Sonja Henie, the Matriarch of American Dance

Mitzi Gaynor is not a character that I was familiar with on film, until I realized that Mitzi Gaynor is Agnes Moorehead is Cameron’s great grandmother and April’s grandmother. That would make her the mother of Frank Sinatra also, as a logical follow through, although I haven’t reconciled all the details yet, and still could be wrong about the precise relationships. Judging by her face and dance moves, I have no doubt that she is the same person who, as a teenager, was world famous as Sonja Henie, a champion ice skater who was tutored by the best Russian ballet dancer at the time.  Her father was a champion athlete also, and deserves credit for investing in his daughter’s training. He is said to have been a wealthy fur merchant, but I’m sure there’s much more to him than that.  You’ll notice the fur coats worn by Mitzi Gaynor are remarkable.  Sonja had one brother.

Sonja Henie answers one of my biggest questions: who was the professionally trained ballet dancer who taught the next two generations how to dance, in Loreauville.  I studied ballet, modern dance and gymnastics, so I’m aware of the correct positions and techniques of dance.  Mitzi Gaynor clearly had professional ballet training and also created some of the most beautuful and original modern jazz dance moves that I’ve ever seen, which are still copied today by lesser talents.

I’ve taken the time to review some documentaries about Sonja Henie, one of the better ones is linked above. I learned a little, considering that the archived films pertaining to her are now in the hands of some of the biggest liars and thieves ever known to creation. It’s apalling how these oligarchs, after destroying so many lives, are more than thrilled to now have the power (thanks to stolen money) to project their own vile personalities onto this extraordinary woman, and other extremely talented stage personalities in the Warner collection. I have to laugh at how obviously these oligarchs broadcast their Jewishness by accusing the 15 year old Sonja Henie of being a Nazi. Cracks me up everytime. Sonja said that she didn’t know what a Nazi was, and neither do I.

So the documentaries that were made most recently are mostly only good for examining the fakers and phonies who badmouth Sonja Henie so long after her death.  I already recognize some familiar criminal faces in one documentary, but I’ll pick up on that in another article with links. Despite the ugly insinuations of the present owners of these film rights, the skater Dorothy Hamill, who knew Sonja, is on record testifying to what a truly beautiful and kind person this woman Sonja Henie actually was.  I can see so much of April/Nancy Sinatra/Donna Summer  in the dance moves of her grandmother as the character Mitzi Gaynor.

This next movie, “The I Don’t Care Girl”  is worth watching several times. The song and dance productions are amazing. I’m just beginning to analyze it, but I wanted to share it before it’s removed from Youtube.  However, since the link is not working, the title can be searched as

“THE I DON’T CARE GIRL” Mitzi Gaynor, David Wayne,1-20-1953. (ON YOU TUBE FOR A LIMITED TIME)


The fact that the link is being censored only serves to confirm my theory.  I’ve tried several different ways to copy the link and nothing works. However, after this article was published, I saw that each attempt actually did work, though not correctly. The link shows at the end of the article, several times, but they are all the same. I am unable to correct it.

Also, I notice that in her various stage characters, she consistently throws in some references to Hungary, always throwing in the word goulash. She’s wearing what looks to be a Hungarian costume in the scene where she is listening to Larry sing “I Don’t Care As Long As You Love Me”. It’s a plaid dress rather than the traditional embroidered, but the cut seems Hungarian. Perhaps there’s someone out there who knows the significance of the plaid fabric. I’d like to know.

Something else really cute is that Sonja Henie is reported to be tbe first ice skater to wear white boots and short skirts. Sonja’s personality is so much like April, it’ll give others who didn’t know Victoria Walet (April’s true name) an idea of what she was like. Of course, the skate boots reminded me of my favorite music video, although here the boots are black,. ‘Nancy Sinatra’ was barely a teenager in this video.


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