I feel like I’m playing hooky and didn’t do my homework.

A flood of information recently leads me to analysis paralysis, unsure if what I reveal might put someone’s life in danger. Being so unsure, my solution is to retreat and watch, letting the facts digest slowly.  The story is getting into territory that’s too personal to write about publicly, with too many unverified aspects to introduce yet. I’m waiting for verification, patiently.

For one thing, I want to talk about the plaid Hungarian folk costume in the movie “ The I Don’t Care Girl”, and how it relates to the Scottish Bruce family, which became established in Eastern Europe during a 2000 year period. The Q drops have been coming in fast and I would like to analyze them. There’s the question of flags and national boundaries that needs to be addressed. There are passages in the Bible that relate to Q posts which could be written about. What exactly does “Old Glory” mean? The US flag is not very old, but the term “Old Glory” is in the Bible, translated as “Glorious Elders”. Within that passage, the captured prisoners in the pit are discussed, but what does it mean?
There are a million details in the movies I’ve linked that are interesting enough to write books about. There’s the question of the Romanov family within those movies. Who stole their property and will that property be confiscated from the thieves and returned to the rightful heirs, and how will this affect Russia and America? This leads to Constantinople and the Hagia Sophia, a huge topic that also relates to the Bruce and the Romanovs, which appears to be one and the same family whose seat of power was Constantinople for a very long time.


And then there’s the weather in China, where the powerful flooding, diseases and locusts could lead to world famine which may not affect America, thanks to the Trump Team.

And there’s the question of masks to keep humans from healthy interaction. How long before the volcano of trapped human emotions finally explodes? What is it about human love and kindness that threatens Globalists to such an extent?

World War Three is playing in the background while love stories still manage to unfold. It’s this unfolding that assures us of victory.

There comes a point when attending to our own personal growth and close relationships needs to happen. When the right people are willing and able to form alliances, then the big game is won. The question is, are we each brave enough to overcome the ‘ridicule’?  If not, then worse ridicule awaits the liar and the  coward, once the tables are completely turned, and they are turning fast.  Soon enough, those who ridiculed us, will be the ones who look ridiculous.  It’s time to get on board the Truth Train.

The consequences of telling the truth won’t be so awful as the consequences of continued lying.  All that’s needed is the courage to say, “I don’t care what anybody thinks of me”, as long as I know I’m speaking the truth and being faithful to God and my earthly allies. Without truth and trust in God, how can we expect to win? If the enemy threatens us, let God handle that.



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