Civil War Hoax

The Civil War is somewhat of a hoax. The looting of the South by roaming hoardes of bandits did occur.  The defense of slavery by armies of Southerners did not occur. The accusation is absurd on the face of it.

If anyone thinks that continuing to lie about the Civil War is justified as a means of gaining more black votes, they are deluding themselves. I’m here to remind people that it’s the devil’s way and it will ultimately fail.

Satan creates divisions among men. Demonizing the good people of the South in an attempt to get votes will only piss God off even more, just at a time when a return to God’s full truth is the only thing that will save us.

It’s not fair to continue to falsely demonize the Christian South by accusing our ancestors of having defended slavery. No matter how many lies are printed in your Freemason textbooks, no matter how many famous cult gurus repeat the accusation, it still puts you in line with demonic forces to repeat the lies or believe them.  The false narrative of the Civil War is a lie  that provides protection and cover for present day slavery to continue.

The spirit of our Southern ancestors will not rest. They will place us under God’s protection, which we will need because these historical lies paint targets on our backs. It would just be a matter of time before those of us with roots in the South will be hunted down for slaughter and theft of our possessions by the next delusional cult who roam the halls of Congress seeking free stuff. It’s already happened to some of us in the form of gang stalking by those who accuse us falsely of being racists.

I’ve already written an article demonstrating that Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were one person. Anyone can look at the two photos and see for yourself. I’ve written about the Jewish slave trade, the bribed judge in New Orleans who allowed the Jews to establish the first slave market in Algiers, La. against the wishes of the Catholic people, and the white girls who were sold there by the Jewish and Black slave traders, specifically the case of the German Mueller girl whose court case is on record.  Al Capone was a descendant of those slave traders, and his descendants are now the deep state. This is what happens when lies are repeated: the situation worsens because lies protect and embolden the guilty.

Here’s a short video that underscores my point.

To further stress the danger, here’s an entertaining talk by Father Michel Rodrigue on the subject of God’s final judgement.

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