Human Energy

Electromagnetism becomes useful when the energies between the magnetized coils are balanced properly.

How can we humans balance our energies and become useful?

From the Bhagavad Gita, Verse 30, we learn that one attains the ability to balance the community by balancing oneself. This self-balance comes by attuning oneself to constant truth. This is the key to the dynamic of electromagnetism in humans.

This ancient wisdom tells us that the balancing and efficient interaction of all the individual human electromagnetic rings depends on the flow of pure truth within society.  The more truth flowing, the better everything works.

Verse 30:

“The more one attunes one’s mind to truth, the more one gain’s in equilibrium.  The truth is, the Lord is the invisible propeller of all actions in the universe. He is the true owner of everything sentient and insentient. Man’s prerogative is to know this truth and adjust his life activities accordingly. His mental fever gets pacified in that way.  Further, efficiency in the execution of duty increases in him.”

This verse is one answer in a long dialogue of the Bhagavad Gita. The distinction between humans in the Baghavad Gira is mainly between those who God has created for leadership, and those whose lives are free of that burden because they are still not ready.  In the ideal society, everyone is fit for leadership.  The leader is to be a person of perfect knowledge, enlightened, solemn and not distracted by desires.

The leader must be in perfect equilibrium. We are all possible leaders within our own spaces. This is the propelling idea behind the Q Army of Anonymous Frogs.  This army achieves personal perfection by focusing on the task at hand, without desire for recognition and reward, thereby raising personal energy and the energy of the community, which turns out to be the entire world. This process creates leaders out of each one of us.

“Does the equilibrium of mind add to its efficiency?”

The answer comes: The one fixed in equanimity of mind is free in this life from vice and virtue alike, therefore devote yourself to the perfection of your task. Detached performance of your duty adds to efficiency and the required equilibrium is maintained perfectly.

The answer to this next question is interesting. Consider what can be done with members of society who are not perfect, in that they insist on telling and believing in lies.  This is how the question is put:

“What is the attitude of the enlightened toward the ignorant?”

The answer:

“The person of perfect knowledge should not unsettle the minds of the mediocre whose knowledge is imperfect.”

The further advice is to allow these people to express themselves through their productive activities, because this is good for them and allows them time to learn. However, the leader is required to set the good example. It’s not complicated, but perhaps also not easy. However, the attainment of total equilibrium is made easier when truth is respected and demanded.



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