On the Subject of Angels

According to Church Fathers, regiments of angels have been assigned to nations and peoples, and some even to individuals, for protection.

The Marion Prophecies state that America is under the particular protection of Mother Mary. She’s called Our Lady of Good Success, or in Spanish, Nuestra Seniora de Buen Exito. It’s like saying that she’ll make sure that there’s a good outcome, no matter what.

Mary is named Queen of Heaven. The titles King, Queen and Prince are the norm in ancient scripture. These titles describe a person’s position in society, the title eventually becomes more important than the given name. If future historians come across someone like Hunter Biden, he would be called a Prince in terms of his social position. The significance of this is that the people in the position of “royalty” are the ones who set the example for the rest of us. If the King, Queen, Prince and Princess are all two-faced, lying, cheating, murderous sexual deviants, then society will reflect this, eventually, unless these deviants are made an example of.

To help with the task, we have God’s Angels.

Angels are free-will, disembodied spirits who have totally submitted themselves to carrying out the plans of Our Father in Heaven. Notice that the wisdom of the ancients always uses the family structure as the basis for moral instruction.

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