Carmelite Mystics, Engineers and Dr. Carl Jung


The Carmelite order was organized in the 13th century, in recognition of the preference for a life of solitude and contemplation that leads to the betterment of society. The Carmelites understood that this solitary life of contemplation was helpful to the world. They are called mystics but what this word referrs to is the power of prayer. We pray in order to manifest our desires. Our desires properly are God-given, not selfish.  Selfish desires would lead to guilt. This is why we pray for guidance, and humility, first and foremost.

My goal has been to manifest justice. It’s working because this goal is in complete humble alignment with God’s will. If I had wanted to manifest a Lamborghini, I doubt it would have worked out so well.  New Age philosophy attempts to practice manifestation, generally leaving God and humility out of it. We are not Gods. We have limited vision and understanding. Trying to manifest a Lamborghini by killing babies and selling the body parts is a Godless attempt that will certainly land Planned Parenthood operatives in prison or worse.

When Mt. Carmel Academy in New Iberia, Louisiana was infiltrated by CIA operatives during my school years there, I witnessed their sneaky techniques of take-over for twelve years. This is what I’ve written about. But I could not have put all the puzzle pieces together without the God force that led me to Arlene’s house at an opportune moment, that kept scattering the photos on the floor forcing me to look at them when I was overwhelmed and resistant. Unseen forces kept bringing me to be in countless places where crucial events were taking place, events that provided me with evidence of a Satanic criminal conspiracy that is real, all too dangerously real.

My research reveals that the Carmelite Order was active in Russia during the lifetime of Fra Felipe, a well known Carmelite artist whose frescoes are in the Kremlin and in Florence, Italy. One of these was commissioned by Cosimo de’ Medici for the Berardi Chapel in Santa Croce Cathedral. It’s the painting of St. Francis of Assisi, who physically resembles my brother Bret. The others were commissioned for Benedictine churches in Florence. This is  a history that needs to be explored through source documents. There’s nothing but disinformation available publicly, probably because the identity of the true Romanov families are revealed in the Carmelite history.

Why was Mt. Carmel targeted in the 1960’s? Why do drug lords and criminals flood Catholic Schools and churches with their children and their operatives? The answer is clear: The goal is to infiltrate and then destroy, as they succeeded in destroying my 250 year old alma mater, Mt. Carmel Academy. They fear the power of the Carmelite Order and the power of mysticism. Mysticism is an old word that is described as the conscious decision to live fully in God’s presence. In modern language we’d call this living in full communication with the higher vibrational spiritual plane that is not visible to the human eye, but real nonetheless. This dimension, we are told, and we know, is fully inhabited with the souls of those who watch over and guide us.

Bishop Sheen cites Karl Jung in a discussion of the subconscious and guilt.

In the next video, you’ll find a very interesting interview with Karl Jung.

In this interview, notice the introduction with a piece of paper floating in the water next to a concrete dam. This concrete structure caught my attention because it seems over-built for a private house. It reminded me of the Keystone Locks on Bayou Teche where my grandmother grew up, where her father was the engineer responsible for the locks, an Army Corps of Engineers project that allowed for steamboat travel on the Bayou Teche.

This brings up the entire subject of engineers. Remember the movie “Christmas Story”?  It revolved around three engineers, one of whom became a spirit guide after his death. In the movie, all three engineers died in a plane crash which had been foreseen, but the engineers ignored the premonition.  The theme of ghosts and invisible spirit guides is explored in many of the movies of Mr. John Walet aka Boris Karloff. Keep in mind that the science of film and movies would have required engineering skills to develop as it did.

In a documentary about the building of the Trans-Siberian railroad, I learned that the Romanov Prince Michael was an engineer responsible for that enormous task, and that he travelled to America, both North and South. Engineers appear to have been targeted both by Communists and by the CIA.

This next link mentions an engineer who was forcefully subjected to electric shock “treatments”.  This document is very important. The only problem is that it’s been edited by Jews to cover up the Jewish guilt of the horrendous crime called modern psychiatric treatment, making them appear to be victims instead of the perpetrators that they continue to be.  Notice that three of the many cases point out specifically that the victims were an engineer, an Armenian, and a Hungarian.


Since my great grandfather was an engineer, this caught my attention in terms of tracing my ancestry to Russia and Eastern Europe, in terms of the Polytechnic Institute in Hungary in 1956 and the scientist students and professors who had to flee the violence of Communists at that time. Recent comments by the descendants of those who fled Hungary reveal that the Communists would commit violence against the families that were left behind, even assaulting their mothers in an attempt to locate the fleeing scientists. These scientists would have been as far away from Eastern Europe as possible if they fled to America. They had to hide their identities to protect their relatives.  I doubt that the following interview actually took place in Geneva, Switzerland.

What Carl Jung is interested in is similar to what Dr. Laithewaite was interested in, namely the unseen, unexplainable magnetic forces that have enormous physical effects on the observable plane of our existence.


Dr. Carl Jung fully recognizes that the psychic realm is not constrained by time and space. This is a huge concept. His comment about Communism: “Man will not be negated.”

We all find ourselves today dealing with a load of problems that we did not create.  These problems have been accumulating for generations, even 2000 years worth, but mostly during the Communist era. Some of the people associated with those problems were good, powerful people who have been dead for a very long time, but the problem has bottlenecked into our powerless little lives. Isn’t that interesting?  How does this make any sense? If we understand that they have gathered themselves into a spiritual army that guides us, then it does make sense.  They only need our attention in order to make things right. How can they get our attention unless we eliminate distractions? How better to eliminate distractions than to live in solitude. How else to live in solitude than to be rendered seemingly powerless?

The fact of my life is that I was the opposite of spoiled. I was just basically ignored in a most kind and good natured way. I’ve spent alot of time in solitude.

The ability to align oneself electro-magnetically with the force that we call Mother Mary and the Divine Creative Power which we call God is not so much of a mystery after watching Dr. Laithewaites videos on electromagnetism.

When no earthly partners are available to vibe with,  going into solitude allows one to join into this tri-partite union with complimentary magnetic forces that are symbolized by Mother Mary and God Our Father.  Then we discover that they’ve led us directly into association witn someone or many people to vibe with, people on the same mission.

This is what being a mystic is all about. It’s living the life of an ‘ascended master’ because it puts you in communication with spiritual guides. The Prophets of the Bible achieved a very high level of communication. This communication is for our benefit thousands of years later.


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