In the book “Vigilantes of The Attakapas”, the author pointed out that the first step a responsible militia took in dealing with violent infiltraters was to send out spies to gather evidence.

Now Q points out to us that 99% of America’s Intelligence Community is honest. How would I know that since I’ve never been near a real spy agency.

I admit that it is precisely the 1% that has been making my personal life hell. I don’t know about the rest, but someone who’s been working with secret agents daily would know.

In fact, I myself am a spy who spies on spies.

So I have pondered the question.

How could this worldwide evil 1% be captured without really good spies out there doing their job?

Spies need love too, Q has made me realize. So I’m rewriting my script. In fact, the next time I see an obvious spy car parked next to me at the beach in Kona, I’m going to leave a lipstick kiss print on the blacked out reflective glass, with a note that says “I spy with my little eye, someone who should get out of the car and say hello, as soon as you clock off of work, that is.”

Yes, the friendly approach is definitely the better way.



One thought on “Spies

  1. I don’t get these people at all i’m sure the neighborhood kid’s are involved for a very long time! If a kid kill’s a adult they get trialed as a adult in court but these sob’s get away with murder too ha! I’m not saying they were but they been screaming for about a hour or two im singing were coming for you over and over. this hasn’t even been the first time I have encounted situations like this either they post up at buildings iam at have their kids slander me and disappear! these people are killers! They usually come out of the wood work aka stalkers when they think I can be thrown in jail for a very long time then they come out and slander like fuck! if I go to jail you better find me because I haven’t done shit! and fuck these people!


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