Roman Abramovich


It’s time to focus attention on this man, who recently purchased a 64 million dollar estate in Israel, according to reports.

Meanwhile, I’m reviewing some old articles and making corrections, adding information. I should warn anyone new to this blog that there are errors in my blog reports, because I’ve been groping in the dark. I’m just a researcher trying to put together a complicated puzzle of people I’ve known personally, who’ve gang stalked me my entire life, using various identities. This includes Bibi Netanyahu, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Lisa Page and more. They have left me penniless. What’s been done to me and my family is now being done to many others on a larger scale.

What I see now, that I didn’t know at the beginning is that George Soros is the Uncle of Bill and Hillary and Bibi. Carlos Slim Helou was the father of George Soros. All of the deep state are members of this drug cartel family, including Lisa Page, and they operate worldwide, with roots in Turkey.  The arrest of El Chapo, a member of this family, was the first significant domino to fall.

The brain center of the Antia/ISIS war on America probably stems from the various organizations funded by this man, Abramovich.  I haven’t published much about him because I think he and some of his helpers are neighbors of mine, and one particular helper is even perhaps now a member of my family. That’s the sad result of being gang stalked. They invade families and hijack children. That’s how world war three is played out. This should be obvious by now.

The video above demonstrates the violent source of the stolen Russian money. The same violence then is used to destabilize the world.

Lot’s of fake, staged “police brutality” scenes are being filmed by Antifa/ISIS. Examine all videos closely, especially if you’re familiar with uniforms.  These fake beatings of young black girls are then shown to young white girls to rile them up. We’ve all seen examples of these whites who’ve been manipulated this way. It’s a total freak out.

All of the techniques of manipulation being used today actually date back to the French Revolution, particularly the use of stolen military and police uniforms, the delivery of supplies, weapons and liquor/drugs to rioters, use of street barricades, traitors withon, promises of free stuff and freedom to loot. This was the program used to attack the South in what they call the Civil War. They totally depend on lies to accomplish the subjugation of society.

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