They Meet Again

An anonymous comment posted under Frank Sinatra’s ‘Last Major Interview”, 1988, linked below states:

“In short, he (Sinatra) works hard and people’s personal life is private…He calls people who write fake stories about people who achieve greatness ‘parasites’.”

“He has a point, despite the metaphor. There is a dignity in respecting private lives. The performance is all the performer owes the world.”
2 months ago

End quote.

Frank calls people who put out fake information about famous people ‘pimps and whores’. He would only agree to this interview if he were allowed to say that.

The interview is very relevant to us today. He talks about the very important film “Manchurian Candidate”. He talks about his son, who has now become infamous as the traitor named “No Name”.

But before watching the interview, watch this 1941 film titled “They Meet Again” of Frank as a young child tap dancing. At 12:00  minutes you’re in the middle of it.   Well, it looks like Frank to me anyway, who else had blonde hair and such natural style and innate power, even as a scrawny kid?

Did Frank have a Russian accent?

Notice that he speaks with an accent, singing a song of the Red, White and Blue. The young girl who sings of a Dreamland and wins the singing contest in the movie could possibly be his future wife, I’m still figuring these thing out. The forming of couples is such an important part of God’s plan for us, it’s no wonder that the Satanists put so much effort into preventing unity between male and female.

These couples coming together at a young age were extremely empowered by their unity, while it lasted. What broke up these  couples can be glimpsed in the next link when the gangsters appear.

The gangster video is actually historically significant. It’s a (first?) Tonight Show that is very amateurishly produced by some Hebrews. How these creeps managed to get Frankie and Deano on that sad show is still a mystery to me.

It’s a good thing they did though.  What happens is that, as a result, we’re given a very clear glimpse of the stark contrast between great talent and the incoming negative talent, side by side. The dour and humourless gangsters were like snakes slithering into all of our lives at that time. I see great tension in that episode, and so I understand why my father did not choose to join the Hollywood migration. I have to thank my parents for that wise decision. Yes, it left me with nothing, but it also left me with everything.

What’s obvious to me, speaking as ‘Deano’s daughter”, is that Deano in this episode is extremely irritated, even angry.  His jokes are all working around that anger, especially the part where he’s mocking the Jewish Gangsters when he says in a German accent:

“We are not Nazis but you will listen to our music OR ELSE!”.

We all know now exactly what Deano was saying.

I’ve thrown in a couple of other videos about ancient religious teachings because it’s important to know that this religious environment was the culture that both men grew up in. This wasn’t Protestant so-called Christianity. The Virgin Mary was very important to the adults around me when I was growing up. She represented respect for the role of motherhood. She was not a “feminist” telling women that their fulfillment is in everything but Motherhood. Mary lets us know that Motherhood is honorable in itself, and there’s nothing limiting about it. The development of skills and talent grew out of a stable home environment in this case. How else can skills, knowledge and training be passed onto the next generation?

I think that the great miracle of all the fake identities is that the audience is still aware of the true underlying character of these two men, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. They were both playing characters that were precisely not their true identity, that was the whole point. Frank talks about the fact that not being yourself is exactly what makes acting fun.

Their honorable success was the direct consequence of having been immersed in a unified, stable and healthy cultural environment. The ancient Traditional Church teachings allowed them to develop their talents as part of a multi-generational passing on of skills that led to technological breakthroughs in film and sound recordings.

Frank’s young performance below, starting a bit before the 12 minute mark, is truly awesome.


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