Word Spells Work, Working, Worked

Words work as spell-casting. Words from alien enemy sources over which we have no control don’t so much control us as disturb our natural, healthy, happy flow.

When the people are called “The Working Class” this is disturbing. God has never called his people Workers or asked us to pay tribute to foreigners. In fact, it states specifically that foreigners, would do the work for His Holy People, so long as His rules for healthy living are followed. But we aren’t following The Rules of God so we are enslaved, exactly as we were warned. We pay tribute, but don’t call it by that name. The word used to lull us into a spell of passive acceptance is “Aid” to foreign, I would say, conquerors.

It’s clear that the very nations receiving our tribute money would all happily see us destroyed and actively work toward that goal. This is why the problem we face requires a military solution. The tribute money that we’ve been paying has been stockpiled and used against us to enable the enemy to literally occupy our minds, and everything else.

Military Occupation of the Mind:

The word tribute is related to the word tribune, which is the official messenger for the Ruler. Whoever receives tribute controls the tribune, but the King never demands tribute from his own people. Instead, the King distributes the tribute that has been collected from the conquered enemy. The people of course are the ones who’ve done the conquering, though in our case, unfortunately we’ve conquered ourselves.

The tribune of the King would blow a trumpet like in the original Cinderella movie when the prince announces that he’s having a ball. We now call this the MSM, mainstream media, which spews lies and vulgarity everywhere and all the time, not what it’s supposed to be doing. This main stream of constant vulgarity and lies includes more than just tv news outlets, the tribune today is the entirety of all messaging sources. The enemy controls the tribunal message and uses it to force us all into a CIA interrogation cell, subject to Alice in Wonderland mob mental torture. The problem of enemy occupation of the mind of humanity is so far progressed, that in order to take back the mind territory, a slow, progressive advance to educate people has to be part of the operation. This is happening.

After the enemy is removed, I suggest again that the education system, from day one, be intertwined with military service and religious instruction as has been the norm since time immemorial. There are many patterns for how this has been done, but India especially has remnants of just such a Roman past, censored now but existing in art, literature and architecture.

Enslaved, Caught in a Net of Lies

When we are enslaved it’s a reflection of the fact that we’re not following God’s Rules, to the letter, in accordance even with the Old Testament. After we’ve experienced the full backlash from disobeying God’s Rules, then we understand the logic and reason for having made those rules in the first place. The rules are there literally so that we may live. The video above is about the fact that we are meant to live, and what living really is, and it’s funny the way Brand presents his warning.

Why is America paying tribute to the enemy? That situation came about through treason within the military, government, business and education. Therefore the solution has to include all of these. When we are actually receiving the tribute instead of paying it, our lives will be richer than ever, emotionally and spiritually, because we won’t have to work so much, and that’s when we know that we’ve won. God gives us power to win which is reflected in our extremely competent and loyal military, excellent educators, brave business owners and everyone else who contributes their skills to the effort of freedom.

Beyond the Military

So we ask ourselves now, to whom am I paying tribute? Am I purchasing goods and services from my mortal enemies and thereby aiding and abetting this enemy in its task to destroy me and all that I love? Consider the options and support the deserving.

Furthermore ask ourselves, to whom or what am I contributing my energy? If it’s not a fair trade or somehow not mutually beneficial and even harmful, then are we not in voluntary slavery by continuing to pay tribute to that which functions as an enemy in practical terms. The enemy restricts and destroys. This especially includes the use of excessive prescription drug use and use of any processed street drugs. Some of this drug commerce could certainly be called aiding and abetting the enemy, and even treason because it provides funding to the enemy.

For others, it’s a personal decision to look at the narcissistic people in our midst and make a distance between us and them. Stop supporting them, stop adopting their words and phrases, especially derogatory and insulting terms like “deplorable”. Don’t even pay attention because your attention is tribute unless you’re working to regain control. We can start to regain control by choosing carefully the words that we use, especially what we call ourselves. Don’t accept the false and degrading definitions imposed by the enemy.

So what do we call ourselves if we’re no longer accepting the word spells of the enemy?

God calls his people Israel. And yet, this word has been stolen from us by the international mafia. What is our name and what happens when our very name and role in life is being stolen and occupied by those who refuse to follow God’s Rules and in fact would happily destroy anyone who does? That’s what the show is all about, I think, and I’m still watching it to see how it turns out. One thing for certain though, it’s time to unite ourselves, the world over, under a single banner. The only boundaries between us should be the limits we place on ourselves by following God’s Rules. What’s needed is a physical symbol for that unity, a symbol that all people can relate to, a simple concept that is understood even by young children. In the old days, this symbol was the Holy Family, a Holy Mother and child, and significantly, not a biological father but a a Step Father called Joseph. What a beautiful symbol of God’s love for us, that he adopts us as his own and invites us into the shelter of his mansion with many rooms. The many rooms symbolize the variety of cultures that accept the Father’s rules without losing their cultural uniqueness. This Holy Family concept was carried forward by the Christian families who held title to and fought to hold their Christian territory over many generations.

These supporters of the Roman church and military system had their own portraits painted as the Holy Family in works of art depicting the life of Jesus Christ and other Bible stories. Much of this fabulous art still exists, especially in Russian art museums. This tradition was carried forward into the era of photography and especially films, when descendants of these families who support the church were forced to hide their identities during the era of Communism. They did film themselves though, and they provide us with clues. During this eclipse of their Roman Catholic identities and symbolism, someone began to call us Workers.

I love this love story about a worker’s union in a pajama factory. The official roles of the man and woman who fall in love appears at first to cause conflict. In actuality, their love brings about the compromise needed for the solution. The dance numbers are iconic.

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