While we’re at it, let’s talk about the sale of the entire American oil industry to the Turkish government, starting with AB Vetco Gray, but there are others. I cannot find mention of this in the media. It’s come to my attention in real life. No one in our vast and very expensive government stopped that. In facr, I’d like to see which ones are reaping profits from it.

The present governor of Louisiana has been working full time to destroy the oil industry in that state and the people are powerless to stop it. These political characters all have false identities, no one knows their true backgrounds or even their native countries, they’ve rigged the elections and control the media. All I know is that the Turkish government (remember that Erdogan=my godfather from Loreauville, or possibly so, right?) So who in Turkey knows what to buy and is buying everything, everything, everything on Highway 90 between Lafayette and New Iberia, La. and shipping it to Turkey? Highway. 90 is the beating heart of America’s energy security and so who is allowing it to go to Turkey? From what I hear, they are dependent on key American personnel to get this done. With no more oil field industry in America, the only way for these experts to pay their mortgages and car notes is to work for Turkey and thereby break American law and empower the Muslim world while weakening ours. It’s against the law now for an American to work with the sanctioned Turkish government because they fund terrorism, however where there is a will, there is a way. Funny how the crackdown only occurs when desperate people seek work, but not when traitors to America allow foreign hostile governments to raid our essential industry base.

The Venezuelan government was allowed to own a major oil refinery in Louisiana, foreign governments are sold oil leases 50 miles off the coast and this failed electric company that basically made a deadly assault on its Texas customers is said to be owned by some ruling family of India. I repeat: Deadly Assault on the people of Texas: there were no power outages at the major banks and in city centers throughout the nights of the Texas assault. There’s one particular video made by a very angry Texas man walking through the brightly lit bank parking garage in a bright city full of empty nightime office buildings while the surrounding residential neighborhoods were full of freezing families. I’m looking for that video and will post it when I find it. It gives me the idea that this was a clear message to the people. When U S. Government allows any and all foreign entities to openly attack Americans, this is a present day example of Selling the Fort. That brightly lit empty parking garage was the knife twist. This story is obviously not over.

If you listen at the very end of this next news segment, you’ll hear the shocking report that if your smart meter shows zero usage, it charges the customer anyway, by averaging. This is theft. The oligarch Russian actually Jewish mafia who own these vile targeting devices called smart meters have forced them on us. They should be punished just like any other thief.

I live off-grid completely on a small homestead and anyone else who does this can tell you that a gas powered generator is an essential item. If someone is telling you that oil is worthless as an energy source, you can be sure that they want you to sell cheap so that they can buy cheap. Off grid living by individuals is sensible. Trying to tie this into the central power grid is not so sensible. There’s something really beautiful about having a 1200 gallon water tank in your front garden.

So-called “China” benefits from our dependence on so-called “renewable” energy. So many lies, where to begin? The next video explains about “China’s” two-faced policy, but Nunez is not correct about fracking. Natural gas is in abundance wherever there’s oil drilling. Fracking is a scam, and blaming China is a scam. The criminals are in our government.

Also important to know is that depleted oil wells gradually fill up again, therefore oil is a renewable resource. This is known now inside the industry. What produces electricity on the Island of Hawaii is the burning of Eucalyptus trees according to a local newspaper about a year ago. Look closely into your own local energy situation.

If there’s no supply of available natural gas in Texas, then why is that?

This next video is the brilliant economist Martin Armstrong who the SEC had imprisoned using their powers of very selective enforcement of regulations and ability to target threats to SEC power: What he demonstrates here is how government has no reason to be concerned about anything so the system is full of incompetent, dishonest managers with abundant financial resources that they confiscate from us.

Keep in mind that the true meaning of a Federal Reserve Note is that it signifies that Peter owes Paul. One corporation owes another corporation, this is the dollar denominated Federal Reserve note. You and I don’t have ownership rights or control over either of these corporations. Who does? We don’t know. Is there anything right about forcing the rest of us to support the miserable situation that the enforcement of income tax collections has resulted in? Let us all pray for freedom from such a self-destructive system and an end to such unfair enforcement.

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