Lukashenko and Mongolia

Lukashenko is in trouble. Like governments everywhere, he’s broke because there are no limits to the burden that governments are allowed to place on children and their children’s children, etc. The payback period is infinite, but the money spending is now, no limits.

The main occupation of most nation leaders is loan shopping. This is a nice way of saying that they put their own people into ’Bondage’. Selling bonds is a nice way to say that we are sold as slaves in exchange for bogus paper currency which is then used by the slave masters to purchase our land, resources and businesses.

Lukashenko could have sold his captured slaves to either China’s Communist Party or Putin’s Russia. For a variety of reasons Lukashenko was about to cozy up to Xi/Yeltsin as co-slave masters, which seems to coincide with the beginning of the massive public anger against Lukashenko. No one in the mainstream wants to say the obvious about actual Russians and Han Chinese being incompatible as nation-mates. That would be racist, oh horror of horrors.

The Belarusians sing to their President Lukashenko: “You’re a Rat”, “Leave, Resign”. This is chanted by the tens or hundreds of thousands, you can judge by the video. I’ve never seen so many people gathered, peacefully but firmly uniting their voices in a simple message that a two year old can understand.

The idea that a government can impoverish a people to infinity is obviously flawed, but widespread. “Oh, nothing will ever happen to them”. Those lucky ones on the public gravy train laugh at the rest of us who aren’t on it, but must pay for it. “Ha, they’ll never get caught, you’re stupid to even expect it.” We’ve all heard it many times from the super-smug and all-knowing. I’d like to smack‘em upside the head sometimes, but I have self-control and fear of prison.

Belarus is one example of what happens when world leaders have no self-control or fear of prison, until the tide turns and the people unite with one idea.

Why does Lukashenko, the dictator of Belarus need to go out loan shopping? To balance the budget of course, but what this means is to have the power to write paychecks to a government bureaucracy and military mercenaries , who he hopes constitute the majority of voters. We see this today in the USA. These public employees subjugate their own nation in exchange for those foreign/funded paychecks, which does actually make them all traitors and thereby subject to the death penalty, legally speaking.

So if China pays the minions of Lukashenko, then who’s the boss? And since China doesn’t want the worthless paper money loan paid back at all, it’s in China’s interest to further impoverish the people so that Belorussian resources become Chinese Communist Party resources. The entire world would belong to Yeltsin/Xi and his lovely wife Angela Merkle, if people didn’t stand up against it, which is happening.

Yeltsin/Xi, Merkle and Lukashenko are on the verge of being hung from the corner lamppost by their subjects, figuratively speaking. Only Putin has managed to avoid this possibility, even with his enemies staging ridiculous alleged poisonings of Putin’s “challengers” like the one in Germany now. This is trying to be news but no one cares because it’s too fake for words.

China’s Billions Are Worthless To Lukashenko

China cannot stop the people’s protests against Lukashenko. In fact, I suspect that fear of China’s Han Communism is precisely the reason for the protestations. Russia can handle the situation, for the simple reason that the two cultures are the same, which removes from the equation the great and overriding fear of Chinese Communist takeover and all the genocide and ongoing humiliation that accompanies anything the Homeless Han Tribe has ever done.

Observe the Chinese Han Communists in action against school children and their parents in Mongolia now. The next video is very, very important and could be listened to several times. He is an expert on Mongolian history being interviewed by someone who looks exactly like Lukashenko’s son Nikolai.

A native expert on Mongolian history is something I’ve wanted to find for years now. Everything he says in this interview is precisely what I have concluded about Mongolia, despite the censorship of their history. It has been the missing link towards understanding American history and Russian history, and how America was allegedly purchased, but actually stolen in 1803 by a criminal organization.

Important to know that China was once a small province of Mongolia, not the other way around. Was the Great China Wall built to keep Pirates out of Mongolia? China, remember, is where the Pirates stashed away stolen loot. Being Shanghaied meant to be captured and forced to work on a pirate ship. I suspect that many African slaves ended up in China, which essentially created a new race of people. The remnant of the original inhabitants are the pure Mongolian people. We are witnessing the ongoing genocide of Mongolians by the Pirate occupation, as detailed here:

What I continue to find funny is how someone sitting in China or Russia can call America “The West”. The connection between Mongolia and Lukashenko is that the interviewer in the above video looks like Lukashenko’s son, Nikolai, who seems to be a decent sort.

The last person that I’ve traced to having been the legitimate title holder of the Louisiana Territory was a Mongolian woman who married a French King. She is known as Antoinette de Pons or Antoinette de Bourbon around the 17th century. She was probably the mother or grandmother of King Francois I, also called Duke Francis, also related to or is the same person as Saint Francis. Antoinette is one of the three grandmother Queens who managed the migration toward America that happened during the so-called Protestant Revolution. Remember at that time important agricultural lands in Europe were being destroyed by heavy rains washing away the topsoil, and other weather disasters, in addition to an invasion of hoardes who called themselves Protestant and a strengthening Pirate fleet under the Elizabethans which made sea travel more dangerous.

I’d like to know what other names Antoinette had in Mongolia. I’ve published her portrait on a previous post showing that her dress had the classic Mongolian collar, and her eyes had a beautiful Mongolian almond shape.


A portrait of St. Antoine was highlighted in the movie “Christmas Story”. That movie is full of clues that the people in it are what we would call the Romanov family today. However, when I search for this old movie now, I’m given endless results of another movie called “A Christmas Story” which is NOT THE SAME as “The Christmas Story” at all. Why censor?

The Romanov sphere of influence was precisely the region called Mongolia, the old Silk Road and the Siberian railway that connects to Anatolia, now called Turkey.. This is now largely occupied by Han forces on the East and Muslims toward the West who typically humiliate and genocide the native population.

This must certainly be known and understood by Lukashenko’s protesting slave state members. Or call them citizens.

The result, according to this TFI news report is that Putin is the only possible protection for Lukashenko personally and the Belarussians in general. So Lukashenko gets the loan from Russia instead of China. The loan is to pay off Russia. I know, that’s what I’m thinking too.

Why should the Russian people have to support the Belarusian corruptocracy? Why has Lukashenko been allowed to profit by re-selling Russian oil that he has always received at a discount and then refined, keeping the profit mostly for himself? I cannot answer that part, only to say that those in cahoots kept the sweetheart deal going during the entire lifetime of every young Belarusian. The loans keep the incompetent and arrogant Lukashenko thief afloat. The borrowed money also floats the security apparatus that destroys any individual Belarusian who doesn’t like it.

How many other brutal dictatorships would disappear without the loan of fiat paper currency? These loans are also the source for the government give-away money that keeps certain idiot voters barely alive, just enough to maintain a facade. The creation of the Federal Reserve System has truly resulted in total pirate culture and control of the world. It also allows the international Federal Reserve criminal conspirators to pretend that their crime spree is the fault of “America”. All professional criminals arrange for the scapegoat in advance.

Odd it is, that Belarusians have been converting their worthless paper currency to another potentially dangerous paper currency called ‘dollars’ at a rate that is alarming to the likes of Lukashenko and Erdogan, for example. This is messing up the plans of the criminal conspirators at the Federal Reserve who are trying their best to crash the dollar in order to rid themselves of the Trump Presidency.

Trump’s NATO continues to surround rogue dictatorships from Turkey eastward, causing more and more people there to dump their currencies for the dollar which somewhat mitigates the uncontrollable printing of stimulus dollars. Since most of that stimulus cash ends up right back in the hands of those hidden international criminals who print it, the hoped-for inflation isn’t happening to the extent necessary to destroy Trump. After all, how difficult is it to change out the pictures and words printed on a piece of paper, when you have total political control? When you HAD total control, abused it and then LOST it, well, that’s where the noose and the corner lamppost comes in.

Without the loan of fiat paper currency which we call money, there’s no way to pay the mercenaries that keep many dictatorships afloat which in turn create endless wars that consume natural resources. This is the key.

The impressive show of solidarity by the Belarusians helped to force Lukashenko to reject the billion dollar loan from the Communists. The new boss of the indebted Lukashenko is the Russian people, represented by President Putin, who then becomes the boss of Lukashenko’s public employee minions. Lukashenko becomes quite ridiculous and pathetic. Lukashenko’s son Nikolai seeks refuge in Russia according to reports. The Belarusian people finally rid themselves of the human pest who’s been consuming all their resources, sleeping with the enemy and enslaving present and future generations while he’s been in power over the past 26 years.

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