Crypto Currency Mining Infrastructure is Flooding in China: 3 Gorges Dam is Slightly Overtopped

In China, crypto currency mining farms are already flooding.

Over 70% of blockchain bitcoin mining was taking place in China as of 2018. This is important to know especially since U.S. Postal Service control of Presidential elections depends upon #blockchain technology even as China’s blockchain infrastructure becomes flooded.

“the devastation that this flooding has unleashed upon a major bitcoin mining location may not have much of a permanent impact on the overall supply chain…miners in China have been looking to diversify the centers of their mining operations, setting up shop in other countries such as Iran to take advantage of other sources of cheap energy. 

“other nations worldwide have also set up a variety of extremely sophisticated renewable mining facilities, including Iran.”

Simple handwritten ballots are frightening to worldwide criminal politicians.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has filed a patent application to use blockchain technology to streamline and secure mail-in voting.

The ‘Secure Voting System’ patent application, published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office last week, describes how the same technology that supports bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could be used to “track and secure the vote by mail system”.

Although the United States Postal Service is a government operation, many of its services are contracted out to major corporations that are actually internationally owned, and can change controlling hands at any time.

Postal Service Contracts Surge to Nearly $16B in Fiscal 2018

March 8, 2019 12:00 AMBy Paul Murphy

  • Competitor FedEx Is also USPS’s top contractor
  • Highway, air transport markets dominate contract spending

“The U.S. Postal Service’s commercial spending grew to $15.9 billion in fiscal 2018 from $15 billion in fiscal 2017, Bloomberg Government’s USPS Contracts Dashboard shows.”

Three Gorges Dam has water spilling over the top, which can barely be seen in the live cam video posted below. Video includes second hand report that an inspector walked the top of the dam in rubber boots. He had to walk in several centimeters of water to complete the inspection.

This report admittedly cannot be verified, but this man does not seem to be a sensationalist.

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