To Reveal Or Not To Reveal: Q

The entire purpose of this blog space has always been to reveal the truth as I become aware of it. Like everyone else, I believe lies, for awhile. Then as I become enlightened I correct my errors, as soon as possible.

The fun thing about revealing identities is that all the proof is available for anyone with eyes to see. I don’t need to bring anything to court or get approval or confirmation on most of these characters. All anyone has to do is look.

On the other hand, my personal relationship with a few of the identities can’t actually be proven by the general public. Only the other person can verify my claim and that’s not likely to happen.

For example, that Brigitte Macron was my stepmother back in the 1970’s, or that I knew Vladimir Putin briefly in college, both of which can be verified to a degree, but not easily. I can even claim truthfully that the man named ‘Donald Trump’ invited me to his Senior prom, but only he can verify that and I don’t expect him to, so I only mention it here to make a point. The point being that some of what I write can only be verified by the person in question, not by face comparison. That’s why I try to keep to a minimum anything that the general public can’t see for themselves, and that’s working so far.

But now I’m venturing out of that safe space.

I created this blog to be a holy space, under the protection of God and with the good graces of the Virgin Mother. Therefore, I take the attitude that Divine timing is at play, and that if God is ready to reveal something to me, then it’s the right time for me to reveal it to others. If the timing has been perfect, it’s because it wasn’t exactly my timing. This entire project has been like a prayer, and so it’s also a record of several miracles happening along the way.

When I had trouble making a decision on certain revelations, I took a break. My followers may have noticed. The responsibility is heavy for me. The stress destroyed my health for awhile but I’m now completely recovered and back to my normal energy level.

The stress is because these are people I’ve known personally. For example, John Brennan, in his hometown identity, I’ve known to be a nice person. Not perfect for sure, none of us are, but I feel compassion for him and the situation he was born into, which gave him little choice as to career path. I’ll change my mind if something is revealed that I didn’t know, but I’m going with my direct experience.

As for my stepmother, I’m more than happy to see her go down to GITMO. Definitely not a nice person.

As these towers tumble, the riots and mayhem on the streets increase. The important thing though, is that the towers are tumbling, and the big name pirates are dropping out of the picture one by one.

The more they tumble, the more they talk about Q. That’s the fun part.

Now that Q is being mentioned by the News Liars, it’s expected that professional rioters will start pretending to be Q “followers” and they’ll start committing crimes to discredit the “movement”.

We expect this because professional liars called ‘journalists’ are publicly flipping out over Q. That seems odd doesn’t it? Why should they care about an anonymous post on a random message board?

There are 2 billion websites now, with thousands being added as I type. It’s a mind boggling number. The Q posts appear on just one of them, and Q posts are just a fraction of the posts on that website. By all logic and common sense, there’s no reason why anything as powerful as the news networks should be concerned about Q posts. But they are.

The reason why they’re flipping out is because their bosses probably know who Q is. This is likely, considering that the military generals of just about every nation are using several identities in several countries, so there’s no such thing as ‘National Security’ or secrecy for anyone. Q has been confirmed to be a military operation by a US military representative on an obscure podcast which is still being posted on Twitter. So what is it about Q that’s bothering the Pirates?

Q posts lead me to understand that all the madness on the streets and social media is controlled chaos, allowed to happen so that people can see for themselves exactly how bad things can get when certain groups are given leeway. Then at some point most of the trouble makers will be arrested and sanity returns. I’m not privy to the strategy sessions. That’s why I worried that I might mess things up for their show.

One thing I mentioned before is that I’d figured out the identity of Q. I can’t prove it so I didn’t want to write it, but I’m getting bored with riot and flood disaster videos so I’ll admit that I think Q is my old acquaintance from college, the one who called himself Cy. Now only those people who’ve followed my articles closely know that I found him to be calling himself Vladimir Putin today.

Am I correctly identifying Q? I can’t verify it for my readers or myself, only he could do that and I don’t expect that to happen. It doesn’t matter either, just as long as the children are rescued and the towers keep tumbling. After all, there’s nothing more valuable than a modest, sane life, and that is what I already have. I pray that God will reward all my fellow researchers and truth seekers with the same happiness that I have had since knowing that the world is now, more and more, in good hands, with honest leaders and loyal military doing their jobs.

The rest of it is just theatrics while the slave industry is being shut down, I hope. Let’s not stop praying though, just in case.

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