British Police Actually Arresting Criminals Has People Scratching Heads Wondering Why

I wanted to comment on this you tube video:

The like button and replies aren’t working for me, I’ve noticed the same with subscribe buttons on certain channels also. Someone is super scared, otherwise why censor?

Not sure if the censorship is from my own phone or from the website. It’s nothing new that my phone malfunctions whenever I express an opinion that would threaten the social media mafia. It only reminds me of how fragile the control mechanism actually is. If it worked, no one would ever even have a dissenting opinion in the first place.

Often I’ve had to leave off editing my articles and just publish with minor errors because the interference is too much. This is how the pirate morons pretend they are smarter than the rest of us.

The comments by people who live in the UK are all about the fact that child abductions, child rape and grooming gangs of immigrant criminals have been allowed to flourish because there is no cash reward for busting them, and mostly because Muslims in general are there specifically for the purpose of destroying the British people. With their Prince Michael of Kent being the head also of the Islamic Revolutionary Army, this is no surprise.

The British police are now famous for protecting criminal gangs, so the comment section is pondering this strange occurrence that a gang of thieves has actually been arrested. The conclusion is that the police needed the money that was seized, due to the lack of tax revenue as a result of the virus hoax.

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