It’s time for gratitude. Obviously many people have been working to complete a complicated and long term military/economic operation, most of which had to remain secret until the end.  The part that could be revealed was revealed cryptically by an operative called Q, who I especially want to thank for patiently opening so many minds to the wonderful truth that there is hope.

The law of gratitude is explained in the next video. It’s nothing new, harking back to the ancient practice of singing praise and gratitude to God, which puts the community in the higher vibrations, thereby “attracting” more high vibrational physical realities that travel along on that high vibrational wavelength.


How physical realities are able to “float and move along” an invisible wavelength is illustrated by Dr. Eric Laithwaite in this video:


The Q  phenomenon enabled a body of information to ‘float and move along’ and even expand by an ever growing high and hopeful vibrational wavelength that cuts through censorship and even got certain aspects of truth through my own thick head.

When our heads are thick with negativity and guilt, lies and insults, it’s toxic and needs a cleaning. Gratitude is what cleanses. Gratitude toward our Creator, as a “herd”, actually gives us immunity to the negativity and lies because it creates a larger, stronger force field.

If we all express gratitude toward God and for the disciplined army of people who have joined in the silent war, it’s possible perhaps to actually, physically help their work to be accomplished.

Trump and Putin have made no secret that the Russian and US Military have long cooperated in anti- terrorism operations. Considering that the entire US government was a terrorist operation due to long-term infiltration, especially during the Obama administration, then I would like to express gratitude to the good soldiers of both Russia and America for their valueable contribution, especially President Putin and President Trump because it’s not an easy job.

And even though I am guilty of revealing some secrets that maybe I shouldn’t have, I’ve also been keeping some identities and information secret, including the identity of Q.  So have no fear. As far as I could discern at the time, my intention was to protect the good guys. They’ll unmask themselves and reveal information when it’s safe to do so.

Hopefully soon.

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