The Gabor Szabo Question: Bruce Willis or Not?

The man called Gabor Szabo has more photos, letters and memorabilia than anyone else in Arlene’s 1950-60’s era collection. I have his albums but no turntable, so I was glad to find his music posted on YouTube linked below, and had a comment box chitchat with the uploader who was skeptical about my claim that this man is also the actor called Bruce Willis. He encouraged me to post the evidence.

This article doesn’t include the letters because it would take forever to upload. Here I submit some of the photo evidence that I have, with one handwriting sample.

Bruce Willis photos online omit his younger photos, which are the ones I’m publishing, if it’s him. I think so. Gabor Szabo is shown in some photos with other people who became famous movie stars later. His letters are all about his search for acting jobs and his disgust with what Hollywood had become. Other letters from other friends had the same theme of how they disliked Hollywood and the unions which had taken control.

You’ll recognize the face of at least one future movie star celebrity. Gabor Szabo was called Zabo or Szab by Arlene. Arlene, in case you are new to this blog, is the daughter of Disney artist Charles Nichols, and the mother of Bibi Netanyahu. Her nieces are the Clintons. She was good at turning men into women and vice versa, as a makeup artist for movies and political shenanigans. This is why I say that her nieces are Bill and Hillary Clinton. They are daughters of her sister Myrna who married Chet, the man who I believe is the brother of George Soros. For a long time I thought Chet was George Soros himself. They are both members of the Carlos Slim Helou family, but this article is about Szab.

I started researching the name ‘Gabor’ a bit more, and opened up a Pandora’s Box of connections that fit the usual pattern: The Hungarian connection, the Gabor sisters with a Dean Martin and Elizabeth Taylor (my father and mother) connection, and evidence of Szabo being a targeted individual after which his friends reported (in letters that are part of Arlene’s collection) that his personality had undergone a change. Something not mentioned prevented Arlene from marrying him, though they were obviously in love. He was married with a daughter, living around LA, but going through a separation and difficulties.

I read so many of his letters that I developed a sort of bond with this Szab fellow who seemed like a simple, honest nice guy who was being targeted severely. Car accidents, trouble finding work despite his talent and efforts, relationship challenges, etc.

One of Szabo’s albums posted online.
Photos of Szabo visiting Arlene in Hawaii.
He became muscular working out at the gyms owned by Hoffman and Terry Hunt, covered in previous articles. These gyms were early mafia strongholds, which parallels the situation in Russia also.
He signs his name Zabo.
These weightlifting contests were part of the early steroid fad, as well as the earliest efforts at data collection through mail order companies selling supplements and steroids.
Zabo and Arlene Nichols. She made two photo albums dedicated to Zabo.
I found this and the next two photos online.
Another possible man who we think to be a woman: Demi Moore, who allegedly has children with Bruce Willis.
This is Szabo before he began weightlifting.
And after. A previously published photo of Zabo shows him making a 666 symbol with his fingers for a cover photo on a weightlifting magazine.
Born in Budapest, Hungary, just as the Gabor sisters: Eva, Zha Zha and Magda. I haven’t yet found mention of these sisters in his correspondence.
All of his albums are titled with the theme of witchcraft.
One of the earliest photos of Bruce Willis that I could find online.

These are later photos found online of Bruce Willis.

Jennifer Aniston has always looked like a man trying to look like a woman to me.
This Demi Moore connection leads to Ashton Kutcher which leads to child trafficking connections.

So the evidence is here, to be judged by the eye of each person who sees it. You decide.

12 thoughts on “The Gabor Szabo Question: Bruce Willis or Not?

  1. Do you see the rounded shoulders of “Demi Moore”, the narrow hips? Oh, gosh! See the Adam’s Apple?
    That is a man! More importantly is the move by Big Brother,( remember him?) to remove all individualality, including sex gender, to reduce our vocabulary to guttural monologues syllables. ( Guess what “Newspeak” of 1984, Big Brother game is called now?…political correctness) let us not ponder why the Covid masks..Heck! Big Brother and his (its) telescreens was all about sushhing everyone up..cant have a destruction of Dystopia from the inside if no one can speak, right? Shhhh!


    1. You nailed it. This mask thing is beyond creepy, with the witch-hunt aspect. Only a psychotic culture could conceive of it; people who revel in crowd manipulation as a cultural norm, using the same evil tactics generation after generation, with ever more deadly consequences.


      1. I “nail it” often. What I do best is ask questions. Nestled in each of my questions is my own theocratic and theoretical answer.( if that makes sense)
        One question I have for you is this: what do you know?
        I study many of your postings, often without comment, but nonetheless, I find you most interesting if not ontological even.
        You once said that you have always heard that the Red Sea ( Mar Rouge ) was in America.
        It is true. It was a body situate between The mainland of America ( called as early as 1700 as New Mexico…Nouv de Mexique..) and an Island off the mainland, the original California, which has disappeared from the earth. San Francisco and notably San Diego was on this Island. Most of America before the colonists of 1776 were Catholic- Spanish and French.
        This means that America was well populated before the English arrived and the dreamers of expanding West were murderous and evil.
        Equally important as the Mar Rouge, is the silent, whispered and haunting question: what in Heaven’s name is going on?

        If we find out what really went on, we should know what is going on.

        There is an evil on this planet that defies any definition except the Biblical one: Genesis 3:15

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Homer, I just found this excellent comment of yours that I failed to approve because I didn’t see it. Herodotus gave a description of Atlantis that fits this scenario that there was a large sea in the center of America (USA), Herodotus says that the entrance to this sea was covered with mud during a cataclysmic event, so that no one could get to anymore. Sounds like Louisiana to me. Look closely at the landscape under the water of the Gulf of Mexico, and it really looks like there was a waterfall at one time, and this would have been at some very ancient time. The Sea People would have arrived at the Mediterranean in massive numbers during something like that. The Bible speaks of the merchants of Tarshish, just so happens that South Louisiana has the Bayou Teche, so similar in sound. I love speculating on this subject.


      3. Yes, my friend, there was apparently a waterfall there where the Gulf of Mexico. Very interesting indeed! My old maps show small islands in that Gulf between the mainland and Cuba. You mentioned Tarshish. ( Tartaria?) It is interesting to note that Tarshish was named in the old Testament…translated to Tarshish, before it actually became a seaport, ( scholars tell me) I am familiar with Bayou Teche and it warrants my attention.😀


      4. I think Tartaria is a different place. Tarsish, Teche, Tyre and Etruria I think are the same, and it’s accepted that the Greeks were also the Etrurians. Taco, Texas, Aztec, are the s=c variants. Greek word #5110 is tokos meaning usury. Perhaps this is why God destroyed them? Toichos #5109 means wall. There’s so much more to this.


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