Bugs Bunny Insurgency Advice

Rioters Instructions May 30, 2020 at 11:13 AM

The above document was posted on Twitter. It’s a page of internal instructions to professional rioters, carefully explaining where and when to destroy, and how the system works. It reminds them that arrangements have been made with insurance companies to reimburse those businesses that are on the strike list.

In other words, these professional rioters are employees of giant international corporations. They be workin’ for the Man. The Man (Hillary is in the line of succession) owns the insured corporate businesses they are professionally destroying. They are also getting rid of small business competition.

Bugs Bunny demonstrates Soros Insurgency tactics. The Tasmanian Devil demonstrates Counter Insurgency.

Take it from the Tasmanian Devil and stop defending yourself against stupid name-calling.

Remember Oprah and Epstein’s child slaves?  That’s happening now.

These professional corporate rioters are shocked when their violence meets retaliation.

I think we can agree that our peace and quiet is threatened, and that we all want to start having fun again. Hillary and Soros minions are no fun at all. They are the ones who have to pay people to attend their stupid boring parties, like Islam Karimova paying Paris Hilton $100,000 per attendance.

The common ground for all is that we want to have fun again and get rid of all the party poopers and bores.

This is accomplished through a combination of persuasion and truth, while using recording devices and intelligence gathering to offset the strengths of traitorous government security forces and their hired minions.

Our intent is to ridicule the enemy and remind them how stupid they are. With humor and clever mockery, we win sufficient popular support so that the insurgents become objects of ridicule and will have nowhere to hide.  This includes their traitorous sponsors in government.

Bugs Bunny Demonstrates:



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