Justice For Germans is Justice For Everyone : Corona Virus Lawsuits

This next piece describes a very suspicious Corona Virus test, which explains a recent report of a woman suffering permanent brain damage from such ‘test’. It’s scary the extent to which people trust their doctors.


“He showed me a few tubes and swabs,” Alvarado said. “One was for my throat — it was a regular swab that I’ve seen for my entire life.”

“The other was a very thin, skinny swab with what looked like thin wire. I was told it would be used to put [up] my nostrils. I swear it was close to one foot long”.

“I swear that thing touched my brain,” Alvarado continued. “I could feel myself twitching and making weird faces. When he pulled it out, I felt like passing out. Unfortunately, he told me that he needed to do it in the other nostril, too!”

Full story from March, 2020:


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