What Is Their Karma For Gang-Stalking You?

This question of the bad karma earned by gang-stalkers is made in this interesting and worthy video. It includes a good description of the actions of those who participate in gang-stalking, which is the mob persecution of targeted individuals. The corresponding suffering that these mobs caused, is also detailed in the channeling. The channeler did not know what the term gang-stalking meant, nor has she … Continue reading What Is Their Karma For Gang-Stalking You?

This Is What Genocide Looks Like

Catherine Austin Fitts interview described the goal of perfecting the collateral in a previously linked video. The vaccine being part of the plan, the video below had to be banned from YouTube. It shows a vaccine victim’s frightening physical reaction, which words can’t describe. What’s shown here shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who’s studied what’s in the vaccine. This video was taken by the vaccine … Continue reading This Is What Genocide Looks Like

The Plan: Bill Gates’ Vaccine Tattoo Required To Be “Granted The Right” To Buy Goods And Services

“You will not make cuttings in your flesh, for the dead, nor print marks on you” (Leviticus 19:28). How else could the oligarchs identity their slaves and thereby “perfect the collateral”. These tattoos allow us to be bought and sold as slaves. Catherine Austin Fitts explains it here: https://rumble.com/vc9y0h-catherine-austin-fitts-full-interview-planet-lockdown-coronavirus-covid-19-.html While the world bends over backwards to accommodate and respect the belief systems of Liberals, Progressives, … Continue reading The Plan: Bill Gates’ Vaccine Tattoo Required To Be “Granted The Right” To Buy Goods And Services

Infiltrate and Surround to Genocide Fail

It appears to me that the Uyghur people are also a remnant of the Byzantine Empire. Probably Christians at the borders of Russia, perhaps the roots of Russia itself, who either were forced to convert to Islam, or else they are given a false identity as Muslims. It’s otherwise illogical that they are without protection in an area of the world that is pro-Islam. I … Continue reading Infiltrate and Surround to Genocide Fail

Russian President Putin Ends Armenian Genocide

The public scolding by Putin which was posted by Russia Insight News this morning is very, very important. Remember the Byzantine Empire? This video is when the Russian Army under Putin saves the little bit of Christian civilization still existing in that region from the ongoing genocide by Turks. Peter Kinberger wrote a message in response to the video above: “Thank you Mr. Putin for … Continue reading Russian President Putin Ends Armenian Genocide


https://rumble.com/vcbhwf-justice-roberts-is-being-blackmailed.html The Fasches is what Fascists make. They fashioned a weapon out of a bundle of weak reeds that, when tied together into one unit, create a strong handle to hold a spearhead, turning it into an effective weapon. This graphic might clarify just why the word “fascist” is used as a dirty word by ANTIFA. Whatever that word has been twisted into, the fact … Continue reading Fascism

Word Spells Work, Working, Worked

Words work as spell-casting. Words from alien enemy sources over which we have no control don’t so much control us as disturb our natural, healthy, happy flow. When the people are called “The Working Class” this is disturbing. God has never called his people Workers or asked us to pay tribute to foreigners. In fact, it states specifically that foreigners, would do the work for … Continue reading Word Spells Work, Working, Worked

China’s Reaction To Biden “Win”

Di Dongsheng speech (link below) explains who has been helping China destroy America through use of multiple citizenships and financial control. Bragging about his ability to fool foreigners, in his speech he mostly calls the American traitors “Wall Street”, but makes clear that he’s talking about dual citizenship and triple citizenship of the Certain Protected and Privileged Religious Group Who Cannot Be Criticized that is … Continue reading China’s Reaction To Biden “Win”