The Child Catcher Scene as Metaphor for Black Lives Matter

Most people today watch this scene out of context and assume it’s about pedophilia and child trafficking, but that is not even hinted at in the movie. The context of this scene is quite the opposite.

The Child Catcher is actually, in the movie, enforcing the law of Vulgaria which prohibits children because the Baron and Baroness fear and loathe children. Think of Planned Parenthood and you are much closer to what this movie is about.

Planned Parenthood enjoys complete legal protection to rip children from the womb, chop them up and sell the pieces, and they boldly prosecute anyone who dares challenge their right to do this. That’s why the Child Catcher laughs and flaunts his catch to the townspeople.  He represents the authority. The children in this scene are sent to the tower, not into sex slavery, as most people today assume.

Any kind of slavery would have been inconceivable in 1968. By contrast, today many watching this scene assume the children will be eaten after being tortured and having their blood drained for adrenochrome. Just read the comments. No one in 1968 would have assumed such things. End times indeed.

This movie is certainly about child abduction, but it’s also about what happens when adults fall for the Free Stuff Scam. We call it Socialism, Communism, Black Lives Matter, Reparations and ObamaCare, the consequence is skillfully portrayed in this scene. It’s a trap.

The point is to know that the children are us.

This has been called one of the scariest scenes ever. That’s what many people have said about world events as they stand today.

However, the next scene, Chuchi Face, is one of the funniest ways to describe the relationship of a materialistic and treacherous couple, as metaphor for the political alliance between the manipulated “protestors” and the billionaires doing the manipulating.

Like all good children’s movies, only an adult can fully appreciate it.  It reminds us that the Baron and Baroness are not so solid a force as appears. How can such treacherous people possibly have a healthy family relationship, or any kind of relationship, for that matter. This of course is their weakness, just as it is the weakness of the subversives who are taking part in the worldwide chaos called Black Lives Matter. Think of the Chuchi Face relationship as metaphor for the gullible “protestors” on one side, and the Jewish organizers on the other side.

Check out

to understand the mentality of people who don’t mind manipulating our society into total chaos and destruction.   What will happen to the manipulated puppets after the chaos is accomplished, is that they will simply be eliminated by the manipulators. The process is explained in this next lecture by Yuri Bezmenov linked below. This is essential viewing.

Keep in mind that the KGB and Communism was a Jewish operation, which helps to understand the articles in the Jewish publication linked above.



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