Market Manipulation, Medicine and Money Transfer

Whoever moves money and goods at the least cost to the people is most welcome in society. Market manipulation adds to the cost of basic goods and services, but can it also kill us? Notice that Calamity Jane included rheumatism cures on her stage coach of valables which is defended by guns against those who seek to disrupt the market by robbing the Deadwood Stage Coach.

Market manipulation is not new, but wow has it ever been facilitated by mass media and so-called education in recent years.

Market Manipulation happens to be the latest criminal-guilt psychological projection melodrama being played for us on the Washington, DC stage. The Reddit Game Stop Short! Oh my! Silver manipulated by social media! Market Manipulation Red Alert!!!! The ignorant masses are doing what????

And yet, isn’t it true that market manipulation is the very ocean in which we all swim? Isn’t it also true that the very word “manipulation” implies dishonesty and divergence from what I would call God’s Way. And isn’t it true that every advancement in communication and transportation is eventually hijacked by the most dishonest among us, precisely because we tolerate and provide resources to support such high degrees of dishonesty. This is the case at least until a theft-proof system is somehow miraculously established within the present mafia protocol. Miraculous is putting it mildly. Why would publicly funded and respected criminals allow anything that threatens the privilege that they enjoy under a system that provides them with massive resources because they are best at lying, cheating, stealing and yes, murder on a worldwide scale?

That liars and thieves have achieved the very heights of power and wealth cannot be questioned at this point by anyone with a bit of myelin sheath remaining. Why not? Market manipulation exists for the precise reason of gathering this power and wealth.

The question we all must ask ourselves, why is this tolerated? Are the non-investors so weak, disorganized, stressed and virtually enslaved as to not be able to resist? Or is it that the whole idea behind any kind of manipulation is to create the illusion that it doesn’t exist? The person or group who is manipulated won’t even consider putting a stop to what doesn’t seem to exist at all. Market manipulation? Isn’t that a conspiracy theory? The blind are proud of their blindness, mocking and ridiculing those who aren’t blind, as if seeing is the result of mental illness. In the protocol of dishonesty, seeing is a disruptive activity that creates friction in the chain because it’s inconsistent with the overall manipulation which must, by definition, remain unobserved.

This article is about market manipulation in the money moving industry, but we’ll start with the manipulation of scientific studies as a very important manipulation of the market for healing. This manipulation allows for the transfer of huge amounts of money in the form of government mandated vaccines. This particular market manipulation involves straight up murder of clinical trial subjects by intentionally prescribing massive overdoses of a proven medicine that competes with so-called vaccines. The reasoning behind the murder of clinical trial participants through massive overdose of a competing medicine is of course to enable a gain in market share for the thing called a vaccine.

Bottom line: The path to a profitable healthcare industry is to keep all people sick all of the time. All people sick all of the time would be the ideal marketplace for a pharmaceutical company or a manufacturer of any of the expensive machines whose function is to provide pictures of the progresss of the illness. The number of illnesses for which “there is no cure” increases with the growth of the health industry, which is of course wildly profitable.

What level of light would be required for people to see the manipulation?

Some of us believe that God’s healing is perfect and free, which puts God in direct competition with the Health Industry. God has furthermore provided us with healing herbs in abundance, so it’s easy to understand that every healing herb on earth is likewise a direct competitor to the Health Industry. In fact, absolutely everything that is healthy for us is a threat to the massive wealth that is invested in the Health Industry. Now even oxygen has been added as a threat to this enormous investment. Mask wearing itself is certainly designed to profit the Industry, otherwise why promote it so heavily? Imagine the profits that will accrue to the businesses who manage the long term effects of oxygen restriction suffered by an entire generation of school children and employees who gladly and proudly, or maybe unwillingly mask up. It’s embarrassing to see this obvious manipulation and the smug, self righteous many who are oblivious to it and who help to persecute and ostracize the sane and healthy.

This next video explains a bit of science that is censored wherever publicly traded corporations control the flow of information. This censorship is part of the total destruction of all cures presently in existence and known, in order that the cells of a murdered-by-abortion male caucasian fetus can be injected into our bloodstream on a scheduled basis. We learned about this when we researched the definition of “recombinant”, remember? A vaccine is a death cult ritual by any definition. What can be expected of such a monstrous agenda?

The money moving industry has an interesting history, and the mention of Wells Fargo in the Deadwood Stagecoach song is very important because it I think Fargo might be Fugger, and Wells just may be a form of the name Wallet. I’m not sure about that yet. But the Fugger family is certainly the missing link in my research on the Bruce, Romanoff families and the legitimate Berard/Medici banking family. In other words, Berardi, Medici, Romanoff and Bruce families all appear to make up the Fugger family.

A computer scientist called Ryan Fugger is the person credited with conceiving Ripple/XRP. I was researching the Fugger family when I learned of Ryan Fugger and XRP. I found a photo of Ryan Fugger, which is a whole other story, that I’ll keep to myself, but before that I found this super cute history lesson in the form of a musical to put into perspective the history of money moving, the importance to remote communities and the dangers involved. It’s also important that the stagecoach driver and Calamity Jane in their true identities probably were members of the Fugger family in real life. It’s maybe not so important to anyone but myself that this is my mother when she was very young, I’m certain of it. The man driving the Deadwood Coach is possibly her grandfather, and that’s another story for when I gather more evidence.

This next video, in another phase of the money moving market shows what Ripple/XRP does for money transfer. This money transfer business is at the foundation of any economy. What I call market manipulation, Brad Garlinghouse here calls “hype”, because it’s the same thing. In this interview he’s being questioned by powerful instruments of hype on a powerful hype platform called CNBC.

Now this next video shows that same hype platform for market manipulation giving people a detailed lesson on how to short Ripple/XRP. XRP opponent Bryan Kelly shows how to place a wager that the XRP token will lose value, thereby gaining from XRP’s failure, a failure which is engineered by the same market manipulators who are teaching people how easy it is to short XRP. This video was linked from an article that appeared after the SEC first announced it’s lawsuit against Ripple/XRP. Within the article is the tweet which has a link to the How-To-Short-XRP news segment on CNBC. The point that is demonstrated here is the absolute and total media/government collusion involved in the Wall Street ostracism of XRP and Ripple.

To cover their behinds, CNBC is making the obviously false claim that this news segment is a parody about how to short XRP. You can see that it’s not a parody at all, but rather a precise and detailed explanation. Considering the massive audience watching, and it’s promotion on Twitter, this is a call to collude to destroy a business that threatens tribal exceptionalism and dysfunction in Wall Street. Ripple doesn’t deserve to be destroyed, though I do take issue with anything that facilitates the draining of our economy by illegal immigrants who send their crime profits back to their home countries where Americans are hated. That’s a side issue having to do with non-enforcement of immigration laws so we’ll leave that aside. Other than remittances, digital currencies like XRP actually make it more difficult to hide proceeds from crime, which is precisely why Wall Street hates it.

Here is the link to the CNBC lesson in how to short a specific software company called Ripple who offers instantaneous money transfer globally thereby threatening a certain tribal group who controls everything related to finance.

In furthering the hype, the link is offered on twitter thusly:

Luke Martin·
“This is SAVAGE. CNBC’s @BKBrianKelly walks through how to short XRP, complete with graphics.”

Cut and paste:

The presenter admits that people are excited about XRP and that it is doing well. Then he explains exactly how to destroy it. This call to market manipulation is what these guilty people now claim to be a parody of a lesson on how to market manipulate XRP.

The comments to the Tweet are all from sniggering collusionists, except for those that wisely advise investors to do the opposite of whatever Brian Kelley and CNBC tells them to do.

The articles written about XRP and what they hope will be the demise of XRP due to the SEC lawsuit (which still has not been settled, making the fictional XRP LAWSUIT one of the all-time historically significant market manipulations ever) all coincide to bash the company called Ripple Labs. Here are some examples, the first one actually a veiled threat from some random finance professional. These thieves in collusion never speak openly about anything, but he hints that Brad Garlinghouse could be jailed. He doesn’t say it, but we know that the punishment would be for his daring to shut down the protocol of financial thievery that’s been in place since the sinking of the Titanic.

Some unknown and unremarkable person mentioned in the article added;

“This is quite bad for Ripple. Not exactly worst case, that’d be securities fraud, but close. XRP is basically useless if deemed a security. Alleging violations through present day is a kill shot. Charging individual executives is remarkable.”

Another unknown person in finance who also probably paid to be named in the article “expressed surprise that bigger exchanges had not pulled the trigger first”.

Pulled the trigger?

Is everyone just following orders?

“New York Times technology reporter… observed that some XRP investors and defenders now appear to be deleting some of their old tweets in support of the project.”

The biased article actually tells us the fact that China controls the mining of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, but that this is supposedly irrelevant:

“In its feeble attempts to defend itself, Ripple accused Bitcoin and Ethereum of being ‘Chinese controlled’ to which Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin responded”…wonk wonk wonk. Who cares what he said. I did a little research and there’s no question about it, China definitely controls mining operations in several countries and the manufacture of mining rigs as of this writing. XRP does not require mining because it’s a new and improved technology which uses almost no energy that is quite actually very threatening to any bankers who don’t want to get on board. Banks who embrace the new Ripple technology will catapult themselves into relevance and new sources of profit by offering easy transfer and safety for accounts that include digital tokens. Ripple Labs has already established profitable business relationships with major banks and money transfer businesses around the world. Cash App is a case in point: instant cash transfer to anyone who also has a Cash App account, and easy purchase and exchange of bitcoin. It’s not perfect, but it gives an idea of how many daily problems can be solved with such instantaneous cash transfer. Only the SEC and Wall Street (in other words CHINA) continue to resist this inevitable advancement and if they have to unjustly jail Brad Garlinghouse to prevent this advance, then that’s what they’ll do.

Appropriately enough, Ripple Labs responded to the lawsuit with an excellent offense. The best defense is a good offense: Ripple says something like: Let’s look at what the SEC is guilty of, while we’re at it. And no we won’t let you “settle” (extort money from us) with Ripple Labs. Ripple will just bring this to court and shine some light on the subject. Actually there is no SEC lawsuit against Ripple Labs or XRP listed on the SEC website or anywhere else. I only hear of it through the market manipulation platforms called “news”. If the alleged lawsuit exists someplace else, why call it the SEC lawsuit? Oh, never mind, it’s in, of course, the Southern District of New York, where else. Shown on this video at about 11:00.

Here’s page one of the White Paper for the Flare Network and Spark Token, not yet launched, which describes the methods for using open ledger technology to eliminate the friction caused by bloodsucking privileged parasites in the money moving industry. XRP is already part of this network, which enables decentralized finance and exchange of value.

Complete White Paper here:

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