Complex PTSD: A Result of Being Targeted By Government Agencies

The most responded to article that I’ve posted here is the one dealing with the lifetime torture of being targeted by a government agency. It’s not just childhood trauma or war that can result in Complex PTSD. The same symptoms can be from long term adult trauma, such as being a victim of government sponsored targeting.

Whether a target of an agent of government or not, trauma can result from dealing with the huge population of selfish and narcissistic people that atheistic society creates. These people are exemplified in the Black Lives Matter group, but they are also other places , nurtured by distorted government sponsored social institutions. Narcissists generally use what are called “relationships” to abuse and torment nice people. True Christian teaching focuses on a healthy humility, not pride.

Complex PTSD can result from twenty years of being humiliated for no reason and insulted by your children’s school staff, or any school or medical staff, because government institutions in general are relentlessly abusive. The worst of the abuse, in my experience has been by police and secret agents posing as friends and husbands and this needs to be addressed in more detail.

If I were engaged in real crime, and as a result had unpleasant dealings with law enforcement, then the situation would be logical and reasonable. Resisting arrest logically brings about an unpleasant experience. There’s no trauma involved. But if I haven’t broken any law, and in fact support law enforcement and find myself treated like a criminal for no reason, then the result, over the long term is certainly Complex PTSD.

There’s no logic to the targeted situation, no closure, no justice that allows one to leave it all behind. I know from experience, and more people are experiencing the same problem. Here’s a recently posted video of a very nice pregnant woman having her home invaded and being handcuffed in front of her husband and young children by Australian police, because she made a social media post that they didn’t like:

Some people are unknowingly targeted by CIA/Mossad type operations and this can leave one devastated, probably similar to childhood abuse or being trafficked.

All spy agencies, by nature, are abusive, all of them. Even the best of operatives are trained to befriend and then “ghost” the friend. My most recent ghosting by an agent of a US spy agency happened within the past two months.
Probably this happened because it doesn’t take me long to figure out someone’s true identity in a witness protection program. In other words, this is not a bad person, but the ghosting is standard procedure, in this case as a means of his/her own self preservation. It’s still somewhat traumatic since it helps to cement the pattern of failure, and a sense of being worthless, which is the goal of ghosting a target.

Anyone interested in the subject should read the CIA help-wanted posting for “Targeting Officers”. Dual citizens can apply.

It’s made to appear that only foreigners and terrorists are the subject of targeting operations. By now my readers know that the terrorists (IPhone refuses to autocomplete the word ‘terrorist’) have been government insiders for a long time. That’s why you and I are targeted by dual citizens working as Targeting Officers for the CIA, and that’s just one of many, many spy agencies who hire foreigners, just in the USA.

Here’s the job posting, cut and pasted, because it’s critical to understanding how real the situation is:


As a Targeting Officer for the CIA, you will identify the people, relationships, and organizations having access to the information needed to address the most critical US foreign intelligence requirements and find opportunities to disrupt terrorist attacks, illegal arms trade, drug networks, cyber threats, and counterintelligence threats.

Targeting Officers are integral to the planning and implementation of Directorate of Operations (DO) foreign intelligence collection, counterintelligence, and covert action operations. You will combine specialized training, advanced analytic skills, the most sophisticated analytic tools available, and in-depth knowledge and experience in DO operational tradecraft to identify new opportunities for DO operational activity and to enhance ongoing operations.

Many Targeting Officers spend much of their career serving in the Washington, DC area with opportunities for overseas travel. Opportunities for Targeting Officers to serve multi-year postings overseas exist, but these positions are competitive.

All DO officers are hired at an entry level and train as they are expected to work – as one team. DO officers begin their careers spending one to two years learning the foundations of clandestine operational tradecraft via classroom training, practical exercises, and on-the-job experience gained through a series of interim assignments. Following successful completion of the foundational training, each DO officer will transition into advanced training activity to prepare them to serve effectively in their respective career occupational specialty.

This position requires a 5-year Contract Term Agreement. Learn more about the Contract Term Agreement.


The Directorate of Operations (DO) strengthens national security and foreign policy objectives through the clandestine collection of human intelligence (HUMINT), and by conducting covert action as directed by the President. Learn more about the Directorate of Operations.

I don’t believe that everyone who works in a spy agency is necessarily a bad person. I hope not anyway, because it’s the decent ones who I hope will some day get the message and do something about the problem. Who else can?

The really bad operatives do much worse than ghosting a target out of fear of being discovered. The criminal ones do things like marrying the target bigamously then doing horrible things to the target and their family, ruining their reputation and even murdering parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings. Then they ghost you.

This type of operation can continue over a long period of time, an entire adult lifetime even. Some targets don’t suffer so much. The lucky ones only end up impoverished, unemployable and shunned, for no logical reason, and with neither explanation nor closure. Others commit suicide or become drug addicted, homeless and isolated. The result for the target is devastating.

Here’s the rundown of “symptoms” listed in the video. I’ve added my own comments in brackets. I call these consequences, not symptoms. This is because most, not all of the list denotes logical behavior modification for survival, not necessarily mental illness. I suspect that the powerful spy agencies are responsible for labeling this a ‘mental illness’ rather than logical behavior modification for survival. Some people have good intuition and an acute awareness of what’s actually going on. This is the opposite of mental illness.

Sherlaya posts-

1. A feeling that nothing is safe

2. We can never relax

3. Can’t really sleep & wake up early

4. Appalling self-image [This can be the realization that all compliments are nothing more than manipulative flattery designed to make the inevitable future ghosting even more devastating.]

5. Drawn to highly unavailable people [A targeted person is surrounded by highly unavailable professional spies who prevent sincere people from approaching the target, or who waste the targets time over a long period, or at critical moments when connecting with others is super important.]

6. Sickened by people who want to be cozy with us [Sub conscious or conscious realization that ‘coziness’ is a precursor to betrayal]

7. Prone to loose temper very badly

8. Highly paranoid [This is how a targeted person appears to others who don’t believe that targeting exists]

9. Other people seem dangerous so we like to be alone [Some other people are dangerous to a target. It’s much easier to be alone, but that is a decision forced upon us.]

10. Life feels exhausting [Because constantly being sabotaged is exhausting]

11. We’re not spontaneous [No joke.]

12. Attempt to find security through various things like money, fame or overwork. [A targeted person can kiss money and fame goodbye. The only other option is overwork, but that can turn into exhaustion]

This was posted one day ago and has 435 upvotes, 37 replies on YouTube. Amazing.

I’ve added comments in brackets that apply to the adult person targeted by government agencies, because we would have slightly different behavior modification than the ones listed, but certainly a feeling of being unsafe is one of them. And why not, because a targeted person is actually in danger, whether or not it can be proven.

Complex PTSD is the type of post-trauma behavior that a person develops as a result of long term trauma and stress. Like most information about PTSD, it does not mention that targeting by government spy agencies can be the source of one’s own behavior modification. Childhood trauma, neglect, abuse and war situations are the standard, accepted causes of PTSD.

Basically, the target is forced to become what they are not. For example, a naturally kind and loving person learns to stop being kind and loving because it always leads to either being ghosted or taken advantage of. This much is obvious.

Over the long term, as the years pass, I find myself waking up in the morning with terror that the next person I have to deal with will certainly humiliate and sabotage me, no matter how nice they seem to be at the moment. This is not an illness. It’s only logical to come to this expectation, because there’s no other experience to call upon. I am aware that not everyone has these negative experiences.

The final conclusion by the experts is that Complex PTSD is a result of a lack of love. Certainly.

Is there a cure? The cure, according to so many experts in psychology and everyone else is to learn to love oneself. That’s not what anyone really wants to hear, obviously. The whole point of love is that it goes from one person to another. This love helps us to find the good in ourselves, and when it’s returned then two people can more easily love themselves. If someone else’s love is simply not available, then yes, a stretch needs to be made. This is the challenge. However, for me, the stretch is helped by always remembering that God loves me. He made me because he loves me and has a plan for me. The psychologist usually fails to mention this.

I don’t jive with the concept that self love is a solution to being abused by narcissistic institutional agents whose problem is that they love themselves to the exclusion of everyone else. It’s kind of ridiculous. Certainly we can maintain self respect in the face of their abuse, but I am comfortable with the knowledge of God’s love for me. I also feel the love of my spirit guides who allow me to intuit what I need to know. Knowing that I have that love is precisely what makes being alone better than being with phony people who sabotage my efforts. This is healthy behavior modification.

But wouldn’t it be better if these evil government institutions didn’t exist at all and never trained another person in their vicious craft?

I like the song “Singing in the Rain”, not just because it’s my (Daddy) Deedee doing the singing about my Mom, but because the words have helped me understand how mutual love operates to lift our spirits and helps us appreciate ourselves in a healthy way. And if there’s no mutual love, then there’s always lots of great old movies to lift our spirits and remind us that at one time, good people were in control, and can be again.

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