Islam Karimova

Arlene’s keepsakes included a photo of a short, fat faced attendee at the wedding of her niece, my friend Lisa Abrams.


My question is whether the little boy pictured above, Islam Karimova is also that same young man shown on the far right below, attending the wedding of Arlene’s, niece, the woman who pretends to be Bill Clinton. His face is blurry and falling off the edge of the picture on the right.



My next question is whether this young man is also the infamous fugitive called Jho Low, or Low Tek Jho. Remember that the name Lowe is a Dudney name, which is to say, a Rockefeller. He also looks like the man who at one time was making the preposterous claim to be the true, rightful heir of the Romanov fortune in Russia, together with his sister.

A quick read about this man in a New York Post article rueports him paying Paris Hilton $100,000 to attend his Hollywood parties, and giving an absurd million dollar gift to Leonardo DiCaprio. Low was spending the 4 billion dollars that he stole from the Malaysian people.


Supposedly wanted by Interpol, at one time a friend reported that he was “reading a book about Marc Rich”. This is the same Marc Rich who I’ve also been so interested in, the financier charged with tax evasion, pardoned by Bill Clinton, who had possession of a stolen trunk that the Clinton’s kept, and who supposedly lived out his life in Swiss exile. It’s more likely that Marc Rich became the Foreign Minister of Russia named Sergei Lavrov. “We believe Low has this idea of being like Marc Rich, eventually finding a way to travel again and make it all go away.”

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