One Nation Under God?

Is it possible to expect a solution to a fake problem by continuing to pretend that it’s real? By continous pretending that a non-existent problem is real, aren’t we contributing to the actual creation of it?

Why create fake problems?

Creation of fake problems is a Jewish specialty. It’s how they pit non-Jews against each other and create wars. Those wars create poverty which creates desperation which leads to prostitution, selling of children, indebtedness and plain old genocide. This enriches Jews.

If we don’t put an end to Jewish lies, and Jewish control of absolutely everything, then we are simply doomed.

Believing the lie that they are intelligent when in fact they are simply inbred thieves and murderers; where exactly will that get us? Look at us. Is this something to be proud of?

We are lying as much as the Jews now. We repeat their lies and I think God would not protect a nation that lies and glorifies liars.

As compared to a real problem like the massive sex trafficking of white children, racism is not a problem other than the fact that fake Black, Muslim and Jewish  victimhood is a symptom of rampant, cultivated narcissism, which is the real problem.  They demand our money and get it, so of course the list of fake victims gets longer day by day.

Black Pigeon Speaks has a video on the subject of the recent invention of racism, and what a dangerous game is being played here.

It’s completely unnatural to deprive your children and give resources to an enemy because they accuse you of racism or fascism, two words which should be understood in their historical meaning.   Survival is the result of racism and fascism. Without these instinctual qualities, we die off. Thus we do the enemies’ job of destroying us every time we repeat the lies.

Even the fact that it’s invented, still doesn’t make racism a real problem. Even Narcissism is a symptom and not the actual problem.

In fact, child sex trafficking, organ harvesting from abducted people, wholesale corporate  medicide, poison vaccines, hoardes of hostile illegal immigrants, rampant poverty and media lies are all still symptoms of a problem which, at it’s core is actually very, very easy to solve.

The core problem can be solved by getting Jews out of our business on every level. Are we one nation under God or not? At this moment we are not, because we allow atheistic, anti-Christian Jews to run the show.

So face facts, we are lying to ourselves and this is obviously not working. What lie, you ask. Well here’s one that I’m sick of:

That George Lloyd’s death is worthy of protest. Think about that. The man has been revealed to be a porn actor and wife beater. Oh, reformed of course, the liars assure us. The entire thing is nothing but a Freemason hoax, complete with hidden hands in the staged photo shoot. I will not waste my time pointing out all the evidence that the original event was another hoax. Just the fact that it’s melodramatically repeated ad nauseum should be enough. The brutal everday beatings of white people in America by every ethnic group on the planet is always silenced and therefore encouraged. Everyone who panders to Jewish Black Muslim Narcissism will not stop until they themselves become the victim of it.  That’s just a matter of time.

Will we wait for that or has the time arrived yet for complete honesty? Will we finally accept the truth after every last white person has been hunted down and beaten to a pulp? When all white children are born into sex slavery? When every town and city in America is burned to the ground by Muslims of all races both domestic and foreign?

So what’s going on here is actually a question of eugenics. The Jewish leadership is determined to destroy non-Jews. It is their stated, published, historical national, spiritual, religious goal.  Their leaders want to practice immorality, slavery, incest and pedofilia unimpeded. They have already succeeded in obliterating the very definition of morality.

The consequences are here for us to witness. We have no right to claim God’s protection, until we ensconce God’s laws into our everyday lives. Pandering to liars out of fear of the Jews is a ticket to the very hell that we live in today.

The Jews have their own nation where Christians are not allowed. So we need a nation where we can live free of Jewish Muslim subversion. Or else allow Christians a homeland someplace where we can live in freedom. I’d be the first to move there.




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