When I was fake married to my fake husband Randy/Bibi in the 1980’s,  I was immersed in reading the Seth books. I had a complete collection of them. The Seth books are channelled messages spoken through Jane Roberts during the 1970’s. New Age ideas such as the power of manifestation stem from these channeled messages, in a distorted way.

This next video is a section of the Seth messages about our medical system, which Seth reveals politely as actually a modern religion. This system of belief, namely that the body is incapable of self defense against disease, is actually dysfunctional, but since the belief in vaccinations/ innoculations is so strong, the belief itself is functional for some people, for awhile. However, Seth points out that vaccinations ultimately weaken the body and so the recipient will eventually get another disease. This is common sense.

What Seth says is that on a subconscious level, we all choose our time of death. If the conditions of life are of such poor quality in terms of restrictions on our ability to express our ideas and take effective action, which leads to poverty and hopelessness, then entire races and populations will choose death on a group subconscious level. That group death will sometimes express itself through an epidemic. This tends to happen in Communist countries, and indeed I believe that certain murderous Jews created Communism specifically with the goal of annihilating Christians by making our lives unbearably frustrating.  Their Progressive Agenda has the same effect in that we are bombarded with the message that White Christian Conservative Americans are defective and worthy of eradication. This message alone, they hope, will have the effect that Christians and White people will self-genocide through our belief in abortions, poisonous medicines, deadly therapies and treatments, in addition to having Christians die in wars for Jewish world domination. Seth doesn’t talk politics, he only hints at this, but I don’t mind elaborating on the phenomenon.

One deep-state type actually made a slip of the tongue and said that Covid-19 patients would be sent to “hosprisons”, but he meant to say hospitals.

This audio book excerpt is important and worth a listen.


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