What is Trump, and What is Torture?

Trump is a symbol that helps define an entire set of values that hasn’t had a label since the eclipse of the Roman Catholic Church. A divided world needs a one-word unifying label that encompasses the desire for a return to sanity and logical rules of society. The word Trump represents that desire. Trump is not the savior, he’s a brave and bold human who’s agreed to be the symbol for those who believe that justice will prevail, somehow.

This next video shows Capitol Police opening the doors for “rioters” and inviting them in.


The alleged shooting and killing of a woman after being invited in was an obvious theatrical event filmed by many people. Not a drop of blood was seen. It’s preposterous to accept that as anything but a false flag operation. Not well done at that.

The world’s people want to remove mentally disturbed organized crime families from controlling our lives. This is perfectly logical because if we don’t remove them, everyone is miserable, including the culprits. Read some of Hunter Biden’s emails and it’s clear that there are no winners when it comes to crime families in control of every minute detail of our personal lives. His own life, he describes it as hell. In fact, when it comes to Hunter Biden, I’ve not written what I could have.

I recognize Hunter Biden as the same person who has been stalking me and my family for years. He’s taken photos of us at the beach. I’ve seen him in Loreauville and at Reds Levee Bar in Catahoula and in a restaurant in New Iberia. Suppose that Hunter was sold or given to John Podesta as a young child to be his slave. I don’t have proof of this, just supposing. This is the kind of thing that they do, as we’ve seen by the family photos showing Bibi Netanyahu/Larry Nichols with Madeleine McCann growing up, the same Madeleine who was supposedly abducted. That being supposed puts a different perspective on the multigenerational madness that needs to end.

These madmen now control what we wear on our bodies, put into our bodies and how far to stand from other bodies. The good news is that the crime families cannot operate in the kind of light that shines today. The criminals will be hunted down, one by one, which is precise Karmic Justices.

Trump is not a one-man operation, but every task needs one person to serve as the head. This is not an option.

I’ve heard the accusation that the people who support Trump are blindly seeking a savior. That’s a serious misunderstanding of what is happening. Anyone who has suffered at the hands of the criminal enterprise called “government” is justifiably angry because the suffering is long-term, immense and ramping up. Either we take a stand now, or serious mass murder of the people by government officials happens. It’s not a future event, it’s a ramping up of present genocidal government programs.

The beauty of the present madness is that it is exposed, clearly, pointedly, for even the most brainwashed to see.

It needs to be understood that the use of word magic goes both ways. It’s best not to repeat the negative words that are used against us. The only time we should use the word ‘deplorable’ is to describe the traitors among us. Do not call them elites anymore, do not repeat the mantras of the enemy. Be careful with your language. It’s important to speak straight and stop using sarcasm, because sarcasm usually denotes weakness and fear of speaking outright truth. Speaking the truth plainly will set up a positive vibration worldwide.

Just reading or hearing lies is to reinforce the low vibrational energy that is generated by our enemies. It’s best not to expose oneself to it at all. In other words, just get off Twitter, Facebook and other social media and mass media altogether. Do not provide these crooks with your free quality content. Parler and Rumble are the best alternative at this point, but that could change.

The next video shows what life is like for traitors who receive government paychecks. This is Lindsey Graham being swarmed and scolded in an airport by people whose votes were stolen and whose voices are duct taped by corporate crime syndicates.


This delusional paranoid woman shown in the photo below needs to be locked up in a mental hospital. Instead, she’s given powers and authority through fraudulent elections. She wears three face masks, one on top of the other, to prove her superiority in the power structure of those who have submitted to illogic. Which brings us to a CIA interrogation technique called Alice in Wonderland which is when a group of interrogators indulges in nonsense, illogical behavior as a method of attacking and breaking the will of their victims. Amazing Polly was banned from YouTube for explaining the Alice in Wonderland technique.

WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 22: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) attends a hearing before the House Committee on Homeland Security with Peter T. Gaynor, Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on Capitol Hill July 22, 2020 in Washington DC. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker-Pool/Getty Images)

How much of our lives consist of what we are forced to do against our will, to force us to submit and deny our humanity. Here is Amazing Polly answering the question: What Is Torture?”


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