Let’s Play Pretend

One of the biggest events that the people who call themselves journalists are pretending didn’t happen is the information coming from Rudy Giuliani about Hunter and Joe Biden and the treasonous crime families around them. Biden was clearly the one responsible for allowing and aiding Chinese Communists to purchase essential American businesses and resources. These are the same Communists who mass murder by the millions, once they are able. More here:


Another thing being pretended is that President Putin of Russia did not make a very important speech at the Valdai Club this week. I heard the translation within minutes after it was uploaded by Russia Today. Over the next few days, I returned to study it a bit more because it seems to have layers of meaning, and it had become almost impossible to find the 37:44 minute version which I’ve embedded here. He brings up some very important points.

The question and answer session after this speech was monopolized by stupid agenda-driven questions on subjects that I don’t care about. This forced Putin to make remarks about a couple of pretend news events, which the fake media then edited for the purpose of further promoting their agenda of overwhelming lies.

I for one cannot listen to anymore about the Corona Virus because this amount of lying is hazardous to my health. I get nauseous and can’t breathe when wearing a mask. The health effects of being subjected to incessant lies from birth to death also needs to be addressed in a serious way. There is certainly an electromagnetic vibrational difference between the truth and a lie. This certainly affects our human physiology, according to studies already published.

Published on Zero Hedge today, this article barely covers the topic of being bullied into doing what is hazardous to your own health.

Passengers Push Back On Airline Mask Requirements As Travel Bans Soar

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by Tyler DurdenSat, 10/24/2020 – 08:45


The comments are overwhelmingly on the subject of how miserable it has become to fly and how much better it is to drive and how America is last on the planet it seems in terms of rail and electric trolley transportation for humans. My observation is that those people who pay taxes are precisely the same people who get absolutely nothing in return. Even worse, this confiscated tax cash is used to arm and support our mortal enemies enabling them to work incessantly to make our lives as horrendous as possible.

Here is a comment retrieved from that article:

“3 hours ago (Edited)removelink

It is time to revoke the medical license of anyone who claims masks help to stop the spread of infection. The claim is a violation of the Hippocratic oath. 

We were forced to wear masks because of the absolutely wrong and insane idea that the virus is spread by asymptomatic people. The idea was that you are spreading the infection without ever being sick, so you must wear a mask. Asymptomatic spread of a respiratory virus is impossible.

The mask can’t be proven to provide any protection. It can be proven without any doubt to cause harm. All you need to do is run a test on a mask that has been worn for hours to find colonies of bacteria and molds growing in it. 

Any doctor that says breathing in bacteria and molds is good for your health needs to be banned from ever practicing medicine.

At least 5000 children will die over the next year from respiratory infections they got from wearing masks. The increase in ICU cases is not from Covid, but bacterial pneumonia caused by mask wearing all over the country. Bacterial pneumonia directly causes the deaths of over 50k people every year, and a contributing cause of millions. It is the leading cause of death in children under 5. These numbers will be much larger than normal heading into the winter.

Conveniently, these are still being labelled as Covid in order to prevent people from knowing the truth. That their face diaper is killing them.”

The restrictions placed on travel to Hawaii are overwhelmingly intrusive and even further humiliating than TSA bullying. Watch the video posted here which describes the tedious process and online submission of personal details, submission to mandatory testing, reporting and so on. The only explanation for this level of insanity is that the federal government is giving the states millions of our confiscated dollars to carry out this violation of our human rights. This represents the final stage in the war between those who pay taxes and those who are granted the taxes. They don’t mind killing us to get those tax dollars.


Many of us understand the dual nature of the Great Overwhelming Lockdown in terms of ending the overwhelming world slave trade. However, this face mask tyranny is so unbearable for many people, that permanent lifestyle changes are being established. I for one am already establishing alternative suppliers of food, buying directly from neighborhood growers. There are few things that I hate doing as much as being forced to wear a mask while shopping. I’m not alone. The grocery store has been empty of customers for months now.

Many people are joining me in boycotting airline travel in the U.S. because of TSA molestation, and the overall rudeness of the people in the industry. The horror of airline travel will result in the end of the establishment airlines after the bailouts end. These bailouts amount to millions of taxpayer dollars per employee of the Chosen airlines. TSA goons make their shekels no matter what.

At one point TSA screening equipment ownership was traced to Bibi Netanyahu, whose people always manage to own the businesses that profit from the problems that they created for us. Who created the artificial demand for government health care if not the very people who own medical equipment companies? Does this make any sense? Can you see why America will never have a dignified solution to anything so long as a certain group of foreigners is allowed to profit from an artificially created lack of basic government services, and an artificially created set of pretend problems.


The transfer of our wealth to our enemies is incessant in every sphere, so let us hope that this lockdown brings that outflow to a halt.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Play Pretend

  1. Aside from the obvious gag order ala face mask, let’s return to Vietnam, shall we? It was here that LBJ said, after the Tonka Bay attack, that the “stupid,dumb [U.S.] sailers were firing at flying fish.” ( You are welcome, Mr. Trump)
    Now…. what most escapes the myopic views of Americans?
    Was it the secret meetings Kommrade Kissinger had with the Viet Cong ( keep in mind that North Vietnam and the VietCong were two separate entities. The VietCong were Communists and answered directly to China.

    Was it the Secret visit to China by Richard Nixon, that absolutely told the SouthVietnamese that the U.S. was now foot washing with China?

    Was it the “concessions” Nixon promised China?( look at your MADE IN CHINA tags for a list of those concessions)

    Or…drum roll….was it the U.S. pledge to pull out of Taiwan?
    As the Chinese were unable to invade and occupy SouthVietnam.( Saigon..er..I mean HO CHE MINH CITY) So was the attempt by Kublai Khan- 3 times, which ended in dreadful failure, so was China’s problem with Taiwan.
    My point?
    Since The corporation United States of America has been in 35 major countries which have all fallen to communists, SouthVietnam, no exception, I say that the present fall of White Europeans in America and abroad is no more a coincidence than the fall of South Vietnam.
    ANNNNNDD, that the true nature of an “undeclared war” heavily strapped to the coffins of our sons, became clear as mud from the mouths of politicians and corporations, but now, even an “undeclared” virus, manufactured in Chinese labs, may clear the matter up; if not, we learn to Kowtow.

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    1. Yes, our military has been fighting for our enemies for three or four generations. It’s a miracle any of us are left. Here in Hawaii, the Japanese control everything. It’s a pattern, for sure. In Germany the Jews control everything. Seems like the losers do very well at our expense.

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      1. I rarely quote from a song,but Leonard Cohen spoke some truth in his song “Everybody knows” ( on youtube)
        “Everybody knows the war is over; everybody knows the good guys lost”


      2. Then Our Lady of Mount Karma steps in and saves the world. There’s a lot going on in the shadows that decides who the winners and losers are. There are a lot of famous celebrities and politicians who have disappeared from the scene lately. The funny thing is that people haven’t noticed.

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