Comments About Gang Stalking

There might be a more active commentary on this space if I weren’t so slow to approve them. I apologize. I just found a few comments from 2017 that slipped past me. Most of the comments have come from victims of government sponsored gang stalking. Most of the comments are informative and insightful. The problem was due to a couple of really nasty comments back then that made me dread checking comments. The same thing was happening on all social media. There is a very real blast of depressing energy that emanates off of insulting, vulgar and hateful social media comments. It happens the same way in real life also. It’s a weapon, which is why the photos that I’ve seen of IDF internet trolls shows them all sitting at computers wearing soldier’s military uniforms, most of them female. It reminds me that maybe not all humans are the same species, otherwise why put so much energy into destroying all that is good in the world, especially when it comes to honest communication.

So I apologize to anyone whose comment here wasn’t approved over the past three years. I think that communication between those who are targeted is the best way to protect ourselves. It would be wonderful if someone who is a good organizer would arrange a conference or retreat for victims to share stories and information. However, at this point it seems that every American is targeted, every person who is not in government is targeted, and certainly every decent honest person is targeted, so hopefully the conversation can reach a higher level than the usual accusations of being a Conspiracy Nut. Now that the entire world is getting a taste of what we’ve been suffering, perhaps we’ll get a bit more compassionate conversation about it.

I doubt that we could have safely gathered until this point in time. As I write, some major monetary events are taking place that I can only hope will begin the end of the money spigot to global crime syndicates. It irks me that we have to deal with so many secrets. At this point, the more I learn the more confused I get, but I’m determined and I hope my readers are too.

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