Proof That Aztrazeneca “Vaccine” Requires Aborted 14 Week Caucasian Male Body Parts

Imagine the demand for these fetuses when so many people worship at the altar of the Covid vaccine?

You’ll have to cut and paste the link to watch someone look up the definition of the words she found on the package containing the Covid-19 vaccine.

The words on the package include:

ChadOx1-S [recombinant]

The definition was found on which has a paywall, but the important word is recombinant, which is on Wikipedia and from there the words are all on Wikipedia. You can watch the video showing her go through the sequence of definitions to discover that at some point in the process, a 14 week old male Caucasian has to die for your Covid vaccine belief system. Not to mention the deadly illnesses, facial paralysis and death also being reported out of England as the results of this so-called vaccine are experienced by real people. Very important to watch this video below, which was posted on Bitchute by Phiro, in case the link doesn’t work, it’s titled


Please cut and paste and pass this on:

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