Some of Us Can’t Breath With Masks and What Is A Lobotomy?

Dr. Antonio Egaz Moniz even shares the same first name as Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The man in the first photo above has a strong resemblance to the infamous Dr. Anthony Fauci. Besides the physical resemblance, and the same first name, they’re both psychopaths in the field of medicine, and both considered to be the best and brightest at the top of their professions, the late Dr. Moniz even a recipient of the Nobel Prize. Who is this man Dr. Anthony Moniz and what is he famous for?

He’s famous for inventing and promoting lobotomies. A Lobotomy is now called Psychosurgery, which tells us that they are still being “performed”. Appropriately named, only a real Psycho would perform psycho-so-called-“surgery” on a helpless victim. It’s nothing short of murderous violence.

The lobotomy is a type of neurosurgery, or surgery performed on the brain. Doctors perform a lobotomy by severing the connections between the frontal lobes, or prefrontal cortex, and the rest of the brain. No excuse justifies doing this to anyone.

Why target the prefrontal cortex? Because it handles complex functions in the brain, the executive functions. This includes higher-level decision making and planning, reasoning and understanding, personality expression, creativity and behaving in a “socially acceptable way”. The prefrontal cortex is connected to the thalamus, which receives and relays sensory signals that involve the axons and myelin sheaths that we’re studying because these are precisely what is damaged by the oxygen deprivation that results from mask wearing.

The brain is composed of two different types of matter: gray and white. Gray matter includes the neurons along with their blood vessels and extensions. White matter includes the axons that carry messages through electrical impulses.

A lobotomy, intended to sever the connection between white matter and gray matter accomplishes the same function as myelin sheath destruction. Therefore masking is a self-lobotomy. Don’t you think that Dr. Fauci knows this?

Another name for lobotomy, leucotomy, means “slice/cut white” in Greek.

The first lobotomies were performed in 1935 by this Portuguese neurologist who resembles Dr. Fauci, Dr. Antonio Egas Moniz, along with Dr. Almeida Lima. Initially, they drilled holes in the skull on either side of the prefrontal cortex and injected the connecting fibers with alcohol to destroy them. [Hear this you alcoholics out there!]. Moniz then decided to use a tool called a leucotome. After drilling holes in the skull, the doctor pressed on the back of the tool, which extended a wire or metal loop inside which when pulled back up came with a chunk of someone’s brain.

You can purchase your own leucotome on Etsy shops:

“By extending and then retracting the leucotome, he could remove cores of white matter.”

The important thing to remember is that a lobotomy can also be performed through the nose. This fact has been scrubbed from the internet, but I’m not the only person who remembers reading about it. I wish I could verify it though. The “Egyptians” also removed the brain through the nose of cadavers being preserved. The objective is to leave no evidence. So why are tools that somewhat fit this description also being used in Corona Virus test kits?

The quoted sections are from an article written by Shanna Freeman. “In 1936, a neurologist and psychiatrist named Dr. Walter Freeman and his partner, Dr. James Watts, began performing lobotomies in the United States. Ten years later, Freeman perfected a new method. Moniz’s technique, called a prefrontal lobotomy, required a patient to go under general anesthesia in an operating room. Freeman wanted to find a technique that was faster, more accessible and less expensive.”

Faster, more accessible and less expensive was the goal, perhaps because this was intended for use on a massive population.

The same legislative bodies that for generations have not been able or willing to solve homelessness and poverty due to government property taxation and confiscation, not to mention lack of access to public beaches and farmland for Hawaii residents and many, many human abductions, yes that same Hawaii legislature on June 18 got right to work with a detailed plan to control and supervise every detail of the personal lives of very healthy people on the island. At a “special committee” briefing, the Hawai‘i Department of Health outlined steps to control movement within the state boundaries of Hawaii. Island to island intrastate travel is now stricter than international travel into the State of Hawaii. Present in-state travel restrictions include:

  • Confirmation of a negative Nucleic Acid Amplification Test from a certified Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment lab no more than 72 hours in advance of travel
  • Submission of electronic travel and health questionnaires
  • A pre-departure symptom screening
  • A post-arrival health screening
  • Appropriate social distancing measures taken throughout the travel experience, including mask wearing throughout the flight.

A Hawai‘i Senate Committee arrogates to themselves the right to control, limit, deny and monitor travel within State boundaries, the right to tell us what to wear on our bodies and the right to restrict our own breath. What’s the end game?

It’s to be expected that lists of Trump supporters will be made available to the “testers”. It’s to be expected that Trump supporters will be isolated and subjected to medical tyranny that is fast, accessible, inexpensive and leaves no trace. Maybe not, but possibly.

Members of the Hawai‘i State Senate Special Committee on COVID-19 sent a letter to Gov. David Ige calling for neighbor island counties to serve as pilot program testing sites for exclusive travel between neighbor island counties —Kaua‘i to the Big Island, for example — with the possibility of including O‘ahu intrastate travel once the surge in cases subsides.

“This Pilot Project is a proactive measure that could yield important outcomes for our state while also providing a process for critical interisland travel during the pandemic,” the letter states. “As evidenced by the DOT [Hawai‘i Department of Transportation] Airport Quarantine process, these systems require time to initialize, pilot, and standardize so they can be scaled to peak capacity. The results yielded by the Pilot Program could provide valuable information that could be applied to an eventual trans-Pacific pre-test or bubble program, which would be a critical element to successfully reopening Hawai‘i’s economy.”

The letter, sent Sept. 3, requests a response from the governor by Tuesday, Sept. 8, at 4 p.m. 

At a June 18 special committee briefing, the Hawai‘i Department of Health outlined steps that would need to be taken by travelers seeing a Quarantine Exemption:

  • masks being worn
  • Download of an optional location tracing app, which many people believe is not optional.

The members of the special committee are Senators Donovan Dela Cruz, Jarrett Keohokalole, Michelle Kidani, Donna Mercado Kim, Sharon Moriwaki, and Kurt Fevella.

As you can see, these people are throwing tons of tax money around to incentivize the continued self-lobotomization of the people through “ramped up testing”.

Lawmakers have appropriated $90 million for systems at airports statewide to “reduce the spread of COVID-19”.

The funding will be used for thermal screening systems, security protocols, web-based verification applications, traveler verification rooms, swab and testing facilities, and a service contract for ramping up testing. The systems will be installed in the five major airports: Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Kahului Airport, Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole, Hilo International Airport and Lihue Airport.

“This investment in airport screening protocols will help us reopen tourism in the safest possible manner, screening all travelers and verifying their pre-testing information,” said House Finance Chair Sylvia Luke.

“Because the U.S. Senate has not passed the HEROES Act, we are substituting federal funding from the existing CARES Act in order to move forward with this critical priority.”

At a recent Senate Special COVID-19 Committee meeting, Senate Ways and Means Committee Chair Donovan Dela Cruz said, the Department of Health and private labs indicated the state needed to ramp up its testing capacity from 3,000 tests a day to 12,000, and possibly 15,000, tests a day. 

“As the number of visitors increase, it’s important that we have enough tests for our local community and have the tests available for symptomatic passengers to help prevent the spread of the virus,” Dela Cruz said.

“Thermal screening cameras will be installed at all the gates to screen passengers for elevated temperatures (above 100.4 degrees) as they disembark from the aircraft. A facial imaging tracking system and monitoring control rooms will be installed throughout the terminal to track a suspected passenger until they are intercepted for further screening. Total cost is $18.5 million, with an additional $17.5 million for a 10-year maintenance program.

5 million dollar “Verification Rooms” will be constructed to “verify” arriving passenger information during their stay in the State, including State residents traveling to Hawaii Island.

Some lucky individuals get $4 million for developing an app for the departing passenger health form and arriving passenger “verification” information.

•An additional $23 million will be appropriated for labor.”

The quoted sections dealing with lobotomies is from Shanna Freeman “How Lobotomies Work” 27 October 2008. <; 6 December 2020

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