Block Chain Voting Patent

The following link is to a patent filed in August which is a new voting technology that effectively verifies the identity and eligibility of the voter while also keeping the privacy of the vote. The official ballots printed by authority of the Department of Homeland Security have been encrypted for this technology. This is being called a “watermark”. Unofficial ballots will be separated from official ballots by scanning all ballots for this watermark, according to various reports. All ballots without the watermark will be removed, which is expected to affect Biden negatively. Stock markets will be bouncing around as this happens.

The American news media is now foreign-owned because Joe Biden treasonously helped the Chinese Communist Party take control over all major US businesses. This is what he was being paid for, and Hunter Biden’s laptop has details.

This foreign-owned media pretends to be American media and has prematurely announced their candidate, Joe Biden, as the US President. Nauseating to report that another pathological liar, Kamala Harris has been announced by these foreigners as our Vice President. Many voters were denied important information about Biden’s employment by the CCP because the CCP owns the US media. Most voters are not aware that Biden is under indictment in Ukraine. Most voters are not aware of much more that we should know.

Considering that the CCP does “ethnic cleansing”/genocide to make room for Chinese people to live, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris essentially sold us all into Chinese death camps.

However, the IChing has a particular reading called “ Entering an Empty Capitol”. It is about how an invading military force should be wary of entering a walled city that is empty of people. It could be a trap. This perfectly describes Biden, Harris and their Chinese Communist handlers. One thing is certain: Immediately upon inauguration, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be subject to military tribunal and punishment rather than civilian courts for any offenses they may have committed.

Here is the patent in question:

Block chain patent for voting.

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