Infiltrate and Surround to Genocide Fail

It appears to me that the Uyghur people are also a remnant of the Byzantine Empire. Probably Christians at the borders of Russia, perhaps the roots of Russia itself, who either were forced to convert to Islam, or else they are given a false identity as Muslims. It’s otherwise illogical that they are without protection in an area of the world that is pro-Islam. I have a 2008 Fodor’s travel guide to China that is full of the alleged existence of Muslims all over China. The whole book is promotional propaganda for Islam in China. So what is the Uygher thing all about really? Look closely at the photo below to see how the people in the center are surrounded. If they are given a false identity as Muslims, then Christians would expect Muslims to rescue them. They would then have no rescuer, unless Christians do the job regardless of the victims’ religion.

Not only Trump but also:

Otto Huang @OttoHuang120Trump’s child Barron’s account was suspended.

Important messages from Australia:

captain stubie RetweetedMelbourne Australia Tours@melaustoursReplying to @welosthimLockdowns cause the following: family seperation. Suicides other health issues, poverty i am seeing more and more begging on the streets one is one too many11:07 AM · Jan 8, 2021·Twitter Web App

marc young@beefeggbeefeggReplying to @BigBrotherWatch@policescotland and @NicolaSturgeonWelcome to “The New Normal”. Forcing entry & searching and arresting without a warrant were commonplace during 8 months of lockdowns where i reside in Melbourne, Australia.Drones were also deployed to monitor private properties to ensure ppl were abiding to “covid safe measures”12:36 PM · Jan 8, 2021·Twitter Web App

The next video explains the D.C. swamp drainage operation pretty well, without giving up too much. The fact that this much information is now posted, makes me hopeful that we’re winning.

January 11 update:

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