Mathew 3:9
“And do not presume to say within yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ For I say to you that out of these stones God is able to raise up children unto Abraham.”


Safari – Jun 22, 2020 at 2:56 PM

Safari – Jun 22, 2020 at 2:55 PM

The two linked files posted above lead to screen shots of the location of the home of a neighbor named “Ray”.

The documentary linked at the end will explain why Roman Abramovich is such a dangerous person to have as a neighbor, friend, family member or foe. In my case, it’s possible that he is all of the above.  But then, I could be wrong about this.  You decide.

My phone has serious malfunctions when I try to collect information on Roman Abramovich from the internet. That may be because I get so nervous over this murderous mafia man and this somehow affects my electronics, I don’t know. His photos will not copy and paste on this device. I can’t scroll to read comments under the linked documentary.

I’m going to describe a gang stalking situation. Take a minute to watch Isaac Kappy describe his gang stalking situation here:


Try to follow as I limit this description of gang stalking to pure facts as I know them.

Ray has two or three buildings on his property, and a rainbow flag. He’s definitely creepy around my 13 year old grandson.   Ray is good friends with my son-in-law Abram. Abram looks much like Roman Abramovich, only much younger. Ray always has a mustache covering his face, but he looks and behaves like Roman Abramovich and they are the same age range. Abram grew up without his father and with a lesbian mother who I’ve never seen and shows no interest in her granddaughter now almost four years old.   Abram has one brother, whose work history also has hints of a particular notorious failed secret operation attributed to the Mossad and involving the Saudis,. but it’s too nebulous to get into.  Abram has a similar name to Abramovich as you can see.

Ray looks exactly like Roman Abramovich who looks exactly like the recent Bill Gates and they are the same age. I think Gates and Abramovich are the same person because I can study their photos. Bill Gates is reported to have a father named Raymond. Whenever I see Ray, who coincidentally has the same name as the father of Gates, he gets jumpy in a way that I think he’s afraid I might recognize him. He ducks his head and turns away from me. This made me laugh until I realized who he is, or might be.

Ray loans his vehicles to Will, a friend of Abram, and a disabled veteran. Ray has a brand new truck and lots of money.  Will has befriended my daughter, who was married to Abram, but is now separated.

Will befriends my grandson in a “good cop, bad cop” strategy with Abram who is the bad guy who  recently spilled the beans by telling me in anger that he and Will would, without a doubt, make certain that my grandson goes to jail when and if he returns from a visit to the mainland. He shouldn’t have told me that because I needed precisely that informatipn to confirm my suspicions about Will. My 13 year old grandson believes that Will is his friend because he texts him everyday. Will and Abram are both exceedingly rude to me at times and they both shame my daughter and grandson about the “fact” that I’m most certainly a crazy conspiracy theorist.

This describes a gang stalking situation wherein my family, the precious little that remains of it, are surrounded by some of the most treacherous people on the planet who will be reading this certainly. I’m up against the wall so at this point I Don’t Care.


In the above documentary, I recognize the daughter of Boris Yeltsin. I’ve posted photos of her below in a montage. She was renting an apartment from me in Costa Rica when she was the Consul for the Belgian Embassy at the time I was befriended by Lisa Abrams. Lisa Abrams, as I’ve revealed before, is the sister of Hillary Clinton. Lisa Abrams also uses elaborate theatrical make-up to become Bill Clinton. If you’re new to my blog, you’ll have to start from the beginning to get the evidence.

There is a Gates House on Main Street in New Iberia, which I suspect could be the family home of Bill Gates and could be researched further.  There actually is no Gates family known in New Iberia, only the house and the Freemason Bronze Plaque of Fake History.

“Former home of Frederick Larned Gates (1827-1897), outstanding citizen, businessman, lawyer and Civil War Veteran. He served as district judge in the 1870s and 1880s. As an early industrialist, Gates developed a cotton seed oil business which was one of the area’s major enterprises.”

And a synagoge with Gates in the name:


Smoke billows from the Congregation Gates of Prayer synagogue in New Iberia on Wednesday, April 29, 2020.


The Duran Report is based out of Cyprus, and features Alexander Mercouris, who’s face is blurry, but he reminds me of Abramovich and Ray. Notice how certain, and how pleased he is that Ukraine will continue to recieve billions of IMF money, which he points out is simply a transfer of American tax dollars into the Swiss bank accounts of “oligarchs”. It’s an interesting report, especially considering that he might be one of those oligarchs.

For an idea of what Abram looks and sounds like, watch the news anchor on TV7 Israel News, posted below.  When I asked Abram if this was his brother, before even watching it he automatically asked, “how do you know it isn’t me?”.  The obvious answer: “You are supposed to be an unemployed, disabled Army Ranger named Sandoval, not an Israeli news anchor.” Only the face looks wider than Abram, but a wide angle camera lens would do that.

TV 7 Israel News is the Jerusalem branch of Heaven TV7, a Finnish-based Christian Television Network. It broadcasts on the regular cable networks in Finland and Estonia, as well as IP TV in Sweden and Russia. In addition, TV7 Israel provides several Christian networks in the United States, Romania, Indonesia and India with daily/weekly productions. TV7 Israel also maintains an active presence on social media including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, reaching millions of potential households around the world.








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