Content Creator Slave

The time has come to put an end to slavery. The kind of slave that I am is the Content Creator Slave.  The technology exists now that would enable Content Creators to earn money according to the traffic we generate, but on the Internet Slave Plantation this doesn’t actually happen in many cases.

Ideally, there could be a way for the Content Creator to choose exactly which advertisements we want to appear with our content, and there could even be a mechanism for custom designing the sponsor advertisements. The tragedy is that the internet system is designed to enslave Content Creators. Vulgar and offensive advertising obliterates the good content and lazy idiots in foreign enemy nations get free mailbox money, and lots of it, at our expense.

As the system stands today, the consequences of this long-term enslavement has torn my own family apart. I get no paycheck for any of the work that I do.  I’ve looked at the options and I see no point in exposing my work to vicious and determined censors and trolls paid with America’s foreign aid who’ll only remove my posts. Most importantly, this dilemma is true for many, many, many talented, hardworking people whose jobs should be in professional journalism but aren’t because all those jobs are occupied by CIA hacks.

Like many people, the content that I create will end up being censored  , plagiarized and twisted. Income will never accrue to me.  I’ll just slowly starve to death.

The system kills motivation and income for doing something useful and satisfying. The system forces me to financially contribute to the enemy, working on the enemy’s platform and basically signing over copy rights to my work, signing away my access to justice. The cumulative effect on our families is real. In my case, I’m drained both in terms of health and wealth.

In terms of health, I’ve been on a long-term roll of having to work long hours into the night in order to put these reports together. It’s not good to overwork that way, and so I am bringing that back into balance.  The workload is too heavy, especially trying to raise a family in a primitive shelter while keeping up with fast-acting criminals on the international stage.  How to get my hands on a little bit of money, is the question, while billions move between a privileged few. Why isn’t someone offering to help me?

This combination of factors, all based on a system that is inherently without justice, ends up making it economically impossible to keep the family together. So we’ll be splitting up to survive the squeeze. I’m not saying that overall we’re not winning the fight for an end to slavery, but the consequences of having been in the fight are real for me.

Alongside the usual theft and vandalism of our property, are the phony friends that surround, lurk and murmur to create stress between family members.  The list of constant challenges is well known to many.

Real targeted people are not attacked with high tech weapons. We’re attacked by being surrounded by humans who put out their own bad energy towards us.  This is toxic enough to destroy a person’s health and some of them know it.  Being thus surrounded also means we can’t get jobs, the sabotage level is very high. Then there’s the lifetime of having been ghosted over and over again, so that I’ve ended up with practically no friends to call for help. Money flows out, personal energy flows out, and nothing flows in. Draining, draining, drained.

The Prophet Michael explains the economic problems that are faced. It’s called the Book of Malachi, and  Chapter 3 is about God’s economy.

The entire conversation is between God and the self-righteous “priests that despise My Name”, as God puts it in Michael’s prophecy. He’s talking to government leaders who have usurped the High Priesthood by stealing the taxes, which are called tithes.

“You have robbed me of my tithes”.

Considering that the foundations of our entire civilization were laid by the traditional church system, it’s time to look closely at what happens when, instead of going into the traditional established church, the taxes are collected into a system that despises the name of God, a system that supports the Godless heathen as if the godless and the faithful had no distinction between them, just all the same whether you obey God’s laws or not, so long as you’re paying taxes to the system. God calls it The Devourer, because the government priesthood takes everything, gives nothing back and never has enough.

In the conversation with God,  government priests are in the Dindu Nuffin mode and God is saying, “I’ll tell you exactly what you did, why I don’t like it, who you are hurting and what will be the punishment.

God knows that we need His powerful help. “I will rebuke the Devourer for your sakes”. He warns the fathers and children to turn their hearts back to each other,  “lest I come and smite you with a curse”.

God is also angry about someone who “hast dealt treacherously with the maid of his youth”.  Whatever happened was done in private and the guilty young man thought that no one would ever find out.  Maid here refers to the woman that was within God’s plan to be his mate, whether the marriage ceremony was ever carried out or not.

“Putting away” of the maid of your youth sounds like when guys ghost a girl, whether because she refused to have sex right away, or because she didn’t refuse, it’s wrong either way. It’s brutal, in fact. God only knows how many beautiful babies were slaughtered in abortions because of this “putting away”.

“The Lord has been witness between thee and the maid of thy youth, against whom thou hast dealt treacherously”.

“For the Lord, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth the putting away: for he covereth violence with his garment, saith the Lord of Armies, therefore take heed to your spirit, that you deal not treacherously.”

I feel the meaning of this, judging by the specific word choice, is the truly tragic innovation in which young men demand sex before making any effort to demonstrate a level of loving commitment. This standard attitude of all the men around me, since I was at the prime age for having children, was that since birth control is available, there’s no reason to refuse sex on the first date and if she does , then the man rejects her in a totally contemptuous manner for not being easy.  If she falls for the manipulation, he deserts her for getting pregnant. Afterall, it’s her fault she’s having unprotected sex when birth control pills are available. What disastrous consequences for everyone involved in this distortion of human nature, not least of which is the young man.

But the young man grows old, and so does the maid, and we all must face our maker. In Malachi, God warns that he will be witness in defense of the young women who were faced with this impossible choice.

“But who may abide the day of His Coming? And who shall stand when He appeareth?”

“I will be a swift witness against:

sorcerers and

adulterers.. “,

God will smite liars and…

those who suppress wages and income. Wage suppression, no profit, is what’s happening to me now that is causing so much real pain and anxiety on a family level.

Whether through censorship or through secret clubs that control commerce, or outright ownership or exploitation of people who are in prison and not paid for their work, it’s still the practice of slavery. This is what makes me a Content Creator Slave, which I actually cannot continue, which is precisely the enemy’s goal.

We can all see that the bad guys get security, financial support and fist bumps. This is designed to make the rest of us feel like chumps for earning no dollars and having no fellowship and support, which said chumps we actually are.

As for Joe Biden, there’s his photo all over the place, and that video recording of him bragging about getting a decent man fired from his job in Ukraine, and all I can say at this point is that this is Allen Sorrell.  His voice is so engraved in my memory. That way he slurrs his words and curses, the epitome of oil field trash, which is what he’s always been in my eyes.

Allen Sorrell was closest to my brother Bret at the time of his death, and I tried to warn Bret and my father about that man.  He disappeared after Bret died. I’m realizing how easily he could be Jeanne’s brother who she always called Joe. Biden, Sorrell and Joe Bernard all the same horrifying person running for a position as High Priest of the Slave Plantation Government. Wow. That is frightening.

One reason I’ve held off writing really personal stuff is because my eyes start to burn and the tears start rolling down my face and then it becomes a river. This is what still happens when I think of Bret, my brother. I still miss him in a heart-rending way.

Now, when I see Biden I think of Bret, and how I prayed to the Good Lord above to reveal the truth about his death, and the deaths of the rest of my family and those good people who weren’t family. ‘Who done it’ is my main question and motivation for this project of mine. I’ve always prayed that this would be revealed.

Until then:

I have a plan that involves continuing this show and tell project while I travel. Since I have to travel alone, I’m thinking that by filming the people and places along the way, and posting this to youtube, it gives me a little protection against undercover clowns and other evil-doers.

I want to go to Russia to see if maybe I might find home. I certainly can’t go back to New Iberia now.  I’d like to share that experience of moving forward with those who feel the same call in their hearts.



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