Cameron’s Grandmother, April’s Mother


I wanted to honor April in April. I mean to say, my friend April who is actually Vicky Walet, the daughter of Frank “Sinatra” and “Rita Hayworth”.

Cameron, April’s son, was living with his grandmother when he was forcibly removed by Texas Child Protective Services and placed in a foster home even though both his mother and grandmother were pleading to have him returned.

Why were they targeted?

The full realization of what April and her mother accomplished musically has me astonished.  I’ve only become aware of it by realizing that they were using the stage characters of black musicians. They wore dark make-up, no big deal. However, not only are the voices easy to spot, but also the style of the lyrics, the dance moves, edpecially the arms, stage costumes, lighting and scenery.

Wouldn’t You Like To Ride On My Beautiful Balloon was sung by Vicky Walet as both Nancy Sinatra and as a singer with The Fifth Dimension.

There’s more on this subject, as my memories are awakened to that time, but I was still under five years old when Vicky and her Mom arrived back in Loreauville to live.

My memories are of playing pretend with Vicky, who had an impressive Barbie collection. For that reason alone I had great respect for Vicky Walet when I was four years old, I remember that much.  She was still playing with dolls when these early songs were recorded.

Only the most evil of entities could have wanted to destroy this family.  FBI files show that the Frank Sinatra family was completely surrounded by United States Government employees called FBI agents. They were pretending to be friends, clearly tasked with eliminating every last member of this family, and mine also.

The people alive today who are suffering from this type of targeting should know that it’s just about over now, because it’s the fourth Q April and there is no fifth, right?

I say ‘survived’ because this type of targeting has no other goal than to kill, albeit slowly. For a full understanding  of the pain created when honeypots and false friends (public employees) conspire to break apart families, watch Frank’s ex-wife in the stage character called Diana Ross singing of her pain.  Yes, Diana Ross is Cameron’s grandmother, one of many characters that she created, including Sophia Loren.

Imagine how long she and Frank had been together, possibly since they were babies. The mob in control of the FBI considers it essential to destroy this family, Why?  What was in that stolen trunk that was so important? I suspect that this Walet family was much more than just great musicians, dancers and actors.

As if I haven’t astonished people enough yet.

So we’ve already heard Cameron’s grandmother sing in the movie titled “They Meet Again”.

What did she do after her divorce, with two young children in Loreauville? You can see to what lengths she went to hide her identity, but her husband knew. How could he be so deaf to her, so insensitive to her pain?

I suspect Prednizone, prescribed by a secret agent “Doctor”, because it’s the drug that enables mind control, as I’ve pointed out before.

April’s mother was fabulously talented and still young at the time of the senseless divorce.  Her ability to express herself with music and dance and reach high notes and low notes was phenomenal. She was an accpmplished musical performer dancer and actress.   Her daughter had the same talent. They had access to the recording studio that was disguised as a lounge called Eboo’s, near their house on the Loreauville Road. My father built two other places in the 1960’s for filming, the Volunteer Fire Station and Ed Broussard’s Garage. One of the Beatle’s videos looks to be filmed there at the garage. It was basically a metal warehouse.  There were many other filming locations, but I think the main sound work was done at Eboo’s, because it was a low ceiling building.

In this small town, and wherever they went, these people created music to a degree unsurpassed since then. Pay attention to the orchestra and the dance moves, and you’ll hear and see the evolution from the first music recordings in the 1920’s, ’30’s, ’40’s and ’50’s, as skills are passed from one generation to the next. Those of us who grew up with highly developed music took it for granted because we were never exposed to the kind of awful music that surrounds us today. It can now hardly be called music at all.

Mrs. Frank Sinatra, you’ll see, after her divorce became a powerhouse of music in the 1960’s. Together with her daughter and son-in-law, who I’ve already identified in previous articles. They created so many musical acts and stage characters, always with fabulous costumes and elaborate theatrical make-up, it would take a long time to catalog and document with links.  All I can do is challenge my readers to find this family by listening for their voices in music especially from the 1960’s until the disco era.

The day the music died was supposed to have been the day of the Kennedy assassination. However, the music did not actually die, it just went back home.  Frank Sinatra in his last filmed interview has definite signs of being on Prednizone, which I have demonstrated is necessary for mind control which depends on shutting down the analytical process. The puffy face is unmistakeable.

It began when Mrs. Walet turned herself and her daughter Vicky into Girl Groups. Diana Ross and the Supremes is the prime example, but there were others. April started out as one of the Supreme’s and went on to become Donna Summer. April’s mother was also Sophia Loren. I’m still discovering their faces in surprising places, and I’ll try to lay it all out.

Diana Ross is Frank Sinatra’s wife, in theatrical make-up as the character called Diana Ross.  This was after their divorce. It breaks my heart to hear her singing, now that I understand what she’s singing about. Imagine how attached the two of them were, perhaps from infancy they were in each others presence, but certainly from the age shown in the movie “They Meet Again”.

Listen to her song called “Baby Love”.  Also pay attention to the two other Supremes, because one of them ended up being the fake Donna Summer, and the other Supreme is April, the true Donna Summer. Listen to what she’s singing and then watch Donna Summer as she sings “Ooooh, I feel love, I feel love…” and realize that Donnna Summer is another later character created by April. Donna Summer is April.  I’m unable to get a working link directly to the videos that I want to post. Add the keywords ‘studio version’ to the keywords for Donna Summer I Feel Love, in case these links don’t work.

I can add many more well-known musicians that are April, but enough writing for now. Listen for the voice and you can find her, and pay attention to the guy on the keyboards.

Youtube has even created a channel that demonstrates the progression of characters and bands that these women created, however the link here might not work.


Another very important song by April as Donna Summer is Macarthur Park. Because the Macarthur or Macartney plantation was originally what Audubom Park was part of, I believe that this song from 1978 is actually about Audubon Park in New Orleans.











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