Are World Beaches Closed To Allow Chinese Military-Fishing Trawlers?

The reason I ask is because, not long ago I went to the beach near the Marina in Kona and there I saw several armed guards, with tasers also, patrolling the beach while what looks exactly like a Chinese trawler worked within swimming distance from the shore. My companion recognized the danger and refused to stay. I recognized the Chinese trawler from a recent YouTube video on the subject of the Chinese military/fishing combination. Also the armed guard reminded me of Chinese uniformed forces. He was actively patrolling, probably looking for cameras.

Why close beaches?

9 thoughts on “Are World Beaches Closed To Allow Chinese Military-Fishing Trawlers?

  1. It seems that the Chinese problem began back in the day of Confucius and persists today. Its failure to “assimulate” Vietnam is moderated by the failure of France, Germany, Japan, and finally the U.S. to “assimilate” Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.
    The communists Chinese, apparently, remembering the 3 failed attempts by Kublai Kahn to invade that monsoon swamp, drew their attentions on the U.S. and the Western world by trading plastic shoes, Slave produced “goods” and plastic bags for BFF ( Best Friends Forever) status to “assimulate” the West.
    It did not work well for China, when they traded plows, oxen and “modernization” to the Vietnamese, those “Savages” who live in Rice paddies, merely accepted the favors and refused assimulation. But The U.S., not wanting to get “bogged down in the Quagmire of Vietnam” decided to train Ho Che and his “Vietminh” as early as 1945. In 1958-1975
    Trying to keep French “possessions” in Vietnam safe for the French and elite in Saigon, they allowed the British to send American armament to help the French, who after a battle of Win-lose- win-lose, dating back to the 15th Century, decided to play Kissinger’s…er, I mean, Nixon’s China card to get U.S. troops out of that quagmire.
    Now, the West can enjoy the plastic shoes, round shoe strings, and plastics that, while is not superior to Iron and steel, does maintain the BFF status, so enthralling to the Western minds that cant learn from a Chinese trick even when pulled a dozen times… and didnt work in Vietnam.
    Now, the Haphong Harber, which China has cast greedy eyes toward is, once again, under the Merchant’s telescope. This time, the phrase THERE’S MORE FISH IN THE SEA actually means FISH. ( Keep your seat. Freud, I’ve got this!)

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    1. The only way to make sense of that situation is to realize that the US government is not “we”, it’s “them”. It’s “them” who’s only goal is to trick “us” into thinking that we’re all on the same side. That term “West” is the perfect example. Who is this “West” anyway, when, wherever you are you’re in the center. The word “West” actually means ((them)), not us. 🙃 Language is so important.

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