What Is Their Karma For Gang-Stalking You?

This question of the bad karma earned by gang-stalkers is made in this interesting and worthy video. It includes a good description of the actions of those who participate in gang-stalking, which is the mob persecution of targeted individuals. The corresponding suffering that these mobs caused, is also detailed in the channeling. The channeler did not know what the term gang-stalking meant, nor has she experienced it. She was answering a request to address the subject.

The message addresses the fact that the constant challenges that the victims faced over long periods of time, did actually turn us into warriors. Most importantly, the final message is about our final victory which is to overcome resentment, any victim mentality or desires for revenge. This opens us up to see good new opportunities. The message predicts that our victory also includes prosperity for ourselves, while those who practiced persecution face a downturn of fortune.

I’m posting this video as comfort for any of my followers who’ve been dealing with these mob attacks by people who pretend to be friends. It’s actually a national problem also in terms of America’s many fake allies and traitors in government. The principles described in this message apply to internet trolls, certain diplomats, educators, at any level ….it’s all the same technique being used.

The entire system and the group of individuals who have supported this system will completely cease to be funded very, very soon. That’s a story for next time.

One thought on “What Is Their Karma For Gang-Stalking You?

  1. I am Tina Denise Mixon from Rome Ga, I have been electronically harassed out of 2 homes since 2016 ran across the US 3 times, still living in my car. Trafficked, animal cruelty with their lasers, I have reported it to death, no one will help, everyone seems to be paid off. Glad to find this online.


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