World Leaders

An interview with Putin appeared on the Kremlin official website today. I have always been supportive
of Putin, but some of this is just too much.

Who do these people think they are? At what point will people rise up and hang these arrogant politicians? I certainly don’t want to see things get to that point, so I write this not to encourage the hanging of politicians, but to encourage politicians to stop doing things that make people want to hang them.

The problem with politicians is that they get their paychecks no matter what. And that’s the least of their privileges. Certainly this exemption from consequences is why politicians choose to be politicians. Maybe I’m getting grouchy from having too little good food to eat, not having transportation and seeing my savings dwindle to nothing, my life shut down, my options nil, my privacy completely invaded. Or maybe my patience is running out waiting for a situation to improve that simply will never improve unless God steps in with a tumbling tower moment for a privileged few.

Why should the restrictive situation improve? Until politicians feel hunger, there can be no change for the rest us. When will politicians ever feel hunger, humiliation and scorn, like the rest of us? When God steps in, as is happening in China, or when people are ready to hang politicians, that’s when.

Between the politicians and the media, the two have managed to ghost the entire world.

Why make improvements when you can just ignore people, control the media, lie about the failures, evade tough questions with false information, false identities and false evidence?

Link to Kremlin interview:

In regard to the pandemic hoax, listen to these two condemn the general public for having no discipline. The hypocrisy is world class.

Sergei Brilyov: The situation is getting worse in Europe, more cases are being recorded. 

Vladimir Putin: Of course, it is obvious, if we consider that it is the holiday season, and there are many people on the beaches and crowds in bars and restaurants. 

Sergei Brilyov: No discipline.

Vladimir Putin: Yes, of course. All this individualism and a reluctance to respect the interests of an overwhelming majority of society members leads to an outbreak and a relapse that we are witnessing in some countries. I hope that, first of all, this will not happen, and that Europe and other parts of the world will cope with the situation…

So says the man who does not own a bar or restaurant.

Do we elect politicians so that they can tell us whether or not to go the beach and restaurants? Is it the function of elected officials to tell us that we should design our lives to suit the crowd? Is this what the Romanov family was assassinated and chased away for, their property stolen, their history and religion erased? If the pandemic weren’t a hoax, mask wearing and other restrictions should still remain individual choice

Now for contrast, watch this other man who is not an elected world leader, but probably should be. He’s a straight talker in a way that only a Swede can be. Are you a Covid Denier, too? Does Merkle have a fine or punishment planned for Covid Deniers like myself and this intelligent, independent thinking man with a sense of humor?

The privileged Angela Merkle wants to take people’s money from them for not wearing masks. Is she so concerned for our health? Of course not. Masks are deadly and they know it. Are they concerned about the families who own restaurants? No more than the concern shown for the Romanovs and so many others who escaped Communism and had to settle in America. They left behind their farms and property, property which has not benefited the people after all, though it does make Lukashenko, and a few others, wealthy and powerful dictators. Does God forget the injustice? I don’t think so. The scales of justice remain to be balanced

What can possibly be wrong with going to a beach in summer? House arrest and travel restriction is mandated by politicians who are exempt. This level and degree of dictation is far beyond anything that allegedly occurred in the past by any Romanov or other family whose property is now in the hands of Muslim and atheist dictators.

What is actually dangerous to the public health is an enormous bloated and arrogant government. Everyone’s health would improve if we didn’t have to carry the burden of the bureaucracy. Here’s an example of what kind of thinking happens when precedence is placed on exporting the nations resources to support the bureaucracy which then supports the people with the leftovers:

Sergei Brilyov: And oil costs $46 once again.

Vladimir Putin: It would be better if it cost more…

Who is actually lacking discipline here?

Suppose that, instead of using big oil exports to support the people through a bloated bureaucracy, the gas prices were allowed to remain low. Wouldn’t this allow independent entrepreneurs to earn their own profit without having to filter commerce through a bunch of unnecessary politicians and bureaucrats? But that would encourage independence and this is a threat to world leaders who depend upon our compliance with their every mandate. I doubt that I’m the only person who is this angry right now.

The combination of world leaders and world media in their efforts to ghost the rest of us is enough to throw any normal person into either anger or depression. How is this healthy?

The media does their best to distort anything said by anyone. Somehow the rest of us have to make sense of politicians responding to media lies, which then leads to more media lies about the response to their lies. If the politicians don’t respond to media lies, they are condemned for not responding. Where’s the truth in all of this?

Q said that August would be a hot month and it’s true that people are getting burning mad at the entire political/media fiasco. Burning politicians at the stake may not be what Q had in mind.

The interview wasn’t totally bad. The issue of Russian support for Lukashenko against the Belarusians is clarified as to be used only in case the peaceful demonstrations are infiltrated by professional rioters, arsonists and looters.

However, no world leader worthy of the name should be repeating media disinformation that encourages rioters and violence anywhere. Russian and American people are not in competition nor are we enemies, though the politicians might be. Russia does not become a better place by making America look bad. The politicians and the media need to stop the petty comparisons between America and Russia. It’s childish and only gives joy to the enemies of both great nations.

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