Timeline of Events 201

Corona Virus Timeline Suggests that the event was planned and prepared for, but perhaps the shipping and airline shutdown was not part of the plan.  It seems that Americans were expected to be the one’s getting sick, and/or begging for the  Chinese made junk that’s suddenly been denied us.  The  Chinese also were targeted and in the end, all the pension funds would belong to the surviving small population of “elites” who fully expect to then be free to indulge in cannibalism and pedophilia.

Ted Turner: “The rest of us will be cannibals”. He’s looking forward to it.

Stock Buybacks Insider Trades

A timeline of Corona Virus should include the “financial engineering” (theft) by top management who sold their stock back to the companies that paid them with it, supposedly to force up the stock prices and company value. The central bank started off the process by handing out cheap money.  The part that’s left out of news reports on this subject, is that management is borrowing the money that essentially asset strips the company in order to have the company  buy back the stock used as payment for CEO salaries. This burdens the company. The stockholders are then stuck with a now greatly indebted company, worth much less.

The same principle applies to the value of our money when the printing of dollars gets out of control in order to facilitate the stock buybacks.

Apple stock gaining more than 6% in one day is partially attributed to AAPL stock buybacks.

I’ve read reports that some of the borrowed money was also used to pay out higher dividends in order to artificially pump up the stock price and business value before the buybacks.  Once the stock price was high, then Wall Street made more money available. It’s a scam, not only for stockholders, but for all of society, as this group of traitorous co-conspirators ruin healthy businesses and move on to the next scam in another country.

Apple had by far the highest percentage of asset stripping through management sell offs, but there are many others.

“U.S. companies have purchased $272 billion of their own shares so far this year [2019] on pace to break 2018’s record $1.085 trillion.”

But those supposedly US Companies have had their employees working in China and anywhere but The USA for many years.  Would they actually kill off their own employees after asset stripping the company?  If it means not paying retirees the money owed them, sure they would do that, judging from past behavior.

This was written before the Corona Virus:

”Investors also are clearly wary of the historic stock rally, now pushing toward an 11-year bull run, and are nervous about global growth slowing. Equity funds have seen 11 straight weeks of net outflows…

This tells us that the pensions (Equity Funds) were bleeding money in order to pay dividends.  The pandemic virus solves the problem of pensioners.

Event 201

The next video must go down in history as one of the stupidest events ever held. We’re supposed to believe that these people are actually concerned about our wellbeing, and that they are trustworthy.  Then they proceed to do a fake pandemic and film it for us.

There’s  lots of evidence in that video. For one thing, it’s easily seen to be a stock investment and hoarding advisory.  They are telling insiders what to invest in, what to hoard, and also, above all, that since there is no cure, only treatment, the profits will be forever. It was all planned so perfectly…

They use code words like “high income” nations. Hmmm, could they be referring to Israel, for one?

The supreme godlessness of this event and the cult that does this whacked out stuff is summed up at 23:50 when the woman (in black face?) says authoritatively, “…with enough money and political will (I think she meant to say ‘political power”), anything is possible “.

With God, anything is possible. Money and political power are an illusion that disappear in a moment. That moment hits different people at different times. This event was filmed way past the moment when everyone stopped believing in them.

I could only get through half of it.

The following link might help to decipher what these Event 201 clowns are actually up to.

The Ministries  described in George Orwell’s book “1984”, were based on the work that was done in this building:


This photo is England’s Ministry of Information where author  Aldous Huxley’s wife reportedly worked. This was the model for the various ministries of 1984 whose job is precisely the opposite of what the name says. This is called double speaking, and it’s impossible to escape it today in school, work and society. It’s pure madness, whose only cure is a Trump Rally.


Event 201 makes it very clear that The Bill Gates Foundation is instrumental in organizing the entire health/death giant scamola.  Whether or not the scammers are now being scammed, I cannot say.  It appears so. By God, in fact.

The Gates Foundation

According to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, Oxford University has omitted from the biography of Cecil Rhodes that Crown, Privy Council, Rothschild, Wellcome & Rhodes are behind the Wellcome Trust, Gates Foundation, U.S. DARPA, UK, WHO, EU Coronavirus bio-warfare.  This group is also behind the  2nd Boer War in South Africa.

These deranged  criminals set up concentration camps that killed over 60,000 people, including 14,000 children, between 1899-1902 to create a De Beers / British monopoly over South African diamonds and gold.

Henry (Rothschild) de Worms and N.M. Rothschilds & Co. are all London Jewish leaders and underwriters of the horrific 2nd Boer War vaccine murder camp.  The placement of young children in these Wuhan-type prison hospitals was directed by the Queen, Privy Council, Rhodes, de Worms, Rothschilds, Milner, etc.) and Henry Wellcome specifically for vaccine genocide.

Tom Fitton writes:

“The omitted evidence by Oxford of Rhodes’ 1895 Privy Council appointment directly implicates Rhodes Scholarships, the Crown, Henry (Rothschild) de Worms, 1st Baron Pirbright, and Rothschild underwriting of Rhodes and the British South Africa Company and De Beers in the 2nd Boer War concentration camp atrocities where over 60,000 whites and blacks (incl. over 14,000 mostly white children of French, German and Dutch descent) were murdered in the camps.

The omission also implicates the Crown, Privy Council, Henry de Worms (a Rothschild cousin) and the Rothschilds banking fortune in the human vaccine experimentation carried out by Burroughs Wellcome (Wellcome Trust today) in those 2nd Boer War concentration camps

De Worms’ donated land for the current site of The Pirbright Institute funded by Wellcome Trust, Bill Gates, DARPA, WHO, the UK government’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), and its immediate proximity to the BBC/CIA/Internet of Things/5G-associated Cobbett Hill Earthstation (Satellite) teleport directly implicates that Monarch and the Privy Council in the current alleged CORONAVIRUS outbreak PROPAGANDA, whose US Pat. No. 10,130,701 is owned by The Pirbright Institute.

Who in the UK and U.S. government is not already compromised and is going to investigate these treasonous FACTS?”

More from the original article:

“Not even Oxford University discloses that Cecil Rhodes joined the Privy Council in 1895—neither does Wikipedia nor does his official biographer and confidant W.T. Stead. (1902) – who is hiding these critical historical facts, and why?

Cecil Rhodes’ mentor in the British Parliament and Privy Council was Henry (Rothschild) de Worms, 1st Baron Pirbright whose membership in the Privy Council started on Jan. 02, 1889… and whose official record has been removed from The London Gazette archives currently.

Since the Privy Council advises the Monarch, this is a material omission from supposedly thorough Oxford researchers in their online Cecil Rhodes biography.


Cecil John Rhodes (1853-1902). (Accessed Feb. 26, 2020). Biography. Oxford University, Oriel College.
CECIL JOHN RHODES. (Feb. 02, 1895). Appointment to the Privy Council by Queen Victoria, Issue No. 26595, p. 679. The London Gazette.
Baron Henry de Worms [Lord Pirbright]. (Jan. 02, 1889). Appointment to be Members of her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council, Issue No. 36,363, p. 5, col. 6. The (London) Morning Post.”


Another significant event is the ASEAN Summit held in November 2019.

“There’s no alternative to the WTO [World Trade Organization] even in conditions of sanctions and trade wars. This was stated by Dmitry Medvedev in Bangkok, where the ASEAN Summit was held.”   Vesti News Report

The sanctioning referred to here are actually US sanctions against certain  Chinese owned companies operating  in Russia. This actually helped Russians, but that’s a well kept secret.

Medvedev’s statements were probably not good news at the ASEAN Summit in November because it’s a Chinese Communist  function.

ASEAN is one of the largest regional associations in the world, and it represents the alliance of power held by the Chinese Communist Party.

A quote from ASEAN is below, in which you can see that the term “benefits of immunization” and  “vaccine security” refer to military removal of anyone who doesn’t want to have unknown substances injected into themselves and their communities by anyone.

This one short paper, and there are many more, partially quoted below, demonstrates the extent to which vaccines enable hostile human  forces to manipulate and conquer communities unawares.

“WE, the Heads of State and Government of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), namely Brunei Darussalam, the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Republic of Indonesia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, the Republic of the Philippines, the Republic of Singapore, the Kingdom of Thailand, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, on the occasion of the 35th ASEAN Summit in Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand, on 2 November 2019:
RESPECT the independency and self-reliance of ASEAN Member States (AMS), as well as the regional and global solidarity;
RECALL the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP), which was endorsed by the 194 Member States of the World Health Assembly in May 2012 to achieve the

Decade of Vaccines vision

by delivering universal access to immunization.

The GVAP mission is to improve health by extending by 2020 and beyond the full benefits of immunization to all people,

regardless of where they are born,

who they are

or where they live;

REAFFIRM our commitment to the ASEAN Post-2015 Health Development Agenda and the ASEAN Health Cluster 3: Strengthening Health System and Access to Care, to collectively work towards vaccine security and self-reliance in ASEAN;
RECOGNIZE overwhelming evidence that demonstrates the benefits of immunization as one of the most successful and cost-effective health interventions known.

Vaccines have saved countless lives, eradicated…”

[Fact is that vaccines were introduced after these diseases were eradicated by sanitation methods.]
“EMPHASIZE that VPDs may continue to spread in the region due to the massive population mobility across countries. [This shows that they weren’t expecting the airlines and shipping to be shutdown, or so it appears to me.]

VPD occurrences therefore need to be continuously monitored while VPD prevention and control programs need to be continuously implemented, tirelessly and deliberately, by every AMS;
ACKNOWLEDGE that in order to fight VPDs effectively, the most powerful strategy strongly recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) is to ensure sufficient supply of essential vaccines used in all National Immunization Programs (NIP) concerned;
REITERATE that “Vaccine Security” has been defined by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as the “sustained, uninterrupted and timely supply of affordable vaccine of assured quality”.

By definition, three critical elements in assuring vaccine security are

1) guaranteed procurement of vaccines through firm contracts with manufacturers;

2) secured, multi-year allocations for vaccine financing; and,


3) long-term accurate forecasting of vaccine requirements;
EXPRESS deep concern that essential vaccines shortage in AMS, even if occurring sporadically for a short period of time, directly hampers vaccine security by increasing the risk of VPD outbreaks among vulnerable or unimmunized persons of all age, thus leading to public health emergencies;

NOTE with concern that vaccine shortage occurs due to challenges including manufacturing complexities, supply chain constraints and limited long-term forecasting that would require collective determination to address them;…”


That’s most of it.

They are obsessed with vaccines because vaccines are the strategic method of world domination.  These lunatics have the legal right to stick needles full of God knows what into us, with immunity from prosecution and we would have no ability to protect our little ones.

God’s lawsuit is coming quickly, though, no doubt.

Everything that ASEAN does illustrates an obsession with full spectrum domination beyond their own separate borders. The continuing series of conferences and summits are all geared towards further tyrannical monopoly of power and money, whatever label gets slapped onto it.

Their website at ASEAN.org and this one:


both make it clear that ASEAN was a Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece. This consortium of countries constitutes the One Belt One Road pathway. I use the past tense only because of a recent article at ASEAN Post, which is not something that the Chinese Communists wants  known:

“Since the early 2000s, child prostitution has become an increasingly difficult issue for Indonesia. This issue particularly affects the party islands of Bali [5000 Chinese tourists there at the time of the corona virus outbreak] and Batam where tourists exploit the child sex trade. As “sex tourism” rises worldwide, Indonesia has become a major “destination country” for human trafficking. It is estimated that approximately 100,000 children and women are trafficked each year in Indonesia – 30 percent are below the age of 18.”

“The Women’s Institute, based in West Java, reports that some 43.5 percent of trafficking victims are as young as 14 years old.” An additional “40,000 to 70,000 children who are not trafficked are victims of other sexual exploitation.” Human rights activists have claimed that “Australian paedophile rings had infiltrated Bali using the pretence of adopting or fostering impoverished children.” To say this is a rampant issue…”

Bali is losing 100,000 Chinese tourists per month due to the travel restrictions.  Recent estimates are that 46 million people are enslaved in the world, and they are concentrated in the ASEAN member nations.

I found that Cruise Ships were so popular that lots of orders for new ones have been made recently.  Like the rest of the travel industry, it’s not likely to be a good investment now.

Lisa Moore wrote the article quoted above on ASEAN Post. Com and she has a familiar looking face.

Is this next item good news?:

Google today is detailing its US office and data center investments for 2020. The company will spend over $10 billion across the country in 11 states.

To prepare the next generation for call center work, Google “helps” the communities they decide to invade.

“ Pryor Mayor Larry Lees told the crowd that Google’s investments have helped provide local schools with the resources they need—including the latest (White Christian-America-bashing)  textbooks and STEM courses (in fake science)—to offer a world-class (indoctrination) education. He talked about the small businesses…”

The education-whores are always worshipping Godless corporations to get their hands on more money.

This standard procedure of crashing an economy is begun several years in advance. Because they create monopolies and monopolies always fail, this pirate culture has lots of practice with failed economies, they know how it’s done.  Successful economies are a Christian thing.

Oct 23, 2015 … Last year, Apple announced its own $90 billion buyback program, which it … As of writing this, Alphabet’s stock price was trading at $724 and a …Yesterday the company reported second quarter revenue of $18.7 billion, a 13% increase over the same period last year, but the exciting news for investors is the planned buyback of up to $5,099,019,513.59 of its Class C capital stock.”

So it’s plain to see exactly how much money was ripped off from Apple: $5,099,019,513.59 for the employees selling the stock to Apple at top prices.  That same amount in debt and payouts is for Apple stockholders.

…Apple released its earnings report and announced its first stock buyback program. … the footpaths of Google and Apple as the world’s most valuable tech companies.


Feb 8, 2016 … Alphabet stock grants make Sundar Pichai one of the highest paid execs … Alphabet has surpassed Apple to become the most valuable company in … show $18.7 billion revenue, $5 billion in buybacks planned.

That’s 5 billion dollars of income for the seller, Mr. Pichai and insider accomplices.


P.S.  Here is a document that I just found, which I think has not been published yet. It’s from Arlene’s collection, the court document assigning child support payments to the grandparents of Larry Nichols /Bibi.  Joseph Brashares is named guardian ad litem of Robert Hargraves. Brashares, I suspect is the same name as Prageur, or Pageur, the name used by Rose Tascher, who also called herself Empress Josephine while she was married to Napoleon.

Every time I see the name Joseph, I think of Joe Biden. And I’m also thinking that he could be Jeanne Bernard’s brother,  also named Joe.  Time will tell.




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