The Coming of the Divine Feminine: Maria

Icon of Mary with a sword in her heart symbolizes the broken world that we live in today. It also tells us how to heal the world through a return to sincerity in our relationships.

A video was just posted today on YouTube by Lars Muhl, who I didn’t know before. It’s about an icon that he came across in Damascus, called the Icon of the Broken Heart. He even includes an early photograph of Dr. Carl Jung, in relation to the supernatural events surrounding this icon and the Song of Maria that he received through inspiration.

Today also, it came to my attention that single mothers have the shortest average lifespan of all. Single mothers can also be married, in the sense that husbands can neglect their responsibilities toward their wives and children. Society in general has overloaded the feminine with too many demands, and not enough recognition for what the feminine offers. The raising of children, when done correctly, is so demanding of energy, and when that energy becomes depleted and isn’t replenished, certainly the exhaustion would lead to early death.

The same can be said regarding the women who care for the community, those who search for truth and reveal it, those who view the entire world as their family and responsibility. The divine masculine is the only one who can replenish the exhausted feminine, according to God’s plan. The war on the family is all about exhausting good women and allowing men to avoid responsibilities with no negative social consequences. This can certainly bring down a nation. Replenishment of the feminine energy is what can heal the world: the subject of this simple video.

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