Eugenics: Blacks, Jews and Deadly Vaccines

If you research eugenics, you’ll get the impression that it was an evil concept created by White Christian types called “Germans”, designed to rid the world of Blacks and Jews. Of course this isn’t true.

German Christians aren’t a threat to me or anyone, but the head of the World Health Organization is a Black man with a plan to force deadly vaccines on the entire world, and anyone who refuses will face dire consequences, including other black people. We’re already seeing this happen to people who refuse to wear the deadly and oppressive face masks that are mandated thanks to this representative of an allegedly oppressed race. To complete the picture, poisonous vaccine patent owners are all Jewish. We’re supposed to be too stupid to find anything contradictory in what we’re told by these alleged victims of the rest of us allegedly evil White Christian types.

Any nonbelievers will simply be whisked away to “Quarantine Centers”, and when it’s all over, the Professional Victims will update their school textbooks to throw the blame on Christians and Americans. It’s standard procedure.

This next video explains how our own human DNA has been labeled a DEADLY CORONA VIRUS by the same people who claim that because the rest of us are trying to genocide them, they deserve to have a nation where we aren’t allowed to live. These Professional Victims claim that their Victimhood entitles them to take everyone else’s livelihood, health and happiness, in addition to having their very own exclusive nation where they can exempt themselves from the suicidal regulations and mandates forced on the rest of us.


What use is “Bombshell Information” to members of a suicidal cult?


TAP:BOMBSHELL: WHO Coronavirus PCR Test Primer Sequence is Found in All Human DNA — ukgovernmentwatch

The above video explains how the Corona Virus is actually not a virus at all, but is actually human DNA, Chromosome 18 to be exact. Therefore we all will test positive for a symptomless “disease”. Never mind that a ‘disease’ without symptoms is NO DISEASE.

The problem that we face is the result of an ongoing Eugenics program that favors a population of idiots. I’m not talking about people born with the usual obvious handicaps. I’m talking about the ones who appear to be normal humans with important jobs, but who are actually severely affected by the cult brainwashing experience that is our everyday lives.

These cult victims have enough intelligence to do things like, for example, design a phone with autocorrect that automatically turns correct spelling into incorrect spelling, and makes the spelling options jump around so that we always end up typing a word that we never intended to type. This effectively slows us down to their level. Below this functional but irritating intellectual level is the population that would simply die out naturally if not for welfare and the Nanny State. Their survival often impoverishes productive workers, which is deemed acceptable because it’s so important to Pirate Politics that the incompetent and lazy continue to thrive for the purpose of vote harvesting.

Will the world be destroyed by the functionally stupid who refuse to question what they are told? Have governments around the world succeeded in creating a suicidal population of 8 billion humans who will walk off a cliff if told that their health depends on it?

“21 Aug 2020 1:31 pm
Alan Vaughn says:
It’s no ‘Bombshell’ to most of us here, it’s more like a ‘no brainer’. Posting that kind of information here and on similar blogs and websites is an exercise in futility anyway – preaching to the choir.
We all know this stuff about the scamdemic and its sinister agenda.
Our biggest challenge is to somehow move this vital information to somewhere we can preach it all to the obedient, sleep-walking masked zombies. (Most of the public).

“21 Aug 2020 2:11 pm
tapnewswiremember says:
You mean they are testing to find out if we are human?

No, they’re testing to see to what extent Stupid People are capable of controlling Smart People. This is a Eugenics operation, only the goal is NOT to create a superior race, it’s to make everyone just as stupid and genetically inferior as the Pirates who control the Eugenics operation.

Imagine the money that these clinically insane billionaires plan to pocket, and all they have to do is sicken and sterilize around 8 billion people to “earn” the money.

The real reason is far less complicated than anyone can imagine. The goal is for the Pirates to force their culture on the rest of us. Their’s is a world of abuse, slavery, deadly competition, broken families, homelessness, children without supervision, pornography, snuff films, cancer, assassins, and subjugation of women. Pirate Politicians love these things.

I am certain that Covid 19 is being put to productive use by White Hats for gathering up unsuspecting pirates, but until that’s verified, I’ll continue to help educate my reader friends by researching and passing on information.

The real crisis is that there are so many morally corrupt people who accept the toxic culture that Elite Pirates enjoy so much. I’m with the person who is hoping that they all take the vaccine, sorry to have to say it, but it’s either us or them. The other option is to build a wall to keep out people who love vulgarity, violence, lies and stupidity. That has been tried before and it did allow for survival for at least 1000 years. I love castles, doesn’t everyone?

The Kremlin, built by and for Christians as a safe place, long, long ago.
Rajasthan, India.

Castles were built as defense against pirates. Today castles are all occupied by pirate families who lie a lot. “Castles are a staple of world history, particularly European history, as several of them still stand today. The earliest parts of these ancient castles were built as fortresses to protect the area’s people against invading armies [actually pirates] Killyleagh Castle is the main attraction in the small village of Killyleagh in Northern Ireland. The oldest parts of the castle date back to 1180 and it is believed to be the oldest castle in the country.
Human Chromosome 18 is what Corona Virus tests deem to be “positive”.

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