Hypoxia Caused by Oxygen Restriction

Meeting People of Interest While Attempting To Breathe Freely

I had to get off the internet and ground myself in physical reality long enough to do some home repairs. This forced me to deal with retail stores and the Crown Virus Lunatics who seek their salvation in ever more oxygen deprivation to themselves and others.

The Big Island is a study in mass self-righteous suicide by a population that enthusiastically volunteers to “self-restrict” their oxygen flow. Those of us who are sane have learned to keep a low profile and communicate efficiently by identifying ourselves (in a whisper) as pro-Trump, and rolling our eyes or ranting about people who wear masks voluntarily. Even Europeans take a stance on Trump. This code allows us to quickly identify ourselves, worldwide, as Keepers of Common Sense, amazed at the stupidity that surrounds us.

Youthful store clerks have become very scary and ready to pounce on anyone brave enough to be out shopping. Fat ugly young people with no social skills are enjoying their new found authority to be rude and force others to do what we do not want or need to do , that which is in fact very harmful to ourselves. Their life’s joy is in forcing others to also restrict their oxygen flow.

I have been surrounded by handwritten nursing school study notes for several years since a family member is in the professional medical field. I randomly opened one of these notebooks and discovered Hypoxia.

What I read in the class notes is also found on Wikipedia since there has been no controversy or conversation on the topic, yet. Hypoxia happens when oxygen is restricted from freely flowing into and out of the body. Wikipedia and most other sources mention causes that include carbon monoxide poisoning, though carbon dioxide poisoning is also a cause, generally due to “re-breathing”, causing the same problem: oxygen deprivation and slow death.

The term “re-breathing” is used in the medical literature. So it’s important to have the common sense understanding that re-breathing what your body has expelled as waste causes oxygen restriction, that both carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide poisoning cause oxygen deprivation, and that both are among the causes of Hypoxia. The problem with Hypoxia is that it destroys Myelin Sheathing. The symptoms of Hypoxia are the same as Multiple Sclerosis, another disease that results from a lack of myelin sheathing: muscle dysfunction, lack of coordination and slow reaction including inability to detect pauses in speech.

Schwann cells within the peripheral nervous system have “communication links with the axons they myelinate by enwrapping them in myelin. Axons are the long fibrous part of neurons that carry the nerve’s electrical signals. A fatty substance, myelin covers those axons both to protect them and to provide a conduit for the fast conduction of electrical signals within the nervous system. Once that myelin is lost, the electrical signal breaks down and eventually the neuron dies…” (https://medicalxpress.com/news/2007-11-reveals-critical-knowledge-nervous.html)

Hypoxia begins with lack of oxygen in the lungs, which leads to lack of oxygen in the blood which leads to lack of oxygen to the brain which results in damage to the myelin sheath which controls the speed of physical response to stimuli, including sound. The results are listed below:

“The effects of certain kinds of severe generalized hypoxias may take time to develop. For example, the long-term effects of serious carbon monoxide poisoning usually may take several weeks to appear. Recent research suggests this may be due to an autoimmune response caused by carbon monoxide-induced changes in the myelin sheath surrounding neurons.[31]

The following quote makes it clear that carbon dioxide poisoning is equally problematic as any other form of oxygen deprivation. This could lead to a massive die off of people who are insane enough to wear masks all day, and possibly also hijabs, which are enforced in many countries.

Carbon dioxide is a normal metabolic product but it accumulates in the body if it is produced faster than it is cleared. The production rate can increase more than tenfold from resting to strenuous exercise. Carbon dioxide is dissolved in the blood and elimination is by gas exchange in the lungs during breathing.[10] Hypercapnia is generally caused by hypoventilationlung disease, or diminished consciousness. It may also be caused by exposure to environments containing abnormally high concentrations of carbon dioxide, such as from volcanic or geothermal activity, or by rebreathing exhaled carbon dioxide. In this situation the hypercapnia can also be accompanied by respiratory acidosis.[11]

Several symptoms of oxygen deprivation are listed using the overall term “Ataxia”.


What is AtaxiaDefinition, Symptoms & Typeshttps://www.medicinenet.com/ataxia/article.htm

Ataxia describes the lack of muscle coordination when a voluntary movement is attempted. It may affect any motion that requires muscles to work together to perform a function, from walking to picking up an object to swallowing. Ataxia is a sign of an underlying medical problem and is not a disease.

One type of ataxia is hereditary. I’ve come to understand that the term “hereditary disease” actually refers to the genetic degeneration resulting from in-breeding. My conclusion is that the inbred elite seek to make the rest of us as unhealthy as they are.

Speaking of in-breeding…

The photo loses some of the resemblance between this Lookalike and Christine LaGarde. The Lookalike speaks with a Hawaiian accent, voice sounds exactly like LaGarde’s, and she banks in Kona. In person, it’s an exact match, enough so that I was prompted to record the face and post it.

I wanted to get away from the whole subject of Lookalikes by attending to home repairs. I step out of my Hermitage and wouldn’t you know I keep seeing live look-alikes, and also conversing, doing business and socializing with them as well. Sometimes it’s just a lookalike, sometimes it’s the same person. They are easy to spot, just tell them that your hobby is exposing pedophiles and ending child-trafficking. Observe the reaction. If they tell you that it cannot be done, or defend the culprits in any way, be suspicious and take note.

Kona, Hawaii:

The LaGarde lookalike sitting in the truck in a bank parking lot talking to the man seen here.

This is Christine LaGarde.

This article about Christine LaGarde brings up a colleague of her’s named Bernard Tapie, who I realize is also David Icke, and possibly Imran Khan of Pakistan. Both Tapie and LaGarde were let off with no prison sentence or penalty in a massive fraud case.

Police search IMF chief Lagarde’s home


French police investigating the role of IMF chief Christine Lagarde in settling a dispute when she was still finance minister have searched her Paris home. The dispute involved French bank Credit Lyonnais and businessman Bernard Tapie who supported former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Lagarde, who has been accused of giving him preferential treatment, has denied any wrongdoing. A French court in August 2011 said it was probing Lagarde’s alleged intervention in the dispute. She was appointed IMF managing director in June 2011 after her predecessor Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigned over charged of sexual assault in New York. IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said that prior to the choice of Lagarde, the executive board had expressed confidence she would be able to “effectively carry out her duties.”

Read the full story on CNN

Corrupt France: Bernard Tapie acquitted of fraud in state fraud case

9, July 2019

Flamboyant French businessman Bernard Tapie was on Tuesday acquitted on charges of defrauding the state of more than 400 million euros with a massive 2008 arbitration award that has also ensnared IMF chief Christine Lagarde.

In its ruling, the Paris criminal court found “nothing in the case that confirmed” the allegation that the arbitration payout was tainted by “fraud”.

The 76-year-old former Socialist minister, who rose from humble beginnings to build up a sporting and media empire, was not in court on health grounds following a resurgence of cancer.

Tapie was put on trial in March in the latest chapter of a two-decade legal saga that has embroiled a slew of senior officials, including former president Nicolas Sarkozy and Lagarde.

“Today the court has delivered a verdict with rare independence that is exceptionally clear and it is … of immense satisfaction for us and a huge relief,” a lawyer for Tapie, Herve Temime, told reporters.

The case centres on a payment of 404 million euros ($454 million) that was awarded to him in 2008 by a government arbitration panel.

The panel found he had been the victim of fraud when he sold his stake in the Adidas in 1993 to state-run French bank Credit Lyonnais, which was found to have undervalued the sportswear brand.

The amount sent shockwaves through France, but was soon tainted by allegations that the ruling panel had been biased in Tapie’s favour amid questions as to why the dispute was settled in arbitration, rather than in court.

Lagarde, who was economy minister at the time, decided not to appeal the ruling — a decision for which she was later found guilty of negligence by a court that rules on cases of ministerial misconduct.


Bernard Tapie


David Icke

Imran Khan, a Tapie Lookalike.

Dave Janda, another Lookalike.

Christine Lagarde convicted: IMF head found guilty of criminal charges over massive government payout

But former French finance minister, who faced potentially one year in jail, will not face any punishment

Peter Walker@petejohn_walkerMonday 19 December 2016 15:15

Here’s another one: Maxine Waters has a Lookalike whose photo I don’t have yet, but she’s on the Big Island, named Noelani, claims to be a lawyer but isn’t and is associated with the group that calls itself The Kingdom of Hawaii.

The question is, who is she the cut-out for? The answer is within a recent letter that someone wrote for her, addressed to “President-Elect Biden”.

The writer’s big concern is American aid to various foreign countries, without Congressional approval. Here is a bit of what the letter writer seeks from Joe Biden:

“I believe your Administration must renew the urgency around the ambitious commitments made by the World Bank…Also, given the debt distress many developing countries were facing before the COVID crisis, there is now an even greater need for additional resources on a global scale.

• Your Administration should, within its first 100 days, support a $650 billion issuance of Special Drawing Rights at the International Monetary Fund, with no need for congressional authorization, which would provide a liquidity boost to developing and emerging economies that are facing a sudden depletion of foreign exchange reserves as they cope with the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus.

• You should encourage advanced economies to lend their new SDRs to a special purpose vehicle at the Fund to help developing countries. Moreover, your administration should work with IMF members to encourage them to agree now to a second $650 billion allocation of SDRs at the start of the next five-year “basic period,” in IMF terminology—again without congressional authorization—which begins on January 1, 2022. Such action would also signal a rejuvenation of U.S. support for internationalism, and that America is prepared and willing to lead the world in building an effective, multilateral approach to some of the world’s most difficult problems.”

Whoever wrote the letter is definitely not American. The rest of it is nothing but veiled attempts to give away tax money to finance and encourage free-loading foreign illegal immigrants, using the term “diversity” to justify vote harvesting, racism and denial of job opportunities to people who are white and sort of Christian.

Noelani has lighter skin, everything else, especially the personality, is the same.
As you can see, I tried to paste a link to the letter written for Maxine Waters but it’s not working. You can find the link in this article: https://insidebitcoins.com/news/rep-maxine-waters-contests-occ-guidance-amid-anti-crypto-offensive

Visiting the Royal Kona Resort this week, I was able to converse with a Governor Brian Kemp Lookalike. He also looks like a YouTube personality called Roy Potter. His YouTube Channel name is RoyPotterqa. The Brian Kemp Lookalike may have some other “alter-identities”, which was the term he actually used. He called himself Mark, this Lookalike man vacationing at the Royal Kona this week, when I told him that I recognized him as a YouTuber. He admitted that I have a “gift” for this type of recognition.

What caught my attention was his insistence that child trafficking will never be eliminated, ever, ever, ever. He also repeated, “I’m very glad to hear that you’re not exposing child trafficking anymore”. I never said I’d stopped exposing them, I only mentioned that the “work” was complete, but I really meant that the damage was already done. He’s quite the smug arrogant, and I sometimes choose my words carefully.

Why is it called the Corona Virus which is to say, the Crown Virus? I’d say that this next linked report from several years ago could explain why that name was chosen. The report can’t be verified by me, but much of what it says makes sense and fits in with my published and unpublished research. “Fulford” reports that the Rothschild plan was to place Prince Michael of Kent as crowned Tzar of Russia, along with other placements around Europe. The plan was to bring the world to it’s knees financially and then have this fake royalty offer some sort of free digital money currency to the people in exchange for popular support.

Boris Yeltsin rebuilt the porch at the Kremlin that had been used for the official crowning of the true Romanov Tsars. Yeltsin/Xi probably meant for the coronation porch to be used for Prince Michael. His Tranny Tzarina would have been crowned with the Vladimir Tiara. This couple would have Americans as their “subjects”. Or perhaps a last minute betrayal would have given us a different inbred elite.

He’s actually a pencil neck wimp in real life.

Prince Michael of KentGCVOCD (Michael George Charles Franklin; born 4 July 1942) is a member of the British royal family, younger brother of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. He is a paternal first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, being a grandson of King George V and Queen Mary. His mother is Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark. Prince Michael is currently 48th in the line of succession to the British throne, but at the time of his birth was seventh in the line of succession.”

You’ll know from my reports that Prince Michael of Kent is also General Soleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, in keeping with the previous article about British ( though actually Jewish) control of Iran. The masks are an introduction to burqas.

“Qasem [The Shadow Commander] Soleimani was an Iranian major general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and, from 1998 until his death in 2020, commander of its Quds Force, a division primarily responsible for extraterritorial military and clandestine operations…considered by some to be the second most powerful person in Iran behind Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his right-hand man.

Soleimani was assassinated in a targeted U.S. drone strike on 3 January 2020 in Baghdad, which was approved by U.S. President Donald Trump. Hours after his burial on 7 January 2020, the Iranian military launched missiles against U.S. bases in Iraq; while no lives were lost in the second attack, the Pentagon reported that 110 U.S. troops were wounded as a result.” Source: Wikipedia

Keeping up the Fake Royal Tradition these two men, Prince Michael and his wife, have two children and we have no idea where they came from. Were the children purchased, rented or stolen? Yet these creeps seek to control the rest of us and even earn our admiration. Not likely to happen.

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