Crisis Acting Gone Wild

My question is, did George Floyd actually die? Is there a corpse somewhere? If there was no death, then there would be no arrests. There are no arrests. (Update: Arrests have been reported but we don’t know yet if these are fake arrests. Isn’t this fun?)  Even looters and arsonists in Democrat controlled cities are not arrested. Both the alleged killer-cop and his alleged victim have worked security (bouncers) at the same business, for 17 years. The alleged killing took place next to that business.

In contrast, there’s this:

Why Broward County Florida is chosen by 300 police officers in Minneapolis:
@KurtSchlichter yesterday:
“What’s really weird is that today about 300 Minneapolis cops applied to join the Broward County Sheriff’s Department school security unit.”

School security units are called SRO’s, School Resource Officers.

Crisis Actors Twitter page promoting funding for School Resource Officers:

Feb 14, 2013
“A bill involving SRO programs has passed its first hurdle. The bill also requires the state to provide grant writing assistance to schools. The first twenty-five million will be dedicated for school resource officers. Matching grants for individual school SRO programs would be $50,000.” http://
Crisis Actors tweet: Apr 24, 2013
“Senator King confirmed that SROs are Certified Peace Officers and are fully armed.”

Crisis Actors Tweet:

“National Association of School Psychologists recommends SROs.”



Hillary Clinton posing with a Broward County Sheriff, or maybe he’s just an actor. She certainly is.

300 Minneapolis cops applied to join the Broward County Sheriff’s Department SRO department.

Crisis actors are used for training SRO’s and recieve millions in tax funding to do so.

“Broward County Veteran SRO Expert a Leader in School-Based Policing. Curt entered the School Resource Officer Program in North Lauderdale, Florida, as the city’s first SRO in 1986. In 1988, he was recognized as Broward County’s SRO of the Year. Curt went to work in 1990 for the Palm Beach County School District Police Department.”

Crisis Actors Twitter account promotes School Resource Officer (SRO) funding bill in Congress.

@CrisisActors Twitter Page describes what they do:
“We are specially trained actors helping first responders create realistic drills, full-scale exercises, high-fidelity simulations, and interactive 3D films.
Denver, Los Angeles, New York”

Joined August 2012

Crisis Actors
Feb 4, 2013
We use simmunition ammo and it is very realistic training.

The Crisis Actors operate in cities where they do not live. They arive in buses and airplanes. It’s a job. However, they obviously instigate others to immitate their art. In fact, they demonstrate to rioters and looters exactly how to riot and loot. Then the actors get mixed in with neighborhood thugs. This makes the simulated exercise appear more authentic. Then the authentic part takes on a life of its own.

“Wait until the looters and rioters wake up in 2 weeks with no place to live and no where to buy food – and the Fake News media is on to their next outrage and won’t give them the time of day.

Believe me, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Replying to
Not if they fly home after destroying someone else’s city. #CrisisActor
7:53 AM · May 29, 2020”

But the destruction remains for the taxpayer to pick up the tab.

And the heartbreak of one man whose business has been looted and burned has been captured on video for all the world to see. Follow the link.

USA Patriot—In God we trust




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