Professor Eric Laithwaite: The Circle of Magnetism – 1968

“Professor Eric Laithwaite: The Circle of Magnetism – 1968” is a video on youtube which refuses to link on this blog. Your fearful leaders don’t want you to understand how these energies operate.  The fact that these dynamics are the same as human dynamics is the key to understanding why the psychopathic, inbred, criminal elite do not want healthy social interaction among the rest of us.

Each of us emits electromagnetic energy.  The combined effect of billions of humans who are all in agreement on an idea is unstoppable. What are we agreeing on? Isn’t it important to agree to something hopeful and beneficial, like the imminent downfall of the psychopathic, inbred, criminal elite?


Individual beliefs and energies can either contribute toward improvement of the entire community or else cancel out someone elses good vibe and thereby bring down the whole.  The bad vibe is generated by believing in the power of the most evil people in existence. That’s how the energy works through our belief systems. This is why we need a strong military to defend our lifestyle, to prevent the full spectrum foreign dominance that forces us to listen to their “music”, or else.

You can find the Laithwaite videos by cutting and pasting the above title into the youtube searchbox.

Here’s a pdf to show the title and channel:

Eric Laithwaite video May 6, 2020 at 11:35 AM

and possible links:

This video is one of a series that demonstrate how interacting electro-magnetic energies can float an aluminum ball balanced in mid-air, and it can also send a metal plate shooting into the distance.

Two electro-magnetic rings, as described in the video, one inside the other, can balance a large metal ball floating in the air. When the electro-magnets are lined up on a row, a strong directional force is created.

Now imagine that a community of people have the same effect on ideas and realities.

The double ring device that floats the aluminum ball is reflective of wedding rings exchanged in a ceremony. Neither ring alone can make the idea of unity ‘float’. It’s the proper placement and calibration of the two rings together that can float an object or turn certain visions into stable reality.

Dividing couples and families is a sure way to weaken an enemy, because it denies people the ability to interact with compatible partners. Prison accomplishes this very well, as do lockdowns and other forms of slavery.

The war on families, and on the divinely united couples who create them, is real.  By ‘divinely united’, I’m thinking of those unions that are sincerely made for the right reasons. Selfish and egotistical unions have no stability, like the single electro-magnetic ring.

The war on couples was announced in the earliest Freemason/Illuminati documents ever captured in Bavaria. Secret societies brag about waging this war on the rest of us, using loose women, drugs and other temptations to break up unions.

This is a disturbance that each of us separately has the power to overcome, once it’s understood how the physical energies interact.

There’s much here to consider in terms of community energy dynamics. The terminology of the science of electro-magnetism and the modern language of human relationship dynamics is practically the same.

It’s fun to keep this in mind while watching Dr. Eric Laithwaite’s demonstrations on the subject, just to see how far the analogy can go.

The dynamics of interacting electro-magnetic forces within human behavior are also described in the saga narrated in the Bible. Considering that sin is low vibrational energy, then when it’s allowed to flourish, sin inevitably brings down the entire family and ultimately the nation.

Repentance is high vibrational because it’s also gratitude for God’s forgiving and healing power. Simply believing that God made us because he loves us and has a specific mission for us is a very high vibrational belief, because it’s true.

Thus, group repentance raises the overall electro-magnetic energies of the community, allowing God’s high vibrational blessings to flow, and for good ideas to shoot forward into reality.

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