Russian President Putin Ends Armenian Genocide

The public scolding by Putin which was posted by Russia Insight News this morning is very, very important. Remember the Byzantine Empire? This video is when the Russian Army under Putin saves the little bit of Christian civilization still existing in that region from the ongoing genocide by Turks.

Peter Kinberger wrote a message in response to the video above:

“Thank you Mr. Putin for your most honorable efforts to secure peace. You are truly a great leader.

For me , I am preparing to fight the communist takeover of our beautiful America. Please pray for America. I know your prayer reaches God.

I hope for the best in America and that one day America and Russia can work together to secure peace for the whole world. I wish you a successful and happy New Year and hope your Christmas was merry and full of joy. I apologize for being late in wishing you these things.

I actively pray for Russia and know God answers my prayers. I love you Mr. President Putin in the name of Jesus Christ and as your brother in this world. We will all be in Heaven one day where love rules. Love needs to rule on earth. Again , I thank you for bringing more peace to the world!”

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The meeting recorded here shows us that Putin’s efforts to stop the killings of Armenians by a Turkish tribal alliance are successful.

Armenians are what remains of Christian Anatolia and the great civilization that existed when the area was the powerful Byzantine Empire. I believe this is where some of my own family has roots. It is historically allied with Russia, which explains why the Capitol city of the Roman (Catholic/Orthodox) Empire moved from Constantinople to Moscow, the new Jerusalem.

The next video explains well what happened to Christians in Anatolia after the Communist Jewish/Turks took over Russia. This area is actually the center of the Persian Empire in more distant history. Recent reports are that the Turks seek to destroy or hide evidence of its history, especially as it pertains to Christianity.

A revival of the genocide of this Christian remnant in the Middle Eastern regions is what Putin and the Russian army are putting an end to.

As the man in the video below says: “We gave them a place to live, and they say, Oh, it’s ours now and that’s that.”

This is at about the seven minute mark when a man who lives there explains what happened recently. The situation is precisely like ours in America. The people became divided, one group wanting to completely kill off the other, even though they’ve been living peacefully for generations. This shows the strength of innate tribal, racial ties.

The Armenians are Christians and the Azerbaijanis are Muslim Turks. Remember that the Turks are the same overall tribe as the presently powerful Saudi Arabians and Jews. We know this from studying an old edition of the Encyclopedia of Islam. The anti-Christians are called a “Turkish” alliance because the word “Turk” is the oldest word that historically describes them, except that they are the tribes of Gog and Magog in Scripture.

This group of alien people who were allowed to live among them for generations, all the while maintaining their alien culture and identity, at some point helped with a foreign invasion. This help involved laying land mines and bombing homes of their neighbors. Putin describes it well on the first video posted here.

There’s one report where the invading soldiers were actually Syrian men who had been tricked into showing up there with no idea they were in a war and were being used as cannon fodder. They were told that they would be working security checkpoints, so they are guilty of being willing to help the Turkish invaders only in that capacity, which is bad enough. They were promised big salaries. But there were no checkpoints yet, only exposure to Armenian gunfire, and no training for dealing with it, no way to escape it except by a Russian rescue.

The recent video below shows what remains

Three years ago.

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