Scratch the surface of the Securities and Exchange Commission and sniff. Hmmm, very fishy to me. Not that there’s any shortage of triple false identities on both sides of the court, but I’m giving the good guys an anonymity pass for now. However this Brian Kelley character is a bad guy through and through, unless I’m totally mistaken. Not having been invited to that false identity party myself, I’ll just continue having my own fun playing wack-a-mole with celebrities.

Who’s next? We introduced ourselves to Brian Kelley of CNBC in the previous article where we find him inviting his audience to devalue (short) XRP cryptocurrency. Generally that’s done when the instigator wants to lower the price so he can buy in cheap and pump it later. Maybe he’s just working for China like everyone else. I don’t know the motives, but I notice that Brian Kelley of CNBC looks like Jay Clayton, former Chairman of the SEC.

Considering that perfect teeth, to me anyway, are a sure sign of dentures or some fake tooth covering of normal crooked teeth, I’d say the two men are actually one and the same. This astonishing level of collusion certainly gives Ripple and XRP token holders grounds to file a lawsuit, not against the SEC, but against this man personally, and his sponsors wherever they may be. If this isn’t criminal conspiracy, what is? This next video was just posted, and it tells us a bit about Jay Clayton.

Brian Kelly of CNBC
When teeth are just a bit too perfect…
Which one?
Which one? And is there one more identity?

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