It’s complicated.

Something about the Russian based Innopraktika Foundation caught my attention. This politically connected, oligarch infested nonprofit foundation is involved in both vaccine promotion and mapping the nerves of the ear.

My concern is that micro surgery (a new name for lobotomy) could possibly be disguised as virus “testing” and “vaccinations”. Scientists are already obsessed with targeting for destruction the nerve connections to the prefrontal cortex. A map of these nerves would be helpful toward that end.

Why is it that so many people involved in forced vaccinations aren’t even scientists? Only madness can describe these impossibly greedy, dangerous and psychotic people.

The Innopraktika foundation was founded in 2012 by a woman who is called “Putin’s Daughter”, though it’s clear that we’re talking about the first Putin and not the one we see and love today. I’ll call the present Putin #2 in this article. Since the second Putin was briefly allegedly “married” to the wife of the first Putin, the question of the father is solved if you can visually distinguish between the two Putins.

From old photos at the time of their birth, you can see that the daughter named Katya is from the first Putin and not the second one who is in office today. Considering that this game of lies is standard procedure, why should we trust anything that these people say about anything much less trust them with our medical care?

I don’t know much about the switch other than that there are reports of an important signature on two blank pages in the Kremlin when Yeltsin was still President.

Putin #2 on the left, Putin #1 on the right. Their wife, Olga Shrebkneva / Valentina Matvienko in the center.

What I can do is demonstrate that Katya Tekhonova, the first Putin’s daughter is the same person as Olga Pleshkova, the head of a major airline in Russia and that her mother Lyudmila Putina is the same person as Valentina Matvienko, chairwoman of the Council of the Russian Federation.

Matviyenko Valentina


Chairwoman of the Council of Federation

If someone or some group is jealous of and threatened by the high intelligence level of another group, then the goal would be to destroy the intelligence level of the threatening group.

Background summary from previous article:

Dr. Anthony Fauci and his strange lobotomy-like tools for Corona Virus testing and administration of the so-called vaccine brought me to the subject of lobotomies. The subject of lobotomies involves the cutting of specific nerves to disrupt communication between the white and gray brain matter. This communication is what determines intelligence.

This international group of professional liars specialize in the draining of national treasuries. Their nation is the pirate nation. If the national treasure consists of intelligence and innovation, what happens?

What they don’t want us to figure out:

Get ready for a long sentence.

The draining of entire national treasuries amounting to trillions of dollars has involved moving money from our pockets to government treasuries then to bribed elected officials then to aid to foreign countries, then back to the country of origin through individual couriers carrying heavy suitcases of US Treasury Notes which are deposited in cooperating banks or in offshore accounts which are then used in part to bribe more public officials into sending more of our money to them.

The rest of the stolen loot is used to buy up essential natural resources and real estate worldwide. These thieves then go so far as to avoid paying taxes on the stolen taxes. The Panama Papers reveal much about this. Tax avoidance, even on legally acquired money is still called money laundering. The shell companies used for money laundering have now been outlawed in Russia and America, and more nations are following.

The same culprits are seen in many countries using different identities. The mismanagement is deadly, but not everyone is a bad guy. Though surely no one is perfect, the good guys eventually thwarted the plans. By “good”, I mean those who have the foresight and intelligence to understand the dangers of the ongoing theft, as well as having the courage, will and ability to stop it.


On June 10, 2015, Putin was asked by the editor in chief of the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, “Is there any action that you most regret in your life, something that you consider a mistake and wouldn’t want to repeat ever again.” Putin stated, “I’ll be totally frank with you. I cannot recollect anything of the kind. It appears that the Lord built my life in a way that I have nothing to regret.” I bet he regrets saying that.

A cellist named Roldugin figures prominently in the Panama Papers.

The first Putin’s first daughter is Sergei Roldugin’s goddaughter.

Roldugin is quoted:

“The family has a dacha near Vyborg. “We went there and stayed together: Volodya, Luda, me, my wife … of course we celebrated Masha’s birth … We danced so hard in the evenings.”

People who think that nothing is happening to achieve justice should track the sanctions list at the US Treasury Department website, which by the way is a good homeschool resource. The only thing missing from their website are photos of the sanctioned individuals. This would be very helpful.

Remember that the first Putin was married to a woman with fat ankles who, we are told, declined to participate in the substitution. However, if you look at the people who make up the Russian Federation Supreme Council, there she is.

Valentina Matvienko (Lyudmila Putina) talking to one of the Shamalov clan. Shamalov’s and Matvienko’s children were married for awhile and so they have two grandchildren from that.

Valentina Matvienko is the same person as the wife of the first Putin. This looks like the first Putin in the center, bit it’s hard to tell.


When the faces are seen side by side, it’s easy to see the difference, otherwise they do closely resemble each other. If they are related, I don’t know. I call the man on the right The Evil Twin.

Photo below is the family of the evil twin, the first Putin, not the second. The man is Alexander Shamalov. Lyudmila Putina (Matvienko) is on the left, shown with Olga Pleshnikov on the right. Olga is head of Transaero. Olga is also Katerina Tekhanova.,_Olga_Pleshakova,_Valentina_Matvienko.jpg#mw-jump-to-license

The above photo shows the ex-father-in-law of Katyana Tekhanova/Olga Pleshnakova (the first Putin’s second daughter). He is identified as Nikolai Shamalov, to the left. Olga is center and her husband at the time is Alexander Shamalov, on the right.

Why is the
Gelendshik Palace very important and what’s the connection to the Shamalovs?

Nikolai Shamalov is the man who first held title to the property which is now the infamous palace at Gelendshik, Russia. This palace began as a simple healthcare facility when it was first approved.

From Wikipedia:

“To finance “Putin’s Palace”, Shamalov’s expertise in selling medical equipment through Siemens in St Petersburg was essential in obtaining several hundreds of millions of dollars out of the $1 billion intended for Russian healthcare improvements.[29] Shamalov is the original legal owner of “Putin’s Palace.”[11]

Perhaps most important is that Gelendshik is also the place where the fake Romanov family, now Muslim, was supposed to have lived to rule over us as if we are peasants. The reported but unconfirmed plan was to create an Imperial Dynasty with Prince Michael of Kent, the so-called Romanov, as King, with his tranny wife our Queen.

“Soleimani, who led a special forces unit of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards, had been a key figure of Iranian and Middle East politics.”

Prince Michael however is actually also General Suleimani, deceased (allegedly) head of Muslim Iranian Army that protects the Ayatollah, and who kills Americans and Persians alike. This has turned Persia (Iran) into a hellhole. The rest of the world would have become what Persia has become while the shameless Shamalov family would have lived in luxury.

The willingness to wear face masks is prelude to the willingness to wear hijabs. The unwilling are forced to do the same as the willing, because it becomes government policy, with financial and social penalties. It’s safe to assume that these women, the Shamalov family, would not be the ones wearing either hijabs or face masks.

The Shamalov family.

Katya Tikhonova founded Innopraktica in 2012. Innopraktica is Associated with Moscow State University, “its main task is to mediate between business and science to develop innovative technologies and put them on the market.” This means they plan to make a fortune on mandatory experimental vaccinations, using their government connections to force this on the world, thereby making a “killing” so to speak.

Among Innopraktika’s list of partners are the country’s largest companies, including Rosneft, Rosatom, Sibur, Rostec Kipo, Gazprombank, RDIF (Russia’s sovereign wealth fund) and many others.

Lyudmila Putina is officially called the second wife of President Vladimir Putin
Photo Gallery Lyudmila Putin (33)

photo Lyudmila PutinBorn January 6, 1958 in Kaliningrad. LyudmilaPutin.

Ludmila Shkrebneva is her maiden name. Tekhanova is her mother’s maiden name.

“She wanted to become an actress. And, according to classmates, it was more than a dream. Shkrebneva, at graduation was asked about plans for the future. She replied: “I will go to Moscow to enroll in the acting department.” I think that’s another way of saying that she planned to join the KGB.

Lyudmila Shkrebneva’s foreign languages are Spanish and German, apparently learned while in the KGB. Though that isn’t stated outright, it’s there between the lines of her biographies and by her use of several identities in important public positions.

Lyudmila’s first husband served in the First Chief Directorate of the KGB, the Foreign Intelligence Service. According to reports, Ludmilla at first lived with the parents of her husband, on the prospect Stachek. According to Lyudmila‘s mother, Catherine Tikhonovna, Putin (#1) in St. Petersburg was very constrained in terms of material wealth so Lyudmila was forced to look for jobs. This seems to be contradictory, but I know for a fact that many of these sham-state players were not wealthy at all before their out-of-control crime spree.

Lyudmila after returning to Leningrad from their KGB post in Germany, taught German language courses at LSU in Leningrad. The original Putins have two daughters and both are named after their grandmothers. Maria, called Masha is the elder (in April of 2000 she was 15 years old) – Kate, Katya, Katerina is the other. It’s reported that after moving to Moscow, Katya and Masha went to school at the Embassy of Germany because they knew the German language better than Russian.

We’ll eventually see how Joe Biden is connected to all this, but not yet. This recent press conference in Ukraine is a good start:

In several cases, Shamalov received confidential RDIF documents, asking Katerina to hide the true identity of the person asking for government help. In other words, Katerina and her husband agreed to act as fronts for outlawed oligarchs. Here is a sample email sent to Alexander Shamalov by the head of the Sovereign Investment Fund of Russia (RFID).

First of all, you understand, to avoid serious problems in the future, ask Katerina to use this information without any links to me. … Entry to the market for veterinary drugs is practically closed for the ‘wrong’ companies that could compete with several of the largest companies, the ultimate beneficiaries of which are officials of the Rosselkhoznadzor [the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision].

“Beyond confirming without a doubt that Shamalov married Putin’s daughter Katerina, who uses the surname Tikhonova, the archive contains a number of other revelations about the financial advantages he gained, and the influence he enjoyed, through his access to the first family.”

But the first family of Russia is actually the family of the first Putin, not the Putin in public office today. Just like everyone else, I know little about the family of the second Putin that I’m willing to publish right now.

Considering the monopoly on the media that Jewish people enjoy, it’s important to remember that the Russian people, and Putin #2 in particular, exist in their minds as nothing more than a patsy for Jewish organized crime.

The only way to learn what’s going on is to be able to decipher this blame-throwing. Otherwise you might fall for their word tricks and end up blaming innocent people.

The success of organized criminals depends on their ability to throw blame on the innocent and to “wield administrative resources and personal connections to the financial benefit of other members” of the criminal organization. Thus we see the corrupt nexus of government bribes, and business that characterizes Jewish organized crime families, though the Jews will always call themselves and pretend to be Russians/Americans/Europeans when it comes to their crimes.

Found in Shamalov’s emails are wedding photos and correspondence. One guest of the bride, was Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), the country’s sovereign wealth fund and one of the most important state players in the Russian economy. Created in 2011, the fund was tasked with investing in leading Russian companies and attracting foreign investors.

Kirill Dmitriev, who is married to model and tv presenter Natalia Popova, who is also the head of Innopraktica.

A RUSSIAN financier claims he and his family have been vaccinated against deadly coronavirus and developed “double the antibodies” than usual.

Kirill Dmitriev, who is married to model and tv presenter Natalia Popova, said he and his parents were injected with an “experimental” drug which has been developed in Moscow laboratories.

Dmitriev’s wife, Natalya Popova, a model, a high profile vaccine advocate and a news presenter was also deputy at Innopraktica. None of these people have qualifications suitable for being involved in vaccination development. Might as well have Paris Hilton approve vaccinations. Alexander Shamalov’s emails are embarrassingly stupid. In fact , the only reason these emails are public is because he was intellectually incapable of understanding the warning given him when his passwords were first hacked.

People should understand just how intellectually inferior these vaccine-obsessed freaks actually are.

Watch Bill Gates demonstrate my point:

Why is this idiot being asked his opinion?

There are several articles detailing the situation with Innopraktica but the facts are distorted by attempts to blame Putin #2 even though he is more likely the victim of these shysters rather than an accomplice. This is why it’s important to know that there are two Putins.

Shamalov and Katerina Tikhonova both declined to comment for the report that I’m decoding. Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, who I believe has been under arrest for some time now, along with the other characters involved in the plot, replied in one sentence: “We’ve already left such questions without answers many times.”

Here’s an article which throws all the relationships into confusion:

It’s worth investigating a bit more.

Notice the name Valentinova.

Stealing money in large amounts from public treasuries requires laundering of the cash to make it appear legitimate. This is where the the Abdukadyr family comes in.

The future wife of the millionaire Khodorkovsky, Inna Valentinovna:

“Today, the Khodorkovsky people live in Switzerland. Mikhail continues to manage the investment fund. Together they managed to overcome all difficulties and save love.”

Look at the consonants in the name Abdukadyr of the cash courier clan. Is it the same name Khodorkovsky? It might be.

The information that partially informs this article is from FinCEN Files which are based on suspicious activity reports filed by banks and other financial institutions to FinCEN. BuzzFeed News obtained the secret documents and shared them with ICIJ and more than 100 other media organizations.

In several cases, Dmitriev sent Shamalov confidential RDIF documents.

Shamalov’s emails include a reference to “creating artificial debt”, which is a practice of using fake debt to create a pretext for stripping company assets disguised as a “repayment”. This isn’t legal at all. This has been described in Russian legal literature as a popular method of gaining control of enterprises for next to nothing, and can only be accomplished by insiders with strong bank connections.

In the case of Shamalov, some Sibur shares were transferred as a “repayment” of a debt that did not really exist.

The source for this information is obviously biased in favor of Shamalov and against Putin. As they are written, the series of reports exaggerate so much that it’s plain to see a setup to make it appear that the Russian President is guilty. However, the emails themselves make it clear that they were not sharing full information with Putin, or whoever they call the “guarantor”, who received a “soft version” of the information. A misleading version of the request for tax money was sent to the government, that much is clear.

From what I’m seeing in Russian news, Putin (#2) may have gotten his justified revenge. So many small details point to this, it would take a book to cover it all, and I still can’t say for certain yet. But as an example, the televised cameo appearance of the Supreme Council members leads me to wonder if they aren’t all in jail, like many American politicians and celebrities. This is how the Covid-19 plandemic has been hijacked by the good guys to “cover” the military takedown operations, as I see it anyway. Time will tell.

This trick of creating fake debt has been used successfully by major industries to feign imminent shutdown and the need for an emergency government bailout. Some examples:

December of 2014:

“Olga Pleshakova, the Director General of the airline informed state agencies in the first half of December Transaero was running the risk of a suspension of flights as early as prior to the New Year,” a source familiar with Pleshakova’s letter to the government said. “She said the airline didn’t have the money to pay to its agents.”

The letter said among other things that airline had accumulated “an overdue debt to suppliers of jet fuel by the end of November. Specifically, it owed 2.5 billion rubles (around $ 60.7 million by the then exchange rate) to the oil corporation Rosneft and almost 2.0 billion rubles ($ 48.5 million) to Gazprom Aero company.”

Also, Transaero had an outstanding debt to Moscow’s Vnukovo airport.”

Another example:

“Oleg Deripaska’s van maker GAZ is asking the government for almost 30 billion rubles ($468 million) in support because it claims U.S. sanctions could slash production by almost 40 percent in the second half of the year, the Kommersant business daily reported on Thursday.”

The old Russian National Anthem.

Besides stealing enough billions to throw the world into poverty, I suspect that maiming us is also part of the fun of the worldwide dominion of a bunch of psychopaths.

That’s what the mapping of the ear nerves could be about. A close examination of Covid testing and vaccine tools is needed but I only have reports.

What people need to know is that a lobotomy is performed using a device based on an ancient “Egyptian” embalming tool for removing the brain through the nose of a corpse. The tool has a looped wire that extends into the skull by pushing the wire through the small tube inserted into the eyes, ears, nose or possibly the mouth.

I imagine that this device can now be very small and hardly distinguishable from a regular hypodermic needle, especially if you have a map of the nerves. I’ve never actually seen one of these, I’m simply stating obvious possibilities. Slow or fast, destruction of the myelin sheath can be accomplished many ways besides mask wearing, which American schools are forcing on school children, my grandson included. The possibility of causing permanent physical damage is what these crooks hope for.

The fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci is the exact physical duplicate and has the same first name as the now deceased doctor who invented the lobotomy is perhaps not relevant, but it’s shown in a previous article.

Other sources:

4 thoughts on “Shamalov

  1. No doubt,2 Putins, and some trannys pictured. Strange world we are in. Often, I see prosthetic nose and cosmetics on D.Trump. who is tha tI wonder.?
    I don’t know what to make of Putin or Russia, but something [really big] this way is coming. ☕


    1. Karmic justice for the Romanov descendants, I suspect. This is a big imbalance that has to be corrected somehow. Basing an entire economic system on the theft of ancient inherited land, and exile of the rightful owners, is not working out yet for the Russian people.


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