use that training against us. Can anyone prove that this isn’t happening?  Only American soldiers should be used to fully man every aspect of our national defense and foreign bases.  American = no dual citizenship along with proof of third generation ancestry who are also born on American soil.


This increased pressure to fund the local bureaucracy results in traffic tickets, parking tickets and a general increase in fines for petty offenses like failure to wear a seatbelt, possession of marijuana, vehicle registration offenses and such nonsense that brings in huge bucks, while destroying lives and sucking up productivity. This channeling and diverting  of America’s great energy into an endless bureaucratic scam that enriches the least capable, least productive and least compassionate people all over the world, is the root of this World War III that’s happening now, though few are aware of that.

If God steps in to save us, there is hope. But for now, we are getting the chastisements that Our Lady of Fatima warned us of.


Healing Herbs Outlawed

I notice that NORML has Trump Derangement Syndrome, and is using disinformation to raise funds. Actually Trump’s budget attempts to dismantle the government bureaucracy that has invaded and destroyed the American way of life.

Federal funding should be for defense and immigration issues. Port tariffs on imports and exports are the only taxes that should be allocated to the federal government.  No foreigners should be receiving any taxes for any reason whatsoever and that includes port management and the cost of using our judicial system to invade us.

Everything else should have only one layer of government at the local level, where the candidates are longstanding members of the community and that level of government should be limited to a budget that is a percentage of local productivity.  The property tax scam needs to be totally eliminated along with the attached bureaucracy.

Only Congress can change the budget so we’re stuck for now. With government workers up against tax payers at the ballot box/rigged voting machines, we are literally fighting against a group that wants a continuation of our own multigenerational enslavement. The elite government bureaucracy would continue to be our slave masters, and increase their power, if the Democrats win the election.  The danger now is that candidates will pretend to be against Democrats, but after the election they’ll remove the mask and betray their Conservative voters. This is possible because all the candidates are invented characters with fictitious names and imaginary backgrounds. The elite intelligence agents who commit this election fraud are of course employed by the government bureaucracy.  Surely this is treason, except in the case where the military is carrying out an operation to help bring about justice by collecting evidence undercover.

As you can see, it’s very dangerous when a slight majority of people are enabled to vote for a system that forces the slight minority to support them in high style and immunity from prosecution, as our increasingly foreign-born government workers are.

Then this same bureaucracy closes the border with Russia, effectively enclosing the rest of us inside a slave prison.

What I’m saying is, passenger boat travel in the Pacific Basin would enable direct connectivity between Russia and America, bypassing Asia. As for the Russian side, I think it would be nice if they gave  preference for immigration into Far East Russia to those people who are seeking freedom to practice traditional orthodox  Christianity and who are therefore happy to join the Russian Orthodox Church.

Instead, Russia does the opposite:


The Jewish Autonomous Oblast (JAO; Russian: Евре́йская автоно́мная о́бласть, Yevreyskaya avtonomnaya oblast; Yiddish: ייִדישע אװטאָנאָמע געגנט‎, yidishe avtonome Gegnt)[14] is a federal subject of Russia in the Russian Far East, bordering Khabarovsk Krai and Amur Oblast in Russia and Heilongjiang province in China.[15] Its administrative center is the town of Birobidzhan.


Chastisements Could Eliminate Obstacles to Christian Revival:”.

If anyone objects to protection for the Orthodox, then point out that the Jews in Russia were granted an entire, formerly Orthodox oblast based on their mythological persecution.  Anyone who believes that 6,000,000 Jews were cremated should observe Wuhan where a small fraction of that number of cremations has caused enormous air pollution and workers collapsed from exhaustion. Burning human bodies does not produce energy, on the contrary, it consumes large amounts of energy. It also results in fallout of human remains that attract scavenger birds and more diseases.

Far from having been persecuted by Christians, Jews are in fact blocking entry into Russia from the American side, while simultaneously demanding free entry into America by undesirables worldwide. This is not fair.

Equal Protection For Traditional Orthodox Christianity:

Why shouldn’t Christianity have equal protection against a real persecution? Why shouldn’t we have a corner of the world to live as we see fit? This would lead to increasing economic expansion for people who practice traditional Christianity as a common cultural heritage. Honest business practices could be supervised by the Orthodox Church. The old Silk Road still goes through Russia from Altai to Vladivostok and connections with America at Vladivostok could easily be replaced. Connections could be added elsewhere along Russia’s Pacific and Arctic coasts.  Obstacles to this expansion could surely be easily overcome with the joint military protection that already exists.



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