Hot August

Now anyone can accuse me of lying and inventing convenient memories that enhance my story line. So far I haven’t done that, haven’t needed to. and haven’t even written some of the best stuff. I’m actually trying not to embarrass anyone but myself and those guilty of terrible crimes.

Any random thought or emotion that I remember from years ago isn’t critical to the outcome for most people anyway.  What does matter is that we’re capable of forgiveness. What’s important is laughing at ourselves and our failures, picking up what’s left of the disasters that might be our lives and turn it all into a good tale to tell.  And it is a very good tale that will have a happy ending and already has had lots of exciting, dangerous adventures.

The tale will be told tomorrow. Today I write the truth.

As to my knowledge, no more than a handful of people read these posts regularly anyway. A number of those have become dear friends, though we rarely ever speak personally, or not at all. Maybe our spirit guides consult with each other. If my stats are censored, I don’t know by how much so I prefer to think that they are correct as is, in the low twenties at best. It’s quality not quantity that I value in readership.

Q assured us that August would be a hot month and we know it’s the truth. The aftermath of the blast at the shipping port in Beirut shows strange after effects.  Interesting to note what was affected only by the energy pulse, and not the fire. What is damaged and what isn’t.

hole in the ground has extended the bay into the land next to the blasted silos.  That round hole is consistent with video of analysis showing a beam flash of light from the sky downward, and the blast came up next to where the beam landed.  The entire port and warehouses are demolished. The grain silo is destroyed. Trump says that US Generals agree that this has the character of an attack. Who has this technology? Who gains? Who loses? Other similar explosions are reported in China and Iran.




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